How to Change the Text Color on Discord: An Ultra-Detailed Guide for New and Expert Users

Chat Discord like a Power User with Custom Markdown Text

Can I be candid for a second? Out of all the messaging apps around these days, I simply adore Discord the most. Sure, WhatsApp and Telegram have their perks. But Discord brings communities together in a way no other platform can match makes heart with hands.

Okay, okay, I kid about the gestures. But in all seriousness – it blows my mind how a free chat service can pack in so much…well…awesomeness! Between mod tools, permissions, channels, bots, events, and a dozen other goodies, I sometimes can‘t believe Discord started as a simple chat for gamers.

Nowadays, over 150 million folks use Discord every month for, well, pretty much everything! Teachers run classrooms on Discord. Artists share portfolios and take commissions. Heck, even my family has a Discord for reunions and stuff. Wild right?

But here‘s one of my absolute fave features – customizing the look of my chats! Y‘know, making text big, italicized, bold, hidden, and drumroll…changing the colors! 🌈

So for any fellow Discord fiends out there, I‘ve put together this friendly guide on beautifying your messages using colored text. We‘ll uncover:

  • How markdown helps you customize Discord chats
  • Why colored text makes conversations pop
  • Step-by-step instructions getting those hues working
  • Tips for finding new text colors and troubleshooting
  • And plenty more to take your Discord game to the next level!

Let‘s dive in to all things colored text in our fave community chat app!

Discovering Discord‘s Hidden Formatting Power

Now, you may or may not know Discord lets you add some pizzaz to chats out of the box. I can make this whole paragraph sparkle with italics or get really serious in bold text to emphasize my point. Pretty rad!

But did you know there‘s actually a secret, more powerful set of formatting tools built straight into Discord too? 🤫

Well, maybe not so secret since I‘m telling you about it! But still very much unlockable and customizable and geeky. I‘m talking about…

Chat Formatting with Markdown Syntax

Ever seen a tweet with:

- a nice bullet list
- another bullet point

Or a fun meme with:

# Giant bold text on top
and smaller text below?

That‘s all done with Markdown – a simple "markup language" for text styling that works right inside tons of sites, apps, documents, you name it!

In Discord‘s case, they‘ve activated a customized set of Markdown syntax that lets you format messages with special characters. For instance:

*This text is italic*  
**This text is bold**   
***This text is both***

It‘s like basic HTML tags, except even simpler. Just symbols and letters you can type fast from any keyboard!

Most folks know you can add bold or italics in Discord already. But using Markdown, we can go way further and change text color, size, fonts, and more!

Including everybody‘s favorite rainbow bright…

Custom Text Colors to Make Your Messages POP! 🌈

When you see someone‘s name show up in discord with a rad green, you pay attention right? Or what if important server rules display in an impossible-to-miss red?

Contextual colors make conversations easier to follow. But also let you show off your flair!

With Markdown in Discord, we get presets to make text blue, red, green, and other go-to hues. But thanks to its syntax structure, we can hunt for new whacky colors too – orange, purple, rainbow, metallic, you name it!

Let‘s learn how to pump some color into your Discord chats!


And over 2000 more words of helpful expert advice on changing the text color with Discord markdown!

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