How To Delete Twitch Account – A Complete 4 Step Walkthrough

Hey there! If you‘re looking to remove your Twitch account, you‘ve come to the right place. 👋

Deleting your Twitch profile is a big decision – the platform sees over 31 billion hours viewed per year and over 140 million monthly viewers!

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to permanently delete your Twitch account:

  • Key Statistics on Twitch Usage
  • Reasons You May Want To Delete
  • Step-by-Step Account Deletion Guide
  • Implications of Leaving Twitch
  • Disabling vs Deleting Accounts
  • FAQs on Twitch Account Removal

Let‘s get started!

Why People Watch Twitch

Before jumping into account deletion, let me give you some background. Twitch specializes in video game live streaming, including everything from casual gameplay to esports tournaments.

According to TwitchTracker data, their largest viewer demographic is Ages 18-34:

Twitch Viewer Demographics

Most viewers tune into Twitch for three main reasons:

  1. Entertainment: Viewers love watching skilled, charismatic streamers show off impressive gameplay skills. Popular streamers even cultivate mini-celebrity status among fans!

  2. Community: Twitch facilitates community bonding, especially around shared interests like gaming, sports, or pop culture. Viewers engage in ongoing conversations via Twitch‘s chat functionality.

  3. Learning: Many viewers watch gaming streams to pick up tips, guides, and strategies for improving their own gameplay across various titles.

Now let‘s explore why you may opt to leave this popular streaming ecosystem behind.

Top Reasons To Delete Your Account

Here are the most common motivations for deleting your Twitch account:

Losing Interest

Maybe you‘ve simply moved onto other hobbies outside of gaming and no longer have use for Twitch. A 2021 survey found 32% of ex-users left because they lost interest in streams.

Our interests can change over time – deleting your profile allows you to move on if Twitch no longer brings you joy.

Low Viewership

Trying to make it big as a streamer requires immense effort. But the audience on Twitch is very difficult to break into – as per Stream Hatchet data, over 50% of channels have zero concurrent viewers!

If you‘ve streamed extensively but still have very low viewership, deleting your account could be their cue to reevaluate your content strategy.

Reprioritizing Time

Between creating streams and engaging with viewers, being an active Twitch user is a massive time commitment. Popular streamers often stream 30-50 hours per week to keep viewers hooked!

If you need to devote more energy to other facets of life, deleting Twitch can allow you to focus on priorities like school, work, family health and wellness.

How To Delete Your Account Step-By-Step

Convinced it‘s time to move on from Twitch? Here is exactly how to delete your Twitch channel:

Step 1: Log Into Your Account

First, head to and log into your account by entering your username and password on the homepage:

Log into your Twitch account

This will bring you to your Twitch dashboard.

Step 2: Access Settings

Next, click your profile icon in the top right and select "Settings" from the dropdown menu:

Open Twitch account settings

This opens your Account Settings page.

Step 3: Disable Account

Scroll down to the bottom of Account Settings and click "Disable my account":

How to disable Twitch account

Note: Disabling is NOT the same as full deletion! Your account remains inactive but intact if disabled.

Step 4: Submit Deletion Request

To completely remove your Twitch account, fill out the Account Deletion Request Form. Twitch will confirm and process this request within 90 days max.

Twitch account deletion form

And you‘re all set! As long as you‘re sure you want to proceed, the process is very easy.

For quick reference, the basic steps are:

1Log Into Your Twitch Account
2Access Account Settings
3Disable Account
4Submit Deletion Request

Now let‘s dig into the implications of removing your account.

Effects of Leaving Twitch

Here‘s how it will impact you once your Twitch profile is deleted:

For Streamers

  • You will permanently lose access to your Twitch channel, streaming archive, and any revenue payouts
  • Any unpaid subscription revenue balance will be deactivated
  • Your community of fans/subscribers will not be able to find or contact you

For Viewers

  • You will not be able to subscribe, donate Bits, or otherwise financially support streamers
  • Your viewing history and preferences will be erased
  • You won‘t have access to customized notifications from channels
  • You lose connection with any gaming friends or communities on Twitch

Additionally, once your account is deleted, all personal information and data associated with your profile is erased by Twitch within 90 days.

This decision is permanent, so be fully sure before taking action!

Disabling vs. Deleting Your Account

What‘s the difference between disabling your account vs deleting it completely?

Disabling simply deactivates your account temporarily. Your username, settings, watch history, and following preferences all remain intact but inaccessible. You can easily log back in to reactivate a disabled account.

Deleting permanently removes all account data from Twitch‘s systems. Your videos, transaction history, subscriptions, and settings cannot ever be recovered (unless you contact Support immediately after submitting deletion request).

Generally disabling is temporary, while deletion is permanent. Choose carefully based on your intentions!

Key Twitch Statistics

To wrap things up, here are a few key data points on Twitch from 2022:

  • 31 billion hours of content watched per year
  • Average viewer spends 95 minutes per day watching streams
  • Over 8 million active streamers
  • 140+ million monthly active viewers

As you can see, Twitch has a highly engaged community spending lots of time interacting with streamers. While deleting your account means leaving this ecosystem behind, for some users it remains the right call.

FAQs on Deleting Twitch

Got questions about removing your Twitch profile? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

What happens when I delete my Twitch account?

Twitch will erase all personal data, content, and settings within 90 days after submitting an account deletion request. Your channel becomes inaccessible.

Can I reactivate after disabling my account?

Yes, disabling is temporary – just log back in with your username/password anytime to reactivate.

Will unpaid subscription revenue be lost?

Yes, deleting your account permanently ends access to any unpaid sub revenue as a Partner/Affiliate. Withdraw first!

Can I download my past broadcasts?

Unfortunately, Twitch does not allow archiving or downloading streaming footage. So save anything you want to keep!

What if I change my mind after deletion?

You can cancel deletion by logging back in shortly after submitting the request. But act fast, that window closes quickly!

I hope this guide gave you a detailed walkthrough of how to permanently remove your Twitch account. Let me know if any other questions come up!

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