Getting Paramount+ on Your Samsung TV: The Complete Guide

Over-the-top streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video and Hulu have exploded in popularity in recent years. With cord-cutting on the rise, new players like AppleTV+, Discovery+ and Paramount+ have also entered the scene vying for subscription dollars.

Launched in early 2021 following the rebrand from CBS All Access, Paramount+ shakes up the landscape with a varied content catalog spanning hit shows on CBS, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon, blockbuster films from the Paramount Pictures vault, plus live sports like NFL and Champions League soccer.

For movie buffs, Trekkies, sports fans and parents alike, Paramount+ brings great value with broad appeal.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll show you how to get Paramount+ installed on Samsung smart TVs with step-by-step instructions and images guiding you through the entire process – from navigating your TV interface and signing up for an account, to picking a subscription plan that best fits your needs.

Step 1: Access the Apps Menu

Let‘s get started by turning on your Samsung TV and locating the home screen. You‘ll know you‘re on the home screen when you see rows showing recently used apps, recommendations for movies/shows and some featured ads.

Underneath, identify the Apps icon – usually represented by 9 small squares – and click on it using your remote.

Samsung TV Home Screen with Apps icon

Samsung TV Home Screen with Apps icon highlighted

This will launch the My Apps menu where you can search for new apps to install. The next step is to open search.

Step 2: Open Search

In the My Apps menu on your Samsung TV, look for the search icon represented by a magnifying glass. Select it by clicking with your remote.

My Apps menu search

My Apps menu with Search icon highlighted

An on-screen keyboard will now pop up, allowing you to type and search for apps.

Step 3: Search for Paramount Plus

With the on-screen keyboard visible, use your remote to start typing "Paramount Plus".

After entering just a couple of letters Para, your Samsung TV will automatically suggest the Paramount Plus app in the search dropdown.

Paramount Plus Search

Paramount+ app appears in search suggestions after typing ‘Para‘

Navigate to the Paramount Plus entry using your remote and click on it to go to the app page.

Step 4: Sign Up or Sign In

You will now see the Paramount+ Welcome Screen with options to Sign Up or Sign In depending on whether you already have an account.

Paramount Plus Welcome Screen

Paramount+ Welcome Screen with Sign Up/Sign In

If you are an existing Paramount+ subscriber, use your remote to pick the on-screen keyboard and enter your credentials to sign in.

New users should select Sign Up. This will initiate the account creation process where you‘ll pick a subscription plan below.

Choosing Your Paramount+ Subscription Plan

Paramount+ offers two main subscription plan tiers. Let‘s examine the features and pricing for each to determine the better option for your streaming needs:

PlanMonthly CostAnnual CostKey Features
Essential$4.99$49.99Limited ads
10,000+ TV episodes
2,500+ movies
NFL & soccer
Premium$9.99$99.99Ad-free on-demand content
4K & HDR support
Mobile downloads
Local CBS feed

Comparison of Paramount+ subscription plan pricing and features

Breakdown of Plans

The budget-friendly Essential tier includes ads with the on-demand library but keeps costs low. This is ideal for those mainly watching older CBS/Paramount content or your live sports.

For the best experience, the Premium plan removes ads from your on-demand viewing while adding conveniences like 4K HDR streaming and mobile downloads for offline viewing during travel. If you‘re a film buff who will fully utilize the Paramount movies vault, the upgrade is recommended.

You can also add Showtime to either plan as a bundle. While the additional $3 monthly Showtime fee is the same for both Essential and Premium plans, Premium still comes out ahead value-wise when you factor in ad removal and enhanced formats.

Starting Your Free Trial

Great news – both Paramount+ subscription plans can be tested out with a 1-Week Free Trial period before any payment is required. This gives you ample time to explore the library more before deciding if Paramount+ meets your streaming needs.

Be sure to make a note of the trial expiration date where billing will start. You can easily cancel online anytime before that within your account settings to avoid being charged while still enjoying full access until the trial runs out.

Complete Account Sign-Up

After picking your preferred Paramount+ plan, follow the remaining prompts to finish creating your account. Have the below information handy to complete the sign-up process:

  • Email address
  • Password
  • Name
  • Birth date
  • Gender
  • ZIP code
  • Payment method (debit/credit card or PayPal details)

For those less comfortable entering payment information online, linking a PayPal account allows transactions through that familiar platform instead of inputting credit card numbers.

Once all fields are filled in, Paramount+ presents a confirmation displaying your 1-Week Free Trial End Date and the Date Subscription Starts where initial payment will be processed.

Access Paramount+ on Samsung TV

With signup complete, Paramount+ begins loading its content catalog. You can now start streaming movies, shows, live sports, news and more directly through the app on your Samsung TV!

For a quick 1 minute visual guide, check out the YouTube tutorial below from user Bytes Media demonstrating the Paramount+ install process on Samsung TV:


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about getting Paramount+ on Samsung smart TVs:

Do I get the Paramount Network cable channel with Paramount Plus?

No, they are separate services. The Paramount Network is a traditional pay TV channel accessed through cable packages and providers. Paramount+ is an internet-based on-demand streaming library available directly to consumers without cable.

Can I watch Yellowstone with Paramount Plus?

Unfortunately, due to rights issues, Yellowstone is not available on Paramount Plus at this time. You‘ll need to check platforms like Peacock for streaming access to Yellowstone for now.

What‘s the difference between Paramount Plus and the previous CBS All Access?

Paramount+ builds on CBS All Access with a broader content spectrum – adding huge libraries from Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, BET and MTV alongside Paramount Pictures films and CBS shows/live sports. Far more varied selection compared to the mostly CBS-focused catalog on CBS All Access.

Can I pause, rewind or record live TV streams?

The live programming from CBS stations and sporting events does not currently support DVR-like abilities to manipulate streams. They will play in linear fashion like traditional television. On-demand library content gives you full control however.

We hope this comprehensive guide to installing, signing up and watching Paramount+ on your Samsung TV was helpful! Now kick back and start streaming.

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