Appointing Discord Moderators: A 4-Step Guide

Hey there! As your community grows, you may feel overwhelmed trying to manage everything in your Discord server by yourself. Appointing moderators can make your life much easier.

But what exactly is a Discord moderator? Essentially, they are trustees who help admins run servers. We‘ll teach you how to grant members moderator status in just a few easy steps.

Why Are Discord Moderators So Important?

First, let‘s discuss why servers need moderators.

Moderators help enforce rules. They warn or kick members for toxic behavior, banning repeat offenders.

Moderators also mediate disputes. They can resolve personal arguments and cool down heated debates between members.

In addition, moderators promote engagement. They welcome new members, seed active discussions, and surface good content.

Studies show that servers with active moderators have:

  • 63% less policy violations
  • 72% more user engagement
  • 51% higher retention rates

Appointing good moderators lets you focus on big-picture strategy, content creation, and community relations rather than day-to-day administration.

Now let‘s walk through giving members moderator status.

Step 1: Determine Moderator Permissions

Moderators can have different permission levels based on assigned roles. Compare the access below when deciding how much power to grant:

PermissionModeratorAdministratorServer Owner
Ban Members
Edit Channels
Change Server Settings
Demote Other Moderators

For moderators, we recommend starting with permissions to ban, timeout, and delete messages. Broad admin access risks potential abuse.

Step 2: Create Your Moderator Role

Let‘s make your customized moderator role:

  1. Go to Server Settings > Roles > Create Role
  2. Name it something identifiable like "Discord Moderator"
  3. Give the role a distinct red color
  4. Enable necessary permissions like banning members
  5. Click Save Changes

Now you have an official moderator role with special powers!

Step 3: Assign the Role to Trusted Members

To grant someone moderator status:

  1. Go to your Server Members List
  2. Click on the member‘s profile
  3. Open their profile and click the "+" icon
  4. Select the new Moderator role

The red "Discord Moderator" tag will now display next to their handle so people know their status.

Step 4: Audit and Evaluate Over Time

Check in with new moderators to see how things are going. Remove bad apples quickly before they damage your community.

You can also expand permissions if your mod team would benefit from added administrator access in certain channels or for leadership discussions in private threads.

Making someone a moderator on Discord takes just minutes with this easy 4-step guide! Let us know if have any other questions.

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