Hey There, Let‘s Talk Saving Money on Solar Panels in Kansas

Before we dive into the details, you may be wondering…why does solar adoption lag so far behind in the Sunflower State?

I mean parts of Kansas get over 300 days of sun every year! And the cost of solar equipment has dropped 70% over the last decade. By all accounts, Kansas should be a prime candidate for home solar energy.

Yet here we sit – ranked 45th nationally for solar production in 2023.

So what gives?

In short, weak state policy support and lack of solar infrastructure. But the good news is there are still ways for Kansas households to benefit from energy-generating panels.

Stick with me and I‘ll map out realistic routes to solar savings in the Jayhawk State!

Using Federal Solar Tax Credits

Let‘s kick things off with the bread and butter incentive: federal Investment Tax Credits. This program currently offers a 26% credit for systems installed in 2023.

  • For a 6 kW system costing $14,340 in Kansas, you‘d earn back $3,728!
  • A 10 kW system at $23,900 would net $6,214.

To quality, you must:

  • Own panels outright – no leasing
  • Install new equipment by the end of 2032

Without this credit, affording solar would be mighty tough for most Kansans. But Uncle Sam still has your back!

Federal solar tax credit details

No State Credits – But A Few Minor Benefits

On the state level, nothing sweetens the solar pot unfortunately. Kansas previously had…

Abandoned Renewable Standards

Requirements for utilities to source 20% of energy from renewable by 2020. But once targets were met, legislators made further goals voluntary. So much for leadership.

Net Metering Rates Slashed

While utilities must buy your extra solar energy, last year the Supreme Court ruled they only have to pay wholesale rates – around 3-5¢/kWh. That‘s criminally low when retail electricity goes for 13¢ or more!

Tax Break Still Intact

One sliver of positivity – increased home value specifically from adding solar is exempted from higher property taxes. Over 20+ years, that could save you thousands. Not bad!

So plainly put, Kansas isn‘t about to reward you for going green. You really have to crunch the numbers to validate installing panels.

But…it can still be feasible, especially factoring Uncle Sam‘s contribution. Let me demonstrate.

Leasing Isn‘t in the Cards…Yet

Because Kansas isn‘t rolling out the red carpet for renewable energy (to put it lightly), leased solar systems are generally cost-prohibitive:

  • Little state support = higher lease pricing
  • Federal tax credits don‘t apply = major missed savings

My advice? Don‘t lease panels in KS until either economics improve or regulations transform. Stick to direct ownership for now.

But I remain hopeful the tides will turn! Solar-friendly policies could make leasing viable before your existing panels need replacing.

Run the Math – Solar CAN Pay Off

At the end of the day, you probably just want to know – do the benefits outweigh costs for a Kansas homeowner?

Let‘s break down the numbers:

  • 6 kW system = $14,340 pre-incentive
  • Federal credit = $3,728
  • Out-of-pocket cost = $10,612

Monthly savings of $100+ on electricity over break even period of 9-11 years. Then nearly free power for 10+ more years.

In my book, that‘s a superb investment given today‘s energy landscape!

I encourage all Kansas residents to seriously evaluate whether now is your time to embrace solar. You might be pleasantly surprised at what the economics can offer.

I‘m happy to discuss your situation in more detail too – just drop me a line!

Solar Expert & Kansas Enthusiast
[email protected]

Summarizing Kansas Solar Incentives

IncentiveKansas Situation
Federal Income Tax CreditAvailable through 2032 – 26% credit aka $3,728 on typical system
State Tax CreditsNo credits
Net MeteringAvailable but extremely poor compensation ~3-5¢/kWh
Property Tax BreakYes, exempted from increase due to solar
Sales Tax BreakNo state or local solar sales tax exemption
LeasingNot feasible currently – restrictions and economics

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Onwards to affordable, reliable and sustainable power!

Solar Expert & Kansas Enthusiast
[email protected]

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