How to Get Disney+ on a Samsung Smart TV: A Simple 4-Step Guide

Over 137 million global subscribers have flocked to Disney+ since its late 2019 debut, drawn in by smash hits like The Mandalorian along with countless childhood animation favorites.

As the world‘s first streaming service to top 100 million subscribers, Disney+ has certainly left its mark. And that count grows daily as more households upgrade to internet-connected smart TVs capable of delivering Disney‘s magical streaming library right to their living rooms.

In fact, smart TV adoption reached over 65% of United States households in 2022, with Samsung leading the pack as the top TV manufacturer. Between their Crystal UHD display clarity and Tizen OS smart platform, today‘s Samsung TVs offer the perfect portal for accessing Disney+ originals, Marvel epics, and Lucasfilm empires.

Ready to unlock thousands of films and series on your Samsung set? Adding Disney+ takes just four quick steps:

Step 1: Access Your Samsung Smart TV‘s App Menu

Your Disney+ journey starts by activating your Samsung TV‘s launchpad for all streaming magic.

On most late-model Samsung TVs, you can find the Apps button on your main Home Screen, often identifiable by an icon resembling a grid:

Samsung Smart TV Home Screen with App Icon Highlighted

Select this using your Samsung TV remote. This opens up the App Screen:

Samsung TV App Screen with Categories

Here you have access to video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu alongside music apps, web browsers, games, and much more. Apps are neatly organized into rows by category.

We‘ll utilize the search function to easily call up the Disney+ app.

Step 2: Search for the Disney+ App

From the main App Screen, select the search icon in the top right corner, commonly represented by a magnifying glass graphic.

Close-up of Samsung TV App Screen Search Icon

Like with smartphone apps, this summons a search field and keyboard. Using the on-screen navigation, enter "Disney Plus" or just "Disney".

As soon as you begin typing, you should see the Disney+ logo appear as a top suggestion. Select this search result to open the Disney+ app page.

Disney Plus Appearing in Samsung TV Search Suggestions

Step 3: Open the Disney+ App

With the Disney+ app page loaded, simply click the prominent central icon to launch the app.

Disney+ App Icon on Samsung TV

This will initiate the flashy Disney+ loading animation, followed by the login/sign-up screen.

Step 4: Login or Sign Up for Disney+ Access

If you already subscribe to Disney+, enter the email and password associated with your account. This will unlock all of your existing Disney+ profiles, watchlists and preferences.

Or if this is your first time joining, select "Create Account" to walk through Disney‘s subscription process.

You‘ll have the option of four core Disney+ package tiers:

PackageIncludesMonthly PriceAds?
Disney+ BasicDisney+$7.99Yes
Disney+ PremiumDisney+$10.99No
The Disney BundleDisney+, Hulu, ESPN+$12.99Yes
The Disney Bundle (No Ads)Disney+ (No Ads), Hulu (No Ads), ESPN+$19.99No*

*ESPN+ still includes ads even on higher tier plans due to live sports

The table above outlines the key pros and cons around ad support. While pricier, going ad-free provides uninterrupted streaming. Basic packages average 4-5 minutes of ads per hour of content.

Review the packages and pricing to select your preferred tier. Enter payment details and activate your Disney+ subscription directly through your Samsung TV!

Launching Disney+ on Other Devices

Once set up on your Samsung Smart TV, the Disney+ app enables you to also access your subscription on smartphones, laptops and tablets for on-the-go viewing.

Simply download the app to additional gadgets and login with the same Disney account. Your watch history, preferences and profiles automatically sync across top iOS and Android devices.

Disney+ App Icon Grid Showing Multiple Devices

Why Samsung Smart TVs Offer the Ultimate Streaming Experience

While mobile devices provide portability, watching Disney+ on a connected Samsung TV unlocks the most immersive experience outside of movie theaters.

Recent display innovations like 4K resolution, OLED contrast and High Dynamic Range (HDR) translate Disney classics into stunning clarity with vibrant colors and vivid detail. Stepping up to sound systems like surround sound or Dolby Atmos further emphasizes every emotive soundtrack note.

Plus, navigation using your TV remote eliminates struggling with tiny touch keyboards. Samsung‘s intuitive Tizen OS integrates streaming apps like Disney+, Netflix and YouTube seamlessly with live cable and satellites services if desired.

Put simply, modern smart TVs remove technological barriers to easily enjoy Disney+ original movies feeling like epic cinematic events from your living room.

Even More Magic to Explore on Disney+

While Marvel and Star Wars may steal the headlines, Disney+ offers endless content tunnels to explore.

In addition to the vast Disney animated library and 21st century Fox catalogs, you gain access to new live-action originals, Pixar animation wizardy, National Geographic documentaries, and the xenomorph aliens of Adult Swim‘s Solar Opposites.

Special content like film sing-alongs, trivia popups and exclusive making-ofs accompany Disney classics and remakes. The Disney+ release calendar also promises upcoming premieres like Peter Jackson‘s Beatles documentary in November 2022.

And features like GroupWatch allow you to synchronize viewing with distant friends. Simply schedule an online viewing party – no matter how many miles lie between living rooms!

Ready to submerge yourself down the rabbit hole? Let‘s get Disney+ configured on your Samsung TV!

Let‘s Get Your Samsung TV Streaming Disney+!

In summary, these four straightforward steps establish Disney+ access through your Samsung smart TV hub:

  1. Navigate to the main App Screen on your Samsung TV
  2. Select "Search" to look up the Disney+ app
  3. Launch the Disney+ app and login or signup for a subscription
  4. Choose your preferred Disney streaming package

In minutes, iconic Disney characters can dance across your gorgeous Samsung 4K display!

Take a minute to create customized profiles for each family member to isolate watch history by age. Manage parental controls to filter any adult content where preferred.

Then settle onto your couch with your remote in hand. Thousands of movies and shows now stream at your command. Grab some popcorn and enjoy Disney+ your way!

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