How to Get YouTube TV on Roku: An Expert‘s Step-by-Step Setup Guide

Have you ever wondered if you could ditch expensive cable TV subscriptions? Well with live streaming services like YouTube TV and handy streaming devices like Roku, cutting the cord has never been easier.

In this guide, I‘ll show you how I set up YouTube TV myself on a Roku Streaming Stick. I‘ll walk you through the full process, step-by-step to get you watching live channels and using the cloud DVR in no time!

A Quick Intro to Roku and YouTube TV

For context, let‘s first discuss what exactly Roku and YouTube TV are:

What is Roku?

Roku is a popular streaming platform, available as dedicated streaming boxes and sticks that plug into your TV, or built-in Roku TV operating system. Their wide selection of streaming channels gives you tons of movies, shows, live TV and more in one place.

Key Features:

  • Low cost streaming devices starting from $29.99
  • Roku OS built into many smart TV models
  • Simple remote and interface
  • Thousands of streaming channels

What is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is YouTube‘s live TV streaming service, offering 85+ popular cable channels like ESPN, CNN, TNT, Discovery and more. It gives a cable-like experience delivered entirely through the internet.

Key Features:

  • 85+ live channels, including sports, news and entertainment
  • Unlimited cloud DVR storage
  • 6 user profiles per account
  • Available on many devices like Roku, Fire TV, phones, tablets and more

Cord Cutting Continues to Rise

Now that streaming services like YouTube TV exist along with simple streaming devices like Roku, more viewers than ever are cutting the cord from expensive cable and satellite packages.

According to eMarketer, over 33 million US households will have canceled cable by 2022. And approximately 30.4 million Americans use a streaming device like Roku regularly.

Many people combine streaming hardware like Roku with live TV services like YouTube TV to replicate their favorite elements of cable, without locked contracts or hidden fees.

So let‘s dive into setting this combination up…

Step-By-Step Guide to Getting YouTube TV on Your Roku

Below I‘ll walk you through the full process of installing and setting up YouTube TV on Roku. I‘ll share what to click and select at each point with handy screenshots.

Let‘s get started!

Step 1: Turn On Your Roku and TV

Ensure that:

  • Your Roku device is powered on
  • Your TV is switched on
  • TV input is changed to the correct HDMI for your Roku

You should see the Roku home screen background along with your apps:

Roku home screen

Tip: Make sure any other devices like game consoles are turned off to simplify setup.

Step 2: Select "Streaming Channels"

Along the left side of your Roku home screen, select the "Streaming Channels" option:

Streaming channels on Roku

This menu lists all available streaming channels that can be installed on your Roku device. Time to find YouTube TV…

Step 3: Search for "YouTube TV" Channel

With Streaming Channels open, press the search icon in upper right corner. A search bar will appear. Type in "YouTube TV":

Searching for Youtube TV on Roku

Hit enter to display search results.

Step 4: Select Correct YouTube TV Channel

In search results you should see the orange YouTube TV logo, with text reading "Live TV streaming plus…" – this is the correct channel. Select the orange logo to add YouTube TV.

Installing Youtube TV Channel

Step 5: Wait for Installation

Installing the YouTube TV channel takes just a few moments. A loading circle will display on-screen. Once finished, you‘ll have option to "Go to channel" – do not select this yet!

Youtube Tv installing on Roku

Step 6: Re-Open YouTube TV

Press the "Home" button to return to Roku‘s main menu. Then scroll down to "My Channels" and select to open your full list of installed channels.

Find the orange YouTube TV logo here and open it.

Open installed Youtube TV app

This ensures the channel is properly loaded before trying to sign in.

Step 7: Sign Into YouTube TV

With the YouTube TV channel now open, you will see a sign-in prompt. Choose either:

  • Member Sign In: If you already subscribe to YouTube TV service
  • Try It Free: To start a free trial subscription

Signing into Youtube TV

Use your Google or YouTube account details and password to sign-in and link YouTube TV service to your Roku.

Once signed in, you now have full access to YouTube TV‘s 85+ live channels, cloud DVR recordings and video on-demand libraries!

Important: YouTube vs. YouTube TV Channels

It‘s crucial to know that on Roku, there are 2 distinct YouTube apps available:

YouTube – The main YouTube app for standard YouTube videos, creator content and subscriptions. Does not include live TV.

YouTube TV – The live TV streaming service with 85+ live channels, cloud DVR etc. Requires paid subscription.

See this comparison:

FeatureYouTubeYouTube TV
ContentStandard YouTube videos85+ live TV channels
PricingFree$64.99 per month
DVRNoUnlimited cloud storage
AccountsSign-in optionalRequired for subscription access

So in summary:

  • YouTube gives all normal YouTube video content
  • YouTube TV gives live TV channels

It‘s easy to confuse them – so be sure you select the right one for what you wish to watch on your Roku device!

Enjoy YouTube TV on Your Big Screen!

After following these steps, you should now have the YouTube TV app installed and ready-to-use on your Roku player.

YouTube TV brings must-have cable channels like ESPN for sports, news from MSNBC or Fox News, plus loads more – all without requiring a cable box or contract.

Combined with Roku‘s simplicity for navigating channels, finding shows and neat features like voice search remotes, you get a fantastic cable-replacement option streaming directly to your TV.

So kick back and start enjoying live TV through YouTube on your Roku!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here I‘ll answer some common questions around using YouTube TV on Roku:

Does YouTube TV work on all Roku devices?

YouTube TV is compatible with most Roku devices, except some very old legacy models. As long as your Roku is still supported with updates, you should be able to install and use YouTube TV.

Can multiple people share one YouTube TV account?

Yes! Each YouTube TV subscription allows up to 6 user profiles, making it easy for families or housemates to share. Each profile gets personalized DVR libraries and recommendations.

How much internet speed do I need?

YouTube TV recommends minimum internet speeds of 3 Mbps for standard definition quality, and 12 Mbps for best 1080p HD streaming during peak viewing times. Faster speeds are required for multiple streams.

What if I run out of storage space on my Roku?

One benefit of YouTube TV is cloud DVR eliminating device storage concerns. If your Roku itself starts running low on space, try deleting old unused channels or restarting to clear any cached data.

I hope this guide clearly outlined the step-by-step process for installing and setting up YouTube‘s excellent live TV streaming service on your Roku player! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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