How to Make Your Own Discord Bot in 5 Simple Steps

Do you manage a Discord server? Want to take moderation and user experience to the next level? Creating your own Discord bot lets you automate routine tasks, encourage engagement, enforce rules, and benefit from all types of custom features.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you step-by-step through the full process of making and deploying a Discord bot from scratch. Whether you have 10 members or 10,000 members, bots allow a single server owner to handle it all!

Let’s dive in and I’ll teach you how to make a Discord bot in just 5 easy steps:

Overview: How to Create a Discord Bot in 5 Steps

Before jumping into specifics, here is the high-level process we’ll go through:

1Download Discord and Create an Account
2Create a New Bot Profile
3Customize the Bot Settings
4Generate an Invite Link for Adding to Your Server
5Add Bot Permissions and Interact!

Now that you know the basics, let me explain how to complete each step to build your first (but definitely not last) Discord bot!

Step 1: Download Discord and Create an Account

Since you‘ll be making bots specifically for Discord, the first requirement is having a Discord account yourself.

Download the Discord app on whichever device(s) you prefer – desktop, phone, web browser – and sign up for free.

Make sure to confirm your email address after creating the account. This gives you full access to all features.

Discord Register Screenshot

With access to the Discord platform, you can now use the connected developer portal for creating bots.

Let‘s move onto the fun stuff…

Step 2: Create a New Bot Profile

All Discord bots exist as dedicated bot accounts. So head over to the Discord Developer Portal and log into your Discord account.

Developer Portal Home

Register Your Bot Account

Click on the "New Application" button to register your new bot:

  • Give it fun name, like HistoryBot or MemeLord
  • Upload an icon photo (optional)
  • Provide a description if you‘d like

Then accept the terms and click "Create" to finish registering your new bot app!

Create Bot Form

Congratulations, you now have a registered bot account linked to your Discord profile πŸŽ‰ Next we can customize all the settings.

Step 3: Customize Your Bot Settings

On the menu to the left, click on "Bot" to expand options for your new bot app:

Bot Menu Option

Here are key features to configure:

Toggle Public Bot

  • Turn Off if you only want your bot on your servers
  • Turn On if you want others adding it too

Public Bot Toggle

Customize Name & Photo

You can change the default values set during creation:

Bot Settings Options

Copy & Save Token

This is like an API key for your bot‘s identity. You‘ll likely need it later for more customization:

Copy Bot Token

Define Activity Permissions

Scroll down to the "Privileged Gateway Intents" section:

Privileged Intents Section

Here you can toggle permission for your bot to:

βœ… View server member list
βœ… Read message content
βœ… More advanced features…

These settings impact what types of actions your bot can perform.

Step 4: Generate an Invite Link

Almost there! The last backend step is creating an invite link to add your shiny new bot to your Discord server.

Scopes Define Permission Level

Under the "OAuth2" left menu section, choose "URL Generator".

This area allows you to pre-approve various "Scopes" – permissions that specify what your bot has access to once joining your server.

OAuth URL Generator

For example, enabling the Manage Channels scope means your bot can edit channel names, permissions, etc automatically.

Copy Invite Link

Once you have permission scopes selected, go down and copy the full generated bot invite URL:

Bot Invite Link

This link is tailored to add your bot to any server with the pre-set scopes.

Time to finally add your bot where you need it…your own Discord!

Step 5: Add Your Bot to Your Discord Server

The last step is painless. Remember that full invite URL you just copied?

πŸ‘‰ Open a new browser tab and paste the bot authorize link:

Next you‘ll see a list of your eligible Discord servers to add it to:

Choose Discord Server

Pick which server you own that you want the bot member joining.

πŸ” Double check the predefined "Permissions" making sense.

πŸŽ‰ Then click "Continue" followed by "Authorize" and you are all set!

Within seconds you‘ll see your custom bot as a new member in your server!

Custom Bot Joined Server

Interact and Enhance Your Bot!

Start with basic interactions via chat commands or messages. See that it responds as expected with the granted permissions.

Over time you can always return to Discord Developer Portal for modifying settings more, editing scopes, and managing your bot apps.

The sky‘s the limit for expanding abilities through JavaScript code too!

Let‘s explore some of those options…

Pre-Made Discord Bots to Customize

Creating a bot from scratch does requires JavaScript knowledge. But many handy pre-made bots exist that you can simply customize or use for inspiration!

Here are 5 of the most popular public Discord bots worth checking out:

1. MEE6

As one of the most widely used bots, MEE6 excels at moderation with auto-mod, warnings, banning, slow mode, and mod logs.

MEE6 also enables:

  • Custom welcome/farewell messages
  • User levels and reputation system
  • Polls, leaderboards, streams, reddit feeds
  • Custom commands, role rewards
  • Rich embed messages and more

For public servers, a premium subscription adds unlimited levels, auto responses, keywords filtering, and priority support.

2. Dyno

Dyno truly aims to do it all with over 200 configurable modules:

  • Auto role assignment
  • Custom welcomes / goodbyes
  • Schedule messages and event reminders
  • Play music, trivia, memes, and games
  • Post server stats, user avatars, server info
  • Leveling system, reputation ranks
  • Administrative logs, notifications
  • And tons more utility commands

Whether you run a gaming community or offline friend group, Dyno has amazing tools to liven engagement.

3. Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki takes a fun, gamified approach to drive participation with:

  • Global and local text leaderboards
  • Point tracking for messages, voice, invites
  • Profile search on MyAnimeList
  • Custom tags, reactions, filters
  • Games like slots, coin flip, lottery

Tatsumaki‘s reputation, leveling, and economy systems rewards members the more they chat and engage. The dashboard lets you fully customize the bot‘s functions through self-service commands.

4. Rythm

Rythm provides a dedicated music experience:

  • Play songs/playlists directly from YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitch and more
  • Fully queued playlist management
  • Like/dislike song reactions
  • 24/7 live radio streams
  • Realtime lyrics fetching
  • Local file playback
  • Voice channel text chat

Whether you want background tunes or a dance party, Rythm delivers awesome audio features specialized for Discord.

5. Octave

For engaging community discussions, Octave powers:

  • Thread reactions, reminders, and tracking
  • Live chat transcription and summaries
  • Automated topic suggestions
  • Sending digest or summary emails
  • Anonymous question collection
  • Saved chat bookmarks
  • Voice channel text chat

Octave follows conversations and helps facilitate productive chats for community improvement.

Key Bot Customization Options

All third party Discord bots offer some level of customization through dashboard controls:

  • Enable/disable modules
  • Edit auto response triggers
  • Customize messages
  • Set access roles
  • Context specific settings
  • Webhook integrations

For more advanced modifications, you‘ll likely need to dive into documentation and edit actual code. We‘ll explore that next…

Creating a Bot Completely from Scratch

While starter bots help you avoid reinventing the wheel, building truly one-of-a-kind experiences does require programming knowledge.

Here‘s an overview of what‘s involved:

1. Choose a Coding Language

Popular Discord bot languages include:

LanguageKey Considerations
JavaScript/Node.jsGreat for beginners, huge module ecosystem via NPM, cross-platform
PythonMore complex but very powerful, great for advanced developers
C# / .NETEasy to integrate with Windows and Microsoft tools

I‘d recommend JavaScript/Node if you‘re new to coding Discord bots!

2. Import Bot API Libraries

Next install the open source Discord bot SDK via NPM, PIP, or NuGet for your chosen language.

For example npm install discord.js discord.js-commando --save for JavaScript.

This gives you all the code building blocks needed to detect, read, and send data from Discord programmatically.

3. Register Developer App & Bot User

On the Discord developer portal, register your bot account and copy the secret token.

This allows your code to act as the authorized bot identity.

4. Detect & Respond to Events

In your bot code, import the SDK, link the token, and set event listeners to trigger custom functions.

For example, detecting new chat messages then responding or detecting a custom "!help" command prefix:

const Discord = require(‘discord.js‘);
const client = new Discord.Client();

client.on(‘message‘, message => {

    if (message.content === ‘!help‘) {
     message.reply(‘Custom help info!‘);



5. Expand Features Over Time

From small message responses, you can build up a feature rich bot:

  • Moderation abilities
  • Multi-command prefix support
  • Database integrations
  • Rich embeds and media playback
  • Webhooks and REST APIs

Combined with a hosting platform to keep it running 24/7, the possibilities are endless!

Key Coding Resources

Here are a few recommendations:

For code help, the Discord developers server and GitHub repos are great community resources too.

The Benefits of Making Your Own Discord Bot

Before wrapping up this guide to creating a custom Discord bot in just 5 steps, I want to recap some key benefits:

Automate Tasks

Bots can handle mundane admin chores like new member greetings, role assignments, banning spammers, creating channels, and more.


With gamification, music, memes, trivia, bots make being part of your community more fun!


Enforce rules consistently 24/7. Auto-delete banned content and warn or remove troublemakers.


Bots can connect outside APIs – think dashboards, analytics, VoIP, polls, calendars, streams, and beyond!


Analyze chat patterns over time, measure member participation, track growth and engagement rates.

Build Credibility

A thoughtfully customized Discord bot suits the vibe you want to cultivate – fun but organized, cheeky but moderated.

Well done choosing to level up your community! 😎 Now let‘s wrap up with some final thoughts…

Final Thoughts on Making Your Own Discord Bot

I hope you feel empowered to create a custom Discord bot after following this easy 5 step guide:

1) Make a Discord account
2) Register bot profile
3) Customize bot settings
4) Generate invite link
5) Add to your server

We explored both customizing popular pre-made bots and coding sophisticated bots completely from scratch.

My goal was to eliminate intimidation factors, so you can feel confident developing quality bots matched to your unique community needs.

Be proud taking your server engagement and mod tools to the next level!

If anything remains unclear or you have additional questions, please don‘t hesitate to reach out via!

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