How to Edit a Zoom Recording Step-by-Step with Photos

Have you ever noticed yourself stumbling over words or making awkward gestures in Zoom meeting recordings? Or dealt with video quality so grainy and echoey that rewatching them is a pain?

You‘re not alone. The raw footage exported from Zoom calls isn‘t pretty.

But with some simple video editing, you can fix blemishes and polish recordings into professional, shareable content.

In this guide, you‘ll learn:

  • Why editing enhances Zoom videos
  • Top software picks for both beginners and experts
  • A step-by-step tutorial for using iMovie, the most popular free video editing app
  • Visual guides to cutting clips, improving audio, adding graphics and more in under 10 minutes

So if you’re ready to make your Zoom sessions shine with tight editing and broadcast-quality finessing, let’s get started!

Why You Should Be Editing Recordings

First, it helps to understand why editing can completely transform raw Zoom footage…

Zoom editing infographic

As you can see, unedited videos suffer a variety of quality issues that editing software readily resolves:

  • Choppy playback and pauses: This happens because Zoom compresses videos to save bandwidth during live sessions at the cost of detail and smoothness. Editing the rendered output removes these artifacts.
  • Echo and uneven volumes: Zoom picks up background noise and doesn’t optimize levels across multiple speakers. With edited audio, you can normalize volumes and reduce reverb.
  • Distracting moments: Recording everything means catching coughs, typing sounds, side chatter along with the good stuff. Edit to delete misc interruptions and keep viewers tuned in.
  • Amateur visuals: From mediocre default compression to unflattering webcam angles, editing gives control over bringing cinematic flair.

Research by Wyzowl found that 59% of consumers would stop watching online videos after only 60 seconds. Don‘t lose viewers because of dull Zoom recordings!

With tighter edits and enhancements, you can achieve:

  • 72% higher viewer retention: Remove fluff so audiences watch more of your videos [1]
  • 65% more likes: Clean audio and simple graphics better resonate with viewers [2]

Comparing Video Editing Needs

Of course, not all videos demand the same level of editing:

Recording PurposeEditing TimeKey EnhancementsOutput Goal
Webinar Replay2+ hoursTighten pacing, add titlesPromotional content
Training Modules1-2 hoursChapter intros, captionsReusable elearning
Interview Highlights30-60 minsImprove sound, cut questionsShare soundbites
Meeting Minutes15-30 minsTrim dead space, reduce noiseSearchable archive

Prioritize touchups based on intended reuse. The more public the video, the higher the polish warranted.

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