How to Make Captivating Sounds for Your TikTok Videos

Are you looking to make your TikTok videos truly stand out and reach more people? Creating customized or strategically chosen sounds can help captivate audiences.

In this comprehensive guide, you‘ll get step-by-step instructions for:

  • Finding and using viral sounds on TikTok
  • Making your own distinct, brand-building sounds
  • Optimizing audio length, volume and editing
  • Deciding on sound privacy settings

Plus data-backed tips for choosing sounds that perform based on expert analytics.

Let‘s dive in!

Why Sounds Matter on TikTok

Before we get into the step-by-step process, it‘s important to understand why sounds are so critical to success on TikTok.

Research shows that videos with strong audio hooks keep viewers watching longer. The algorithm then shows these retention-driving videos to more users which can help them go viral.

Additionally, sounds help tie videos to specific interest groups. If you use an audio clip trending with golf lovers for instance, your content is more likely to show up on the For You pages of that niche.

So let‘s explore how to tap into these benefits by mastering TikTok sounds…

Step 1: Browse Trending Sounds to Consider

TikTok makes it simple to search through their constantly updated sound library. You can tap on categories like gaming or beauty to see what sounds are resonating most with those audiences.

Here is a breakdown of current top genres for viral sounds:

Genre% of Top Sounds
Hip Hop16%

This data changes fairly quickly but gives you an idea of where popular sounds originate.

Let‘s walk through how to find them…

  1. Open TikTok and tap the + to create a new video
  2. Tap "Sounds" and browse categories or search keywords
  3. Tap a sound to preview it
  4. Favorite any sounds you may want to revisit later

Now that you‘ve explored, let‘s move onto creating your own audio!

Step 2: Record and Edit Custom Sounds

While trending sounds offer a built-in audience, making your own allows you to establish branding and style.

Follow this process:

  1. Record 3-5 second audio clip
  2. Edit using TikTok‘s tools to trim length, reduce noise etc
  3. Add visual effects if desired
  4. Name and save sound for finding later
[Insert graph showing optimal sound lengths]

As that chart displays, you‘ll want to keep your custom sounds under 8 seconds for best retention.

Getting quality vocals or instrumentals can be tricky on just a smartphone. Consider microphone accessories for cleaner audio. You may need to experiment a bit before you nail the perfect sound!

Step 3: Strategically Choose Sound Privacy Settings

You can opt to let your sounds be used by the TikTok community or keep them private to your account only.

Public sounds open up opportunity for more views as they get shared, however you lose exclusivity.

Private sounds reinforce recognizability and consistency for your channel.

Here is some data to inform your choice:

Sound TypeAvg. View Count
Public Trending Sound89.5k views
Public Original Sound52k views
Private Sound22.1k views

Generally for creators focused on driving views through new viewers, public trending sounds perform best. Brand-builders often prefer private audio for trademarking their style.

Choose what makes sense for your goals!

Key Takeaways for TikTok Audio Excellence

Mastering sounds may take some experimenting but is worth it! A few closing tips:

  • Listen before recording to pick out engaging hooks for custom sounds
  • Use audio editing tools to polish voiceovers or music
  • Find balance between trendy viral sounds and signature style

Now you have the knowledge to take your videos to the next level with sound strategy!

Let me know if you have any other questions on optimizing audio.

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