How to Make Your Own Awesome Discord Stickers: The Ultimate Guide

Want to add some extra spice to your Discord chats? Making custom stickers is an awesome way to showcase your personality, share laughs and express yourself among friends on your servers!

Let me walk you through how I make AMAZING custom Discord stickers to use across my communities. I‘ve cooked up tons of silly meme stickers, emojis of my pet lizard Gary, pixel art of my D&D characters…you name it!

And the best part? Making custom stickers on Discord is totally free!

I‘m going to share my easy step-by-step system for whipping up the very best custom sticker images optimized for Discord, plus some pro tips for uploading and using your new masterpiece stickers in your servers!

Why Custom Stickers Rock

Before we dig in, as a Discord fanatic I want to chat about why custom stickers are so rad.

Beyond having fun personalizing your experience…did you know that over 12 billion custom stickers are sent on Discord every single day! Yeah, folks love their stickers! And as Discord‘s community keeps growing, that number will only get bigger.

Here‘s why custom stickers are so tremendously popular:

  • Make new friends and deepen bonds by sharing cultural references and inside jokes
  • Liven up chats and capture hilarious meme moments
  • Show other servers what makes YOUR community so special
  • Jazz up announcements, events or community updates
  • Bring your artistic visions to life!

I don‘t know about you, but I think those are some pretty awesome perks!

That‘s why today I‘m going to equip you with everything you need to design and upload your own attention-grabbing custom stickers.

Let‘s get to it!

Step 1: Prep Your Sticker Images

The sticker making magic happens in your image prep. This initial step is critical to creating award-worthy sticker images later on!

Set Up a Sticker Workspace

First things first – make a dedicated folder somewhere easy to access, like your desktop. This workspace will keep all your sticker images organized in one place.

I like to make subfolders within my master sticker folder for broad categories. For example, "TV Show Stickers", "Emoji Reactions", etc. Get creative with your organizational systems!

Image Sourcing

The fun part – fill up your sticker folders with awesome images ripe for conversion!

There are 3 main methods I use:

  1. Screengrabs: If I come across a hilarious meme or moment in a video, I‘ll quickly screengrab it to turn into a sticker. Easy peasy!

  2. Artworks: I sometimes commission sticker art from talented friends or create my own in modeling software. This lets me craft the exact stickers my communities will geek out over!

  3. Image Searches: The internet is filled with amazing free-use images. I often source stickers through keyword searches on open directories like Pixabay or Unsplash.

I like to grab way more images than I think I‘ll need – they won‘t all make it through my strict quality standards later! But with tons to choose from, I ensure I can piece together enough polished stickers.

Let your creativity run wild during image collecting! Curate whatever will make you and your communities smile most.

Image Recommendations

Aim for crisp, bright images with solid colors and clearly defined edges. These convert best into recognizable stickers.

Avoid selecting dark grainy photos or tiny/complex images unless you plan to manually touch them up later. Garbage in, garbage out – low quality images won‘t magically improve!

Pro tip: Well framed portrait images work GREAT for expressive emoji-like stickers!

Now that your sticker imageworkspace is prepped, we can get into the nitty gritty editing steps.

Step 2. Remove & Crop Backgrounds

Most raw images have junky backgrounds we don‘t want in our stickers. Let‘s cut them out!

Automatically Remove Backgrounds

I use to instantly delete backgrounds with AI magic. Just upload any image and retrieve the cutout!

Some image types like portraits may need a quick touch-up where stray strands got caught. But overall does stellar work extracting subjects cleanly.

Woman with hair backgroundWoman background removed

Crop ImagesSquare

We‘re chopping stickers into squares here! Adjust the canvas edges to frame subjects effectively when the background is removed.

I use IMG2GO‘s cropper which resizes perfectly after cropping. Set the aspect ratio to 1:1, reframe as needed, then crop.

Square cropped images = done! You‘ve escaped background and framing issues.

Step 3. Resize & Export Sticker PNGs

Nearly there! Now we convert our images into web-ready sticker files.

In IMG2GO‘s crop tool, access the Resize menu. Plug in 320px by 320px to fit Discord‘s standard sticker dimensions.

Below those fields, switch the Target Format to PNG. This saves your image properly without ugly compression issues.

Hit Start Resize and let the magic happen! Once it finishes churning, download your sparkling completed sticker PNG to your computer.

Repeat for all your queued-up images!

Exporting Recommendations

  • Stick to PNG format – JPG compression degrades images over time.
  • For crisp anime/pixel art, use larger dimensions before downscaling PNGs. This prevents artifacts.
  • Keep exported stickers under 512 KB – Discord‘s max file size for uploads.

Congratulations – enjoy scrolling through your hot new sticker collection!

Uploading Stickers to Discord

Let‘s get your awesome custom creations onto Discord now.

Note: Sadly, uploads only work on the desktop app – mobile doesn‘t allow it yet.

Here‘s how to upload stickers into your servers:

  1. In the Discord desktop app, open the server to receive stickers.
  2. Go to Server Settings > Stickers tab.
  3. Click Upload Sticker. Pick your image file.
  4. Name the sticker and add emoji associations. Hit upload!
  5. Celebrate seeing your sticker in the wild in that server!

Without Nitro, you‘re limited to only uploading to certain servers vs. global usage. But don‘t let that stop you from stickering up select communities!

User UploadsNitro Subscriptions
Global Usage:x: No:white_check_mark: Yes
Per-Server Usage:white_check_mark: Yes:white_check_mark: Yes
File Size Limit512 KB1 MB
Animation Support:x: No:white_check_mark: Yes

Pro Tips for Sticker Excellence

Making custom Discord stickers requires some specific know-how. But using stickers effectively takes savvy too!

Here are my top pro tips for unlocking sticker success:

Organizing Strategies

  • Tag stickers by sorting them into categorized emoji groups
  • Name files clearly like "popcorn.png" so you can search your sticker library
  • Remove old unused stickers to declutter your server‘s options

Chat Sticker Tips

  • USE stickers actively in conversations – it spreads the joy!
  • Time sticker sends to match emotional beats in ongoing chats
  • Ensure your friends have downloaded server sticker packs to see them

Design Inspiration

  • Study sticker trends across art sites, blogs etc to spark ideas
  • Brainstorm creative ways to transform fandom symbols into stickers
  • Ask server members what local references or inside jokes deserve stickers!

I hope all these sticker secrets equip you to design fabulous, compelling custom creations and use them to maximum effect across your Discord servers!

Go Make Some Magic Stickers!

Today you leveled up your Discord game substantially – congratulations! 👏 After mastering my step-by-step sticker creation system, you now possess the power to spread joy and fun across your communities.

So what are you waiting for? I dare you to open up your image editor right now and start bringing your wildest ideas to life as flashy custom Discord stickers!

Need some starter ideas? Try converting selfies and emoji into sticker packs or immortalize beloved meme moments.

I can‘t wait to see your wacky, wonderful sticker creations pop up on Discord servers soon. Happy sticking my friends! ✨

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