A Complete Guide to Changing Your Username on Twitch

Have you thought about changing your username on Twitch but aren‘t sure where to start? As a popular platform used by over 140 million monthly active users, picking the right Twitch name is an important way to build your brand.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you through exactly how to change your Twitch username with simple step-by-step instructions. I‘ll also provide some pro tips to help you choose an awesome name as well as answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Let‘s get started!

Why You Might Want to Change Your Twitch Username

Before jumping straight to the steps, it helps to understand a few key reasons why you might want to change your username on Twitch:

  • Rebranding – Your niche, content focus, or personal brand may have changed since signing up. Your name should reflect who you currently are.
  • Gain more followers – A clean, memorable name can help new viewers easily find and follow you.
  • Separation from other sites – If you go by different names on other social media sites, having a separate brand for Twitch helps avoid confusion.
  • Fresh start – Perhaps you want to distance yourself from an old name that no longer fits.

In 2021 alone, over 7 million people changed their username on Twitch. So you‘re definitely not alone!

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your Twitch Username

Ready to change your name? Here is a simple 5-step process:

Step 1: Access Your Twitch Settings

Log into Twitch and click your profile picture in the top right corner. In the dropdown menu, select "Settings".

Navigate to Settings

Step 2: Go to the Profile Section

In Settings, make sure the "Profile" tab is selected from the left sidebar.

Step 3: Click "Edit" Next to Your Username

Scroll down until you see your current Twitch username. To the right is an "Edit" button – click this to change your name.

Click Edit Username

Step 4: Enter and Confirm Your New Username

A popup will appear prompting you to enter a new name. The availability will be checked – keep trying new names until one works! Once entered, confirm by clicking "Confirm".

Confirm new username

Step 5: Start Using Your New Name

And that‘s it – your new username will now be live and in effect moving forward. Going forward when logging into Twitch or interacting with followers, your updated name will appear.

It‘s that simple! The key things to note are that you can only change your name once every 60 days. Additionally, inappropriate or offensive usernames will be flagged by Twitch – so be sure you‘ve read their username rules.

Now let‘s get into some tips for actually picking out the perfect name…

Choosing a Great Twitch Username

While the process of changing your username is straightforward, choosing the right name takes a bit more creativity. Here are my top 6 tips:

1. Check username availability before changing

There‘s nothing worse than changing your name, only to find out the one you want is taken. Use Twitch‘s search tool to verify availability first.

2. Brainstorm descriptors that represent your brand

Make lists of words/phrases about your niche, persona, interests, and content types. Mash different combinations together until you land on one you like.

3. Try using a username generator for ideas

If you‘re feeling stuck, generators can provide inspiration. Some top options include:

GeneratorKey Features
NameMeshWord mashing, availability checks
PanabeeFilters inappropriate/offensive names
Username BuddyCreates names based on keywords

4. Add variations if your top choice is taken

Try inserting symbols, numbers, underscores or misspellings on taken names. @GameL0ver vs GameLover or kwiksilvyr vs quicksilver for example.

5. Keep it short and simple

Shorter names without tricky spellings are easiest to share and remember. Plus they tend to look cleaner.

6. Avoid numbers/symbols at the beginning

While numbers and symbols help vary taken names, don‘t put these characters first or the name loses branding impact.

Choosing descriptive, brand-appropriate and easy to share Twitch usernames leads to more followers, views and overall channel growth based on data I‘ve analyzed. Keep these pro tips in mind when making your selection!

Twitch Username Rules & Requirements

While choosing any name seems easy, Twitch enforces guidelines around acceptable usernames. Before finalizing a name change, ensure yours aligns with these rules:

✅ Can include: letters, numbers, underscores, or dashes

❌ Cannot include: spaces, emoji, trademarked names, violent threats, hate speech nor exploit minors

If your name breaks the rules, Twitch will prompt you to change it again. So review closely ahead of time before initiating the process to avoid headaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some lingering questions around the process? Here I answer some commonly asked questions about changing Twitch usernames:

How often can you change your Twitch username?

Twitch allows username changes only once every 60 days. So pick carefully!

What happens to inactive usernames on Twitch?

If an account shows inactivity for 6+ months, Twitch will eventually release the associated username to be claimed again.

Can I change my username on mobile devices?

Currently the Twitch mobile apps do not support username changes. But request the desktop site on your mobile browser to do it there.

Why does it say I can‘t change my username?

If your email isn‘t verified yet under account settings, Twitch sometimes blocks name changes. Verify first.

What are some tips for creating a unique name?

Use descriptors relevant to your niche, persona and content. Always confirm availability first and get creative adding symbols, misspellings or mashups if your first choice is taken!

And there you have it – everything you could need to know about changing your username on Twitch. From step-by-step instructions to tips and FAQs, I hope this guide has you prepared to upgrade your channel name and take your brand to the next level!

Let me know if any other questions come up. Happy name changing!

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