Mastering How to Easily Change Your Nickname on Discord

Let‘s explore the ins and outs of modifying nicknames seamlessly on both desktop and mobile. As Discord continues skyrocketing in popularity as a premier chat platform, customizing your identity among different communities is an exciting way to tailor the experience.

What Exactly is a Nickname and Why Do They Matter?

With over 150 million active "Discorders" hanging out in servers, a simple username doesn‘t quite cut it for standing out. That‘s where nicknames come in – basically synonymous with "display names" in Discord parlance.

Nicknames allow you to establish a unique, identifiable persona separate from your core username when chatting in specific servers.

For example, my forever persistent username may be @Julie#2983 across all of Discord. But in a server related to my favorite esport team, I can set my nickname to Julie[MVP] to highlight my unofficial ranking.

Server nicknames help you to:

  • Stand out with cool or funny identifiers
  • Show off roles, ranks or expertise
  • Get creative by showcasing different sides of your personality
  • Avoid confusion by establishing who‘s who

And best of all – nicknames can be changed anytime!

Let‘s walk through exactly how to modify these essential identifiers with just a few clicks…

Modifying Your Handle on Desktop

When using Discord in a browser or through the desktop app, tweaking your nickname per server requires accessing profile settings:

  1. Select the server itself
  2. Click the down arrow by the server name
  3. Choose Edit Server Profile
  4. Under Server Nickname, type the new name
  5. Confirm by clicking Save

Here‘s a visual guide to changing your nickname via desktop:

Discord Desktop Nickname Change Screenshots

Important Notes on Desktop Nicknames:

  • The 32 character limit still applies
  • Change often, but not too often
  • Must be handled per server

So for desktop, simply edit the server profile itself to handles. Easy enough!

Next let‘s examine how to accomplish the same nickname changes directly within Discord‘s mobile apps.

Modifying Your Handle on Mobile

Thanks to Discord‘s well-designed iOS and Android apps, tweaking nicknames is equally simple on mobile:

  1. Tap the server to access settings
  2. Select the 3-dot menu icon
  3. Choose Server Profile
  4. Edit text in Server Nickname field
  5. Confirm by tapping Save

In pictorial form, it looks like this on mobile:

Mobile Discord App Nickname Change Demo

Key Things to Know About Mobile Nicknames:

  • Direct access when tapping avatars in chat channels
  • Push notifications can be enabled for updates
  • Syncs new nicknames across devices

So just navigate to the server profile and update nicknames seamlessly whether on your phone or tablet!

DesktopServer > Edit Profile > New Nickname > SavePer server, name limits apply
MobileServer > Settings > Server Profile > Edit Nickname > SaveInstant access in channels, syncs across devices

Do‘s and Don‘ts for Nicknames

With great power comes great responsibility! Here are crucial tips for prudently managing nicknames:


✅ Use relevant names per community interests

✅ Get creative with word variations

✅ Indicate expertise levels with titles

✅ Keep it fun yet respectable!


🚫 Change too frequently on same server

🚫 Troll or impersonate others

🚫 Use offensive or inappropriate content

🚫 Ignore admin overrides if applied

While nicknames provide awesome creative latitude, utilize them judiciously to avoid sowing confusion or frustration per server.

And that covers the full scoop on tailoring nicknames however you fancy! Let us know if any other questions come up.

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