The Complete Guide to Updating Your TikTok Username

Let’s be honest – when you first joined TikTok, you likely just accepted the boring default username they automatically gave you. Something totally ordinary like “User6293930”.

But that random username doesn’t represent YOU or your brand. And with over 1 billion monthly active TikTok users, it doesn’t help you stand out either.

That’s why learning how to change your TikTok username is so important.

In this expert guide, you’ll learn:

  • Key benefits of updating your username
  • Simple step-by-step instructions for changing it in the app or web
  • Special requirements for verified accounts
  • Solutions if your ideal name is taken
  • Answers to common username questions

Let’s start with why you should even bother changing it.

Why Your Username Matters

Recent surveys found almost 60% of TikTokers update their auto-generated usernames at some point. And there are good reasons for doing so:

1. Names Drive Discovery

Usernames appear front-and-center under your profile photo and on your content.

Having a memorable name makes it easier for new viewers to discover your account through searches or mentions.

According to Social Insider, search-driven discovery accounts for over 20% of users finding new creators to follow. Don‘t limit your potential reach with a lackluster default handle!

2. Personal Branding

Your username tells the world who you are and sets the tone for your personal brand.

Leaning into a bold, quirky, or clever name can grab attention and convey your identity better than “User3322119”.

It also helps reinforce your brand each time someone engages with your videos or drops by your profile.

3. Establishing Authenticity

Sporting your real name or a version of it helps establish authenticity and approachability with your audience.

Viewers engage 23% more on average with accounts using actual names compared to totally anonymous usernames according to HypeAuditor.

TikTok Usernames Report

Now that you know why it matters, let‘s talk about how to actually change it.

Changing Your Username on TikTok

TikTok allows users to update usernames directly through their app and website settings. However there are a few key things to note:

30 Day Waiting Period

You can only change your username once every 30 days according to TikTok policies. So choose wisely!

Verified Accounts Need to Report First

If you have a verified account, you cannot straightforwardly alter your name without contacting TikTok support first. More details on this later.

Only One Person Can Have a Certain Username

Every name on TikTok must be completely unique. If your desired new username is already taken, you‘ll have to get creative with variations.

Now let‘s walk through the step-by-step process!

Changing Username via Mobile App

Over 90% of active TikTok users primarily access the platform on iOS or Android. So there‘s a good chance you‘ll want to modify your username directly in the mobile app:

Step 1: Navigate to Your Profile

Open the TikTok app on your phone and tap your profile icon in the bottom right corner:

TikTok Mobile Profile

This will take you right to your public profile page.

Step 2: Tap "Edit Profile"

From your profile screen, tap the "Edit Profile" button beneath your bio to access username settings:

Edit TikTok Profile

This will open editing mode.

Step 3: Select Your Current Username

Scroll down and tap directly on your current username to highlight it:

Select Current TikTok Username

Once selected, you can edit it.

Step 4: Enter Your New Desired Username

Delete your previous name and enter your brand new username.

Keep these tips in mind:

  • Be unique. Check if your name is available.
  • Only use 30 characters max. Shorter names stand out.
  • Adding extra numbers/letters to common names helps. Like johnsonthe3rd or sarahh_tiktok.

Step 5: Confirm the Change

Triple check your new username has no typos and tap "Save" in top right corner to finalize the change:

Save New Username

And that‘s all it takes! After hitting save, TikTok will automatically update your username everywhere.

Let’s run through the steps for modifying your username on a desktop web browser as well.

Changing Username on TikTok Website

Prefer managing your TikTok account from a computer? Changing your username via the TikTok website takes just a few clicks:

Step 1: Click on Your Profile Picture

Visit in any web browser and ensure you‘re logged into your TikTok account. Click on your profile picture in top right corner:

TikTok Website Profile

This opens a dropdown menu.

Step 2: Select "View Profile"

In the menu, click "View Profile" to navigate to your public profile page:

View TikTok Profile

Now you can access your account settings.

Step 3: Click the "Edit Profile" Button

On your profile screen, click the large "Edit Profile" button to change your information:

Edit Profile Button

You‘ll be taken to edit mode.

Step 4: Update Your Username

In the center form, click on your current username and overwrite it with your new preferred handle:

Change Username TikTok Website

Just like the mobile app, keep it under 30 characters and unique!

Step 5: Save the New Username

Triple check your new username, then click the "Save" button at the bottom right to make it official:

Save Username Changes

After hitting save, your new username will take effect right away site-wide. Easy!

Next let’s talk about special cases like verified accounts.

Changing Usernames as a Verified Account

If your TikTok account has an official blue verification badge, you‘ll lose your verification if you outright change your username as shown above.

Instead, you need to directly contact TikTok support to change your handle safely while maintaining verified status.

Here is what to do:

Step 1: Go to Your Profile Page

Open your profile tab in the TikTok mobile app.

Step 2: Tap the Menu Icon

Tap the 3 line "hamburger" menu icon visible at the top right:

Verified Account Menu

This expands available options.

Step 3: Choose “Support”

Select the “Support” menu item here:

TikTok Support

You‘ll need to request assistance changing your verified username.

Step 4: Tap “Report a Problem”

Tap the "Report a Problem" button listed on the support page:

Report Problem

This allows you to message TikTok support.

Step 5: Explain Your Issue + Request

Thoroughly explain why you need to change your username and formally request to modify it without losing verification status.

The TikTok team will then handle your name change request directly while keeping your blue checkmark intact!

This completes the special verified username change process.

Now what if the specific name you want is already taken? Let‘s discuss some solutions.

Your Preferred Username is Unavailable

With over 1 billion monthly TikTok users in 2023, there‘s a good chance the unique username you have your heart set on is already taken.

When you attempt to change your username and see “Username Unavailable”, here are some workarounds:

Try Variations of the Desired Name

Get creative by tacking on extra characters like dashes, periods, or numbers until you land on an open variation.

For example:

  • sarah -> sarah.tiktok
  • johnson -> johnson93
  • matthewmc -> matthewmc_

Mix it up until you find something no one else has.

File an IP Infringement Complaint

If your desired name is trademarked or tied to your established brand/business in some way, you can file an IP infringement report.

TikTok takes these requests seriously to avoid potential legal issues down the road. Simply explain your reasoning and ownership behind the name in question.

However, this route is only for verified legal entities and trademarks.

Check Back for Inactive Name Recycling

If an existing username you want hasn‘t been used for 180+ days, TikTok will free it up by deleting the inactive associated account.

But you‘ll have to check back periodically to see if it becomes available as inactive names are recycled randomly.

This option involves patience and luck!

While username unavailability stinks, don‘t worry – insightful creators like yourself can always adapt until you find that perfect, one-of-a-kind name.

On that note, let’s wrap up by answering some frequently asked username questions.

FAQs: Changing TikTok Usernames

Here are answers to common questions around modifying that all-important TikTok username:

Why can‘t I change my username?

If the option to alter your name is greyed out, chances are you already changed it within the past 30 days. TikTok only permits one username modification per month.

Can I reuse an old/inactive username?

Possibly depending on whether TikTok recycles inactive names from deleted accounts. But there is no set schedule for when inactive names return to circulation.

What if someone stole my name?

If you legally own the trademark for a stolen username, file an IP infringement report to reclaim it. Without a formal trademark, try clever username variations.

Can I change my real name to my username?

Yes! You can modify your First and Last name fields on your profile to match your preferred public username – essentially showing your handle twice.

Is there any way to hide my username?

Nope. TikTok usernames always remain public to identify your account/content to other viewers.

And there you have it – an A to Z guide equipping you to update your TikTok username seamlessly.

Set the Stage with Your Ideal Username

Your username represents YOU in the TikTok community. So stray from the dull default handle you started with by updating it to something catchier.

Just be sure to pick something suitable long-term since you can only change it once per month.

Following this walkthrough takes the hassle out of modifying your name, whether you use mobile, web, or have an esteemed verified account.

Here’s hoping you land on that perfect username to take your

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