Your Complete Guide to Deleting Apps on Apple TV

Since its launch in 2007, Apple TV has become the streaming device of choice for millions of households. And it’s no wonder why—the ever-expanding Apple TV App Store grants access to over 20,000 entertainment apps sprawling categories from blockbuster movies to fitness to games.

But with great app selection comes great responsibility in organizing your favorites. As your app library grows, you may occasionally wish to remove certain apps from your Apple TV to declutter your home screen interface.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn expert-recommended best practices on when and how to delete Apple TV apps using simple remote shortcuts. Soon, you’ll be optimizing your Apple TV’s performance and customizing its layout better than ever before.

A Quick Primer on Apple TV and Its App Store

Before we dive into editing your app lineup, let’s briefly explore some key stats on Apple TV adoption and usage trends:

  • Over 80 million Apple TV devices have been sold since launch (Source)
  • In 2022, users spent an average of over 7 hours per week streaming on media devices like Apple TV (Source)
  • The Apple TV App Store offers over 20,000 apps and games across a variety of categories like video, music, fitness, lifestyle, and more

As you can see, Apple TV is a popular streaming platform, and users are spending more time than ever discovering new apps. But effectively managing your downloaded apps is key to getting the most out of your device.

Top Reasons to Delete Apple TV Apps

Here are three of the most common motivations for removing apps from your Apple TV:

1. Declutter Your Home Screen

Apple TV’s simple, icon-based interface makes navigating your favorite apps intuitive and enjoyable. However, the more you download, the easier it becomes for your home screen to feel cluttered disorganized.

Deleting unused apps helps pare down your layout to only your most-used essentials. Streamlining app selection promotes convenience by eliminating unnecessary clicks between folders and pages.

Tip: Organize remaining apps into folders by category (Media, Games, Lifestyle etc.) for quick access.

2. Free Up Storage Space

In addition to a cluttered interface, too many unused apps can unnecessarily consume your Apple TV’s limited onboard storage. For example:

Apple TV ModelStorage Capacity
HD 32 GBCan store 100 average-sized apps
4K 32 GBCan store 100 average-sized apps
4K 64 GBCan store 200 average-sized apps

Deleting apps you no longer need frees up storage for new app downloads. This helps avoid low storage notifications interrupting your streaming experience.

3. Improve Performance

With all apps cleared from the background, more device memory can be allocated to your Apple TV’s operating efficiency. Apps remaining open but unused still take up a small amount of RAM and processing in the background.

Removing unused apps allows your Apple TV to wholly dedicate speed and performance to active apps. This leads to smooth, uninterrupted streaming—no more annoying buffering or lag!

Step-By-Step Guide to Deleting Apple TV Apps

Ready to take control of your Apple TV app lineup? Deleting apps only requires a few simple steps using your Siri Remote:

Step 1: Locate the App You Wish to Delete

Firstly, use the directional pad on your Siri Remote to navigate to the app you wish to remove:

Browsing Apple TV home screen

Browse to the app you want to delete.

Tip: Make sure not to accidentally press Select on the app, which will launch it rather than prepare it for deletion.

Step 2: Hold the Select Button to Enter “Jiggle Mode”

Once your chosen app is highlighted on screen, press and hold the Select button in the middle of your remote’s directional pad:

Siri Remote GenerationSelect Button Appearance
1st GenSmall round button
2nd GenSquare-shaped button
3rd GenSquare-shaped button
Pressing Select button on Siri Remote

Hold the Select button to enter deletion mode.

Keep holding Select until the app icon starts shaking after a few seconds. This means your Apple TV has enabled app management actions.

Pro Tip: If nothing happens after holding Select, try holding down longer or pressing more firmly. The button sensitivity varies between Siri Remote generations.

Step 3a: Tap Play/Pause to Bring Up “Delete” Option

With Select still depressed, click the Play/Pause button at the bottom edge of the Siri Remote touch surface:

Pressing Play/Pause on Siri Remote

Click Play/Pause while holding Select.

This will open a context menu displaying the choices:

  • Delete: Removes the app from your Apple TV
  • New Folder: Files the app into a folder
  • Cancel: Exits without deleting

By default, the Delete button will appear highlighted in red:

Interface showing Delete and Cancel options

The Delete option will be selected by default.

Step 3b: Confirm Deletion

Finally, press Select one last time on the Siri Remote to confirm deletion. Your Apple TV will ask you to verify removal of the app:

Popup dialog asking to confirm deletion

Select Yes to confirm and finalize the deletion.

Choose Yes, and the app will vanish from your home screen library! Rinse and repeat to delete any other unwanted apps cluttering up your Apple TV.

Re-Downloading Deleted Apps

Not to worry if you accidentally delete an app you later realize you still need. As long as the app remains available in the Apple TV App Store, you can easily redownload it to your device.

To search for a previously deleted app:

  1. Click the App Store icon from the Apple TV home screen
  2. In the search bar at the top, type the name of the app
  3. Select the app to redownload
  4. Your purchased apps will appear with the cloud download icon
  5. Click to download again and the app will be restored
Apple TV App Store search page

Quickly redownload previously purchased apps from the App Store.

This will return your app right back into your home screen library – no harm done!

FAQs and Additional Apple TV App Tips

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about managing your Apple TV apps:

What is the newer Apple TV 4K model?

The latest generation Apple TV 4K (3rd generation), released in late 2022, comes equipped with the blazing-fast A15 Bionic chip for premium performance. It also supports advanced features like HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos audio.

What’s the easiest way to find my recently downloaded Apple TV apps?

The Apple TV App Store lists recently downloaded apps in its upper section for quick access. You can also add new apps to your Apple TV home screen Top Shelf for visibility. Tap and hold Select on an app, then choose Add to Top Shelf.

How do I check how much Apple TV storage space I have available?

Go to Settings > System > Storage on your Apple TV to view storage breakdown across categories like apps, photos, etc. This helps identify areas consuming excess space needed for new downloads.

I hope this guide gives you the tools and knowledge needed to expertly curate your ultimate Apple TV app lineup. Remember—a streamlined home screen means smoother streaming. Stay tuned for more Apple TV tips and tricks!

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