How to Delete Your eBay Account Step-by-Step

Ready to cut ties with eBay? This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything involved in permanently deleting your eBay user account.

Here is an overview of what you will learn:

  • Factors to consider before deleting your account
  • A step-by-step walkthrough of the account deletion process
  • What to expect regarding account closure timeframes
  • Details on what user data eBay retains after closure
  • Guidance on starting a brand new eBay account

By clearly understanding the ins and outs of user account termination, you can fully erase your eBay presence with confidence. Now let‘s get started!

Before Deleting: Key Factors to Consider

Prior to embarking on eBay account removal, several key points warrant your consideration:

All account data will be erased permanently

Once your account is closed, your entire eBay history – including all feedback, contacts, transactions, and personal details – will be wiped from eBay‘s systems forever. There is absolutely no way to recover any data after deletion.

You must resolve all outstanding account issues first

eBay will block account closure requests if there are any open issues like:

  • Unpaid fees or account balances
  • Active listings or pending transactions
  • Open returns, refunds or cases
  • Active eBay Store subscriptions

You must entirely clear up and close down any outstanding account activities prior to deletion. This can increase your account termination time.

Account deletion can take up to 60 days to finalize

While requesting account closure is quick, eBay legally retains rights to take up to 60 days to process account termination in some cases…

Step 1 of 6: Log Into Your eBay Account

To begin the account deletion process, first head over to and log into your account.

You can sign in using the email and password associated with your eBay account:

Enter your login email and password

Or if you connected your eBay account to Google, Facebook, or Apple, you may sign in through those single sign-on providers instead.

Once signed in, you will be taken to your eBay account homepage dashboard…

Step 2 of 6: Navigate to "Account Settings"

After logging in, click on your username shown in the top right corner of the screen:

Click on your username

Then in the dropdown menu, select Account:

Select Account option

This will take you into your eBay Account Settings and summary page…

Step 3 of 6: Click "Close Account" in Preferences

Within Account Settings find and select Site Preferences in the left sidebar. Then click Close Account under the Preferences header:

Click Close Account link

Selecting this closes account link will take you to eBay‘s account deletion information page.

Step 4 of 6: Review and Consent to Account Closure

Take a few moments to thoroughly read through the details of permanently deleting your eBay account:

Review account deletion details

As you‘ll notice, once your account is deleted the closure cannot be undone or reversed in any way.

However if you fully understand and agree to permanent account termination, click the Close Account button to proceed. This will initiate the final account deletion steps…

Step 5 of 6: Submit Reason for Closing Your Account

On the next page, eBay asks you to provide the reason why you have chosen to close your account:

Select account closure reason

Pick whichever reason is most applicable from the dropdown menu provided. Giving open and honest feedback helps eBay improve the platform over time.

You also have the option to elaborate in more detail in the comment box if you wish before submitting the request.

Step 6 of 6: Confirm Account Closure

Finally, on this last step check the box to officially confirm you want to permanently close your eBay account:

Check box to consent and confirm

Once confirmed, click the Submit button to formally submit your account deletion request to eBay.

And with this final submission, you‘re all done! eBay will now start the back-end processes of terminating your account.

You will see a confirmation message indicating eBay has received your account closure request:

Account deletion request received

So that wraps up formally initiating deletion of your eBay user account. But how long does it actually take for your account to get deleted by eBay?

What is the eBay Account Deletion Timeframe?

Here is an overview of the typical timeframe for eBay account termination:

Account StatusProcessing Timeframe
No recent transactions or activity~14 days
Transactions or activity past 30 daysUp to 60 days
Unpaid account balances or issuesDelayed until resolved

So while submitting the request to delete your account is quick, eBay legally allows itself up to 60 days to fully process and finalize account closure under certain conditions.

For instance if you had any transactions, refunds, or changes within the past month. This extended processing time ensures everything gets wrapped up properly on eBay‘s end when terminating accounts.

Now that leads into the next common question…

What User Data Does eBay Retain After Account Closure?

While virtually all personal account info, browsing data, and purchase history gets deleted immediately upon closure, eBay has extended data retention policies and obligations around:

Legal requirements:

  • Account deletion confirmation records
  • Data to settle fees or collect account balances
  • Information needed for fraud monitoring programs
  • Records required to defend against arbitration/legal cases


  • up to 3 months: Recent transaction history
  • up to 18 months: Data needed to detect security threats
  • Up to 5+ years: Information mandated for financial audits

So in short – eBay will hold onto only the bare minimum subset of personal data mandated by laws and regulations after account termination.

Eventually though, every last bit of remaining user data gets erased from their systems as well. Rest assured you can permanently eliminate your eBay presence and data footprint once the regulated data retention periods have finally elapsed.

Now let‘s wrap things up with next steps…

Can I Start a Brand New eBay Account After Closure?

Absolutely! Terminating one eBay account does not impact your ability to sign-up and start fresh with a brand new account anytime.

Just head back over to and click register to open an all new user account using a different email address. You‘ll have a clean slate like you never left!

We hope this guide gave you crystal clarity on every aspect of permanently removing and deleting your eBay user account.

To quickly recap, the key steps involved are:

  1. Log into your eBay account
  2. Navigate to Account Settings
  3. Click "Close account" in preferences
  4. Review and consent to permanent closure
  5. Submit reason for wanting account deleted
  6. Confirm request and allow eBay‘s termination processing

While the initial submission is fast, actual deletion procedures legally can take eBay up to 60 days depending on the status of your account.

Additionally, some limited personal data may still be retained where required by regulations even post-closure. But this too gets erased eventually over time.

And the bright side is you can easily sign-up for a brand new user account later on if you change your mind! Just use a different email address when creating it.

We wish you nothing but the best either way moving forward!

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