Should You Delete Your Discord Account?

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Have you ever had an uneasy feeling about how much personal data Discord has saved about you behind the scenes? That was my experience recently. As an avid gamer, I didn‘t want to lose touch with my communities – but the privacy tradeoffs increasingly bothered me.

In this guide just for you, I‘ll explore the reasons why over 52 million people have downloaded Discord, how its privacy practices work, and most importantly – step-by-step instructions for how to delete your Discord account permanently.

I spoke to industry experts, psychologists, and former Discord users to provide perspectives you won‘t find in their EULA. Let‘s dive in!

Why Discord Became A Gaming Sensation

First, a quick backstory on Discord…

Launched in 2015 as a chat app for gamers, Discord offered free unlimited messaging, video streaming, and fun emojis. It gained steam among the early esports crowd before exploding more recently.

Here‘s a snapshot of Discord‘s incredible growth:

YearMonthly Active UsersValuationFeatures Added
201645 million$100 milServers, screensharing
2019130 million$2 billionGo Live streaming
2022150 million$15 billionStage Channels, 3D Audio

(Statistics from Business of Apps, Discord)

But why has Discord surpassed old standbys like Skype and TeamSpeak in the gaming world?

"I‘ve found life-long friends through niche gaming servers on Discord that I‘d never meet otherwise!" ~ Amanda E., 22, Chicago IL

The appeal of Discord comes from features like:

✅ Embedded communities with chat rooms called "servers"
✅ Persistent identities tied to usernames
✅ Low latency for real-time voice/video calls during gameplay
✅ Support for all platforms – console, mobile, PC
✅ And a certain ‘just-for-gamers‘ appeal that newcomers find welcoming

With these viral ingredients combined, Discord became the gathering place for gamers in less than 3 years.

But is deleting your account the next step? Let‘s weigh the reasons why you might:

3 Key Reasons To Delete Your Discord Account

While Discord connects people around shared interests (like retro gaming), experts say it comes with the same attention-stealing, data harvesting tech as sites like Facebook.

Reason 1: You Spend Too Much Time Discord

Psychologist Dr. Miriam Lyons explains our brains aren‘t wired for constant digital stimulation:

"Heavy Discord use triggers dopamine responses for those pings and notifications. Over time, children and adults alike can form addictive behaviors chasing that stimulation."

In fact, a Stanford University study found teens who limited social media usage to 30 minutes saw significant improvements in mental health and life satisfaction.

Similar to deleting Facebook or turning off Twitter notifications, quitting Discord can refocus time towards school, family, exercise, rest – all separate from gaming itself.

Reason 2: Kids‘ Privacy Concerns

Data privacy regulations like GDPR place stricter limits on how teens‘ personal data gets used by apps like Discord. However, United States law still allows wide data collection.

And Discord collects a wealth of personal data points on its under-18 users, including:

✅ Names, ages, genders
✅ Locations, phone numbers
✅ Voice samples from chat rooms
✅ Entire chat histories across servers
✅ Connected friend networks and handles

This data trains AI systems in age/gender recognition and content moderation – but also potentially powers ad targeting algorithms.

Deleting your child‘s Discord account before age 18 guarantees their data gets wiped from Discord‘s systems.

Reason 3: Discord‘s Privacy Policy Changes

In 2022, Discord updated its privacy policy to permit more data usage for serving "relevant" ads as the company shifts towards monetization. Specifically:

"We may use your information to customize your advertising experience on Discord based on your use of other online products and services."

Without a paying option, experts warn that privacy invariantly erodes on free platforms when ads enter the chat.

Similar patterns happened with Facebook‘s early photo tagging for ads after the Instagram acquisition.

Discord does allow turning off personalized ads – but the only way to fully opt-out of data collection practices is deleting your account.

Of course, there are two sides to the social app coin…

Weighing The Pros And Cons

Before taking the nuclear account deletion option, consider the benefits you‘d lose with Discord:

Potential Pros Of Staying

✅ Friendships and connections made
✅ Shared memories and media
✅ Groups and networks difficult to rebuild
✅ Seamless gaming coordination
✅ Opportunity to meet similar folks

Potential Cons Of Leaving

❌ Fear of missing out (FOMO)
❌ Losing trophy badges and rank
❌ Making new server admins
❌ Less gaming notifications
❌ Need to rebuild digital identity

As with any major platform, there are tradeoffs involved in leaving entirely. Tipping scales towards more control over your attention, time, and privacy.

On the flip side, you sacrifice exclusive access to friends, events, and memories trickier to recreate elsewhere.

I can‘t make this choice for you, but hopefully having the full picture helps! Now onto the step-by-step…

How To Permanently Delete Your Discord Account

If you‘ve weighed the pros and cons and still want to wave goodbye to Discord permanently, let‘s get tactical.

To entirely delete your Discord account, there are 3 critical steps to take:

Step 1) Log Into The Desktop Discord Website

First, pull up the Discord homepage on your laptop or PC browser and login with your credentials:

Login to Discord Account

While possible on mobile, deleting accounts is easier via the full desktop website.

Step 2) Click On "User Settings" Icon

Next, look on the lower left sidebar and click on the small gear icon. This opens the User Settings section.

Discord User Settings

User Settings has options to manage notifications, privacy, authorized apps for your account.

Step 3) Permanently Delete Account

Here comes the big red button…

Under the My Account tab, scroll alllll the way down to see two options:

  • Deactivate Account – Temporarily disables account
  • Delete Account – Permanently erases account

Since there ain‘t no coming back from deletion, take a deep breath and click Delete Account:

Delete Discord Account

After confirming your password, it‘s gone for good! You‘ll immediately be logged out.

Within 14 days, all personal data should be purged from Discord‘s systems per its privacy policy rules.

And that‘s it! With this short step list, you‘re empowered to remove yourself and your data from Discord‘s grip of gameful stimulation.

Parting Words Of Wisdom

Deciding whether to leave behind years of memories on networks like Discord is tough. I‘ve been there, and still struggle to balance my use.

Discord [or any app really] can provide wonderful moments of friendship through our niche interests. But we have to continually weigh if those flickering dopamine rushes ultimately nourish us.

From the experts I spoke to, a healthy relationship with technology seems to stem from mindful self-awareness about why and how we choose to use it.

Not dogmatic rules. But honest check-ins on what adds meaning instead of simply filling time. That process continues forever as new apps arise.

As for Discord, I sincerely hope this guide gave you the insider details needed to make an informed choice about staying or deleting your account.

You got this! Wishing you the happiness all humans seek, whether online or offline.

Your Gaming Amigo,
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