How to Delete Your Cash App Account – A Detailed Walkthrough

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So you‘ve decided to delete your Cash App account. With over 70 million active users, Cash App offers a convenient way to send money and make purchases. But between transaction fees, security concerns, and annoying notifications, the popular money app isn‘t for everyone.

Before you tap that delete button, keep reading to fully understand what you‘re getting into. Account deletion is forever – you can‘t retrieve data or undo it later.

We‘ll walk step-by-step through how to remove your account for good. Fair warning though: once you say goodbye to Cash App, there‘s no turning back!

An Introduction to Cash App – And Why You Might Leave It Behind

In case you‘ve been under a rock, Cash App is a fast, popular way to:

  • Pay friends & family
  • Receive direct deposits
  • Buy/sell investments like stocks and Bitcoin
  • Make purchases with a Cash Card

But Cash App isn‘t perfect. Annoying fees, privacy concerns, and limited features have some users looking to delete their accounts.

Before Deleting Your Cash App Account

Account deletion is permanent and irreversible, both Cash App support and users warn:

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With no way to restore accounts, be sure to take these three steps before you delete your Cash App forever:

  1. Withdraw Funds
    Transfer out any remaining account balance first. According to 2021 data, the average deleted Cash App account held $97 in stranded user funds!

  2. Download Statements
    Keep transaction records for taxes and personal finance tracking by exporting full account statements.

  3. Backup Contacts
    Your network connections and transaction history can‘t be recovered post-deletion.

Disable AccountNot possible with Cash App currently
Downgrade ServiceMust fully delete then re-enroll

Now let‘s get into how to delete your Cash App account, step-by-enlightening-step!

Step 1: Log Into Your Cash App Account

Open up the Cash App mobile app on your iPhone or Android device. Input your login details – either your phone number, email, username or $cashtag to access your account.

Logging into Cash App account

Make sure your password is correct before attempting the next steps!

Step 2: Navigate to Account Settings

After logging in, tap on your profile icon in the top right corner of the app. This expands a dropdown menu. Select Settings to access your full account details.

Cash App Settings

Scrolling through account settings, you can see options to update personal details, profile info, account security preferences and more.

{{Embed exploring account settings video}}

Step 3: Scroll Down and Tap Support

From your account page, scroll about halfway down and tap the blue Support button to contact Cash App‘s customer service.

Cash App Support

Selecting this will redirect you to Cash App‘s FAQ, help articles, and ways to get in touch with their support team.

Step 4: Choose "Something Else"

In the support menu, you‘ll first see common categories like Bank Verification, Cash Card, or Login Issues.

Cash App support categories

Tap Something Else at the very bottom of the menu to proceed.

Step 5: Select “Close Your Cash App Account”

You‘ll then be shown more specific support options to choose from. Scroll down and select Close your Cash App Account to continue the deletion process.

Close Cash App Account

If you still have funds in your account at this point, I strongly recommend transferring them to a bank account before continuing!

Step 6: Tap “Contact Support”

After tapping Close Account in Step 5, you‘ll be shown information about permanent account deletion. Proceed to the next screen by tapping Contact Support.

Contact Cash App support

This opens a live chat with a Cash App support agent who can safely guide you through deletion.

Step 7: Confirm Cash App Account Closure

In live chat, explain you wish to delete your Cash App account forever. The agent will provide a direct link to do this securely.

Tap the link, read over the dialog prompt carefully, then press Confirm to validate the irreversible account deletion. And just like that, your Cash App account will vanish into the ether for eternity!

I hope this walkthrough gave you confidence to delete your Cash App account smoothly and responsibly. Let‘s wrap up with some final thoughts:

  • Withdraw funds before deleting
  • Download statements for personal records
  • Confirm account closure is irreversible

If Cash App doesn‘t meet your money management needs, alternatives like Venmo, PayPal, or bank-linked Zelle might better suit you. But again – triple check you want to say goodbye to Cash App for good before tapping that delete button!

Did you find this Cash App deletion guide helpful? What other money app tutorials would you like to see? Let me know in the comments below!

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