How to Create the Perfect Amazon Wish List: An Easy 5-Step Guide

Do you find yourself browsing Amazon and struggling to keep track of all the items you want to buy eventually? What about when a gift-giving occasion pops up and you scramble to put together ideas to share with family and friends?

Amazon wish lists provide the perfect solution to these dilemmas and so much more.

In this detailed guide, we’ll walk through how to make an Amazon wish list in just 5 simple steps. You‘ll learn:

  • Exactly how to set up a customized wish list for any occasion
  • Tips for adding items, managing settings, and sharing with others
  • Creative ways to use wish lists beyond just gift ideas
  • Best practices for wish list etiquette

Plus plenty of visuals to make the process easy as can be.

Let‘s dive in!

Why Are Amazon Wish Lists So Useful?

Before we get started building your list, let‘s quickly cover all the incredible benefits wish lists offer:

Easily Track Purchases – See all the cool stuff you find in one organized spot rather than random browser tabs. Simply click "Add to List" while shopping Amazon.

Share Gift Ideas – Take the guesswork out of special occasions by creating lists of exactly what you want! Perfect for birthdays, holidays and more.

Wedding & Baby Registries – Select every single item you‘ll need to prepare for your big day or little one‘s arrival.

Simplify Shopping – Purchase must-have items directly from your lists when ready rather than digging to find them again.

Organize Your Life – Use wish lists as moving checklists, grocery lists, to-do lists and other utilities to stay on track.

Enlist Alexa‘s Help – With Alexa integration enabled, just ask your Echo device to add things to your list hands-free!

Now let‘s get to actually creating your perfect Amazon wish list so you can start enjoying the endless benefits.

Step 1: Log In to Your Amazon Account

First up, head over to in your internet browser of choice. Once the homepage loads, go ahead and log in using your email and password credentials.

Login page on Amazon website

Don‘t have an account yet? No worries! You can easily sign up for a free one in just minutes before moving forward.

Step 2: Access Your Account Settings

With access now granted to your account, it‘s time to navigate over to the "Settings" hub.

Hover over the "Account & Lists" dropdown in the top right corner and select "Your Account" from the menu that appears.

Navigating to Your Account menu

This will open up your full account management dashboard.

Step 3: Name Your Brand New Wish List

Over on the left side of your account screen look for and click the button labeled “Create List.”

Next, a pop-up will appear prompting you to give your wish list a name. Get creative and customize it based on the purpose:

❏ "Sarah’s Birthday Wish List"

❏ "Our Wedding Registry"

❏ "Baby Prep Shopping List"

❏ "Books to Read This Year"

Once you land on the perfect title, go ahead and type it in. When ready, click the blue “Create List” button at the bottom.

Creating an Amazon wish list

And just like that – your shiny new Amazon wish list is ready to use! 🎉

But before you start adding items, let’s customize some important settings…

Step 4: Set Up Your Ideal Preferences

Click on the “Manage List” link, then adjust privacy, notifications and more based on your exact needs:

Privacy Setting Recommendations

PurposeChoose Setting
Gift RegistryPublic
Shopping ListPrivate
Gift Ideas for Family/FriendsShared

Enable Alexa – Check this on if you want to seamlessly add things through Alexa voice commands.

Email Notifications – Opt to receive alerts when someone purchases an item.

Purchase Removal – Automatically delete bought items to keep lists clean.

Once your preferences are dialed in, click “Save Changes” at the very bottom.

Step 5: Search & Add Desired Items

Now for the best part: filling your list up with all your dreams and desires!

Use Amazon’s handy search bar to look up something specific you have in mind. For more open-ended browsing, hover over main Departments in the navigation to explore recommendations.

When you spot something that makes you think "Oh I would LOVE that!", simply click the “Add to List” button visible on most product detail pages. This prompts you to select which exact list you want that item going into.

Demonstrating how to add an item to an Amazon wish list

Rinse and repeat across all different categories and retailers until your list is stacked tall with everything imaginable!

Pro Tip: Install the free Wish Lister browser extension to instantly add goodies from non-Amazon sites too.

Extra Special Touches

Take your wish list from great to elite status with these additional customizations:

Add Notes – Leave personalized comments like priority level, color preference or intended use to provide helpful context for gift-givers.

Include Affordable Options – Pricey picks are fine but also incorporate budget buys under $25/$50 for flexibility.

Rank Your Top Wants – Drag-and-drop items into your preferred order so the best gifts get prime placement!

Time to Share Your List!

Now the list is ready to use for yourself or send out to lucky friends and family as the ultimate gift guide and more.

Self Service Shopping

As you revisit your lists to shop for yourself, purchased items automatically get marked as such. Check them off one by one until everything has arrived!

Gift Giving Made Simple

When an occasion with loved ones pops up, utilize the built-in “Invite” feature to pass along your list via email, text and social media. This even includes a pre-written template you can customize with a personal note.

No more endlessly answering “What do you want??” questions. Your wish list says it all!

Pro Tip: Post your registry links directly on your wedding website or baby shower invitations too.

Wish List Wizardry: Creative List Ideas

Beyond material items, unleash the full magic of wish lists by applying their superpowers across all areas of life:

Wedding Checklists – Track every last detail for the big day like songs, shots and vendor payments.

Book Club Lists – Create one mega-list for members to track nominations and readings.

Travel Planning -Catalog dream trips adding hotels, activities, restaurants and packing lists.

Movies to Watch – Stop that endless Netflix scroll with a cinema watch list.

Gift Closet – Stock up on generic gifts for birthdays, hostesses, teachers etc. Year-round shopping = no more last-minute scrambles!

The Possibilities Are Endless!

Top Wish List Etiquette Tips

When sharing your wish list for gifts, keep these etiquette guidelines in mind:

Provide Varied Price Options – Include affordable picks under $25/$50 along with bigger ticket items. Offer range!

Rank Your Top Wants – Edit the list order to prioritize stuff you love most at the very top.

Thank Promptly – Send thank you messages as gifts arrive. Don‘t just wait for one big batch effort after the occasion.

Truncate When Needed – Once you hit your max budget/space, stop adding more to avoid coming across as greedy.

Remain Reasonable – Request useful items that align with your lifestyle. If it‘d just clutter your home, leave it off.

Master these simple rules, and both list owners + gift-givers walk away happy!

Frequently Asked Amazon Wish List Questions

Still hungry for more wish list wisdom? Here are answers to some of the most popular questions:

Can I tell who purchased each gift?

Yes! The list shows buyer names privately so only you can see. Their location also displays (city/state only) but shipping addresses remain hidden.

What if I want to collaborate with others on the same list?

Unfortunately Amazon doesn‘t support multiple accounts editing one wish list yet. But you can grant view-only access to selected people using the "shared" privacy setting so they can see items picked to provide guidance.

Is there a limit on number of lists or items allowed?

You can create up to 50 total wish lists per Amazon account. Each list supports up to 500 individual items.

What happens when I buy something myself from my own list?

Self-purchased items simply get marked as "Purchased" without revealing anything. You can toggle settings upon list creation to automatically hide these or keep them visible.

Can I export my list to share off Amazon?

Yes! Generate an easy printable PDF version from the Manage List menu that contains each item‘s name, priority, price and more. Lots of expectant parents even bring these registry printouts into stores like BuyBuy Baby and Target for barcode scanning.

Let‘s Get Listing!

The beauty of Amazon wish lists lies in their sheer versatility and customization.

Follow this easy 5-step tutorial to start building as many lists as your heart desires – complete with all the special settings to match your needs.

Then unleash those lists to simplify shopping, share gift ideas with loved ones and so much more all year long.

The only limit is your imagination on ways to utilize these powerful organization tools. Have fun list making!

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