The Complete Guide to Making Your Venmo Transactions Private

Venmo has exploded in popularity for quick, easy payments among friends. No need to carry cash or awkwardly split bills and expenses. The bright blue app feels casual–almost fun–with your connections able to view and comment on payments.

But for many, Venmo‘s public transaction feed steps over the line in terms of privacy. Do you really want everyone knowing you‘re paying your therapist or splurging on late night takeout?

The good news is you can easily make all your Venmo payments private. This guide will cover:

  • Exactly who can see your transactions by default
  • Step-by-step instructions to change settings to private
  • Additional methods to boost Venmo privacy
  • Best practices to lock down account security

First, let‘s understand the visibility issue…

Just How Public Are Venmo Transactions?

Venmo payments have public visibility set by default. Without changing settings, each payment you make is viewable by:

  • Any Venmo user via site or app access
  • Friends and connections within the Venmo friend feed
  • Recipients and senders plus their Venmo friends

According to Venmo‘s latest published figures, the app has over 70 million registered users. That‘s a lot of people that could potentially see details of your payments including:

Transaction DetailVisibility
Date/Time✅ Public
Sender Name✅ Public
Recipient Name✅ Public
Profile Pictures✅ Public
Payment Notes✅ Public
Amount Transferred❌ Private

The only detail not shown is the dollar amount of each transaction. But payment purpose and notes often communicate the gist.

And while handing cash to a friend may feel casual and social, having a public ledger of your transactions available to search is understandably concerning to many Venmo users.

"We found the default public settings troubling given the intimate nature of spending habits and financial exchanges." – from 2022 Study on Mobile Payment Apps by Finance & Privacy Research Group

Step 1: Launch the Venmo App

First, open up the Venmo app on your iPhone or Android. You‘ll need to update to the latest version for all features.

Tap the brightly colored icon to get started:

Venmo App Icon

Log into your account if you aren‘t automatically signed in.

Step 2: Access Settings

At the bottom right of the screen, tap the profile icon showing your photo or initials to get to your Venmo profile page.

Bottom bar profile icon

Near the top, tap Settings:

Venmo settings button

This is where you can manage account details, security, privacy controls, and more.

Step 3 Enable Private Transactions

In Settings, tap Privacy:

Venmo privacy settings

Under Default Privacy Setting, choose the option for Private:

Make Venmo private

Step 4: Confirm the Change

A pop-up will ask you to confirm that you want payments to be private moving forward.

Tap Change Anyway to complete making all future transactions private.

Confirm going private

And that‘s it! Venmo will now automatically make any new payments completely private.

You can also tap Past Transactions and change historical payments to private if you desire.

When Should You Keep Transactions Public?

While most users should hide Venmo activity for privacy, there are a couple cases where public transactions can be helpful:

  • Roommates or partners openly splitting shared bills/expenses
  • Fundraising causes letting donors support publicly
  • Selling tickets/goods allowing social proof

The choice comes down to your comfort. But when in doubt, private is safest!

Other Ways to Boost Venmo Privacy

Changing to private transactions prevents Venmo connections from searching your activity. But additional account security is still key:

  • Set a custom 6-12 digit passcode for account access
  • Enable Face ID or Touch ID authentication
  • Add two-factor sign-in via text code or app
  • Always log out completely when on shared devices

Practice good Venmo hygiene to lock down your account!

Take Control of Your Financial Privacy

Venmo makes splitting bills easier than ever. While social payments are fine for some, it‘s perfectly reasonable to keep your transactions private.

Following this easy step-by-step guide, you can hide your Venmo activity. Pay friends without worrying about who can see what.

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