Should You Cancel Your AMC+ Subscription in 2023?

As an avid viewer, you may feel AMC+ is must-have to fuel your fandom. But with prices rising across streaming services, you may also need to trim costs in your personal budget. So should AMC+ stay or go? This comprehensive guide on canceling AMC+ will help you decide.

An In-Depth Look at AMC+

First, a refresher on everything included with an AMC+ membership, since content is king when choosing any streaming service.

AMC+ grants you:

  • Early streaming access to new episodes of hit AMC shows like The Walking Dead up to 7 days before they air on cable
  • On-demand access to current seasons of AMC originals plus entire back catalogs
  • Exclusive premieres of AMC+ original series and films not available on regular AMC channel
  • Extended content from partners SundanceTV, BBC America, IFC Films, and Shudder

So compared to only having basic AMC cable, AMC+ offers you perks like early streaming, extra originals, and expanded libraries.

AMC+ vs. Other Options

ServiceMonthly PriceAMC ShowsExtended ContentAds
Basic Cable$20+YesNoYes
Hulu$7+SomeNoOptional tiers

Review this comparison as you decide if the additional content is worth the price.

In 2023, AMC+ does cost more than competitors at $8.99 per month. But contrasted with bloated cable bundles, it delivers ad-free access to desired AMC content plus extended programming for under $10 monthly.

Step-by-Step: How To Cancel AMC+

Important note: When you cancel AMC+, your account closes entirely. To pause your membership, unsubscribe instead to temporarily deactivate billing while preserving your profile.

Now let‘s walk through cancellation. The process differs slightly depending on your signup method:

Cancel AMC+ Website Subscription

If you created your account at, follow these steps:

AMC Plus login page

  1. Visit and click Sign In
  2. Enter your account email and password

Once logged in, you will see the AMC+ home page with access to your streaming library.

AMC+ settings menu in bottom left corner

  1. Click the Settings gear icon in the bottom left corner
  2. Select Subscription below your profile icon

This opens your account management portal with billing details, password tools, and more.

AMC Plus subscription tab

  1. Choose the Subscription tab and find your status
  2. Click Cancel next to the renewal date

On the pop-up that appears, confirm cancellation by selecting Yes, cancel. AMC+ will then deactivate your subscription at the renewal date when current billing period ends.

Confirmation page will provide exact expiration date. Re-login and change password if desired for security upon complete cancellation.

Cancel AMC+ Through Cable/TV Providers

If you add AMC+ through cable or live TV streaming platforms, follow the steps below based on your provider:


  1. Visit
  2. Under "Manage Package", remove/delete the AMC+ channel
  3. Confirm cancellation on pop-up prompt


  1. Login to your DirecTV account
  2. Access "Manage My Services"
  3. Select "Cancel a Package"
  4. Choose AMC+ channel and confirm cancellation

YouTube TV

  1. Tap profile icon > Settings
  2. Choose "Membership & billing"
  3. Select "Cancel subscription" by AMC+

Reach out to your provider for exact cancellation process. Steps are similar across most major carriers.

Canceling AMC+ on Mobile Apps

To cancel monthly billing through Android or iOS devices, follow these instructions:


Google Play Store icon

Open the Google Play Store app > Tap ≡ icon > Choose Subscriptions > AMC+ > Cancel


iPhone Settings menu

Go to Settings > [Your Name] > Subscriptions > AMC+ > Cancel

Once confirming mobile cancellation, billing will deactivate on your next statement date.

What‘s Next for AMC+ in 2023?

Before submitting that last cancellation click, here are a few recent AMC+ updates to consider as you compare keeping or cutting the cord:

  • Ad-supported plan launching offering lower monthly rate
  • Flagship series spinoffs like The Walking Dead: Tales of the Walking Dead
  • Surge to ~2 million subscribers as of late 2022
  • 15% annual pricing hike from $6.99 to $8.99 monthly

AMC continues investing heavily in new originals while expanding subscriber counts, explaining the price bump. Offsetting costs, an ad-supported tier will arrive in 2023 for under $8.99 monthly.

Compare an ad-version at say $5.99 vs. paying nearly $100 yearly now. Do you watch enough AMC+ to justify the higher ad-free price? Only your viewership habits can answer.

Adoption has accelerated though, indicating strong demand. AMC+ has attracted almost 2 million subscribers as of fall 2022 based on financial filings, doubling users within one year.

Factor these growth metrics around wider adoption – would you regret quitting AMC+ later if hits like The Walking Dead Universe keep expanding as forecast?

Compare Before Canceling Your AMC+ Membership

Let‘s compare AMC+ to major competitors like basic cable and other streaming platforms.

Evaluate differences across key dimensions in this cancellation guide below:

ServiceMonthly CostTop AMC ShowsEarly AccessExtra ContentAdsTop Devices
Basic Cable$20+YesNoNoYesAll
Hulu$7+PartialNoLarge libraryOptionalMost
AMC+$8.99YesYes, 1 weekYesNoMost
Netflix$10+NoNoLarge libraryNoAll
HBO Max$10+NoNoLarge libraryNoMost

Quick take: Only AMC+ grants you immediate streaming access to new episodes of hits like The Walking Dead before anyone else while bundling extra series unavailable on cable.

The early premieres and extended libraries justify paying higher rates as a superfan. Casual AMC viewers may lean Hulu though for partial content integrated with a wider catalog.

Losing AMC exclusives is the big tradeoff cancelling AMC+. New seasons of beloved shows launch first for subscribers every year. Can you wait weeks longer avoiding spoilers?

Key Things To Consider Before Cancelling AMC+

To recap the major points weighing into your cancellation verdict:

💰 Pricing – Monthly rate rose in 2023 but ad-plan arriving
📺 Content – Spinoff premieres still landing exclusively on AMC+
📈 Growth – Over 2 million subscribers as of late 2022
🏆 Exclusivity – Early streaming access and extras unavailable elsewhere

An ad-supported structure soon may rebalance costs if ongoing price hikes lose subscribers. Against cable bills, AMC+ looks affordable at under $10 for fans, albeit now exceeding competitors.

You still won‘t find certain AMC+ Originals anywhere else. As networks double down on exclusives as a strategy, the unique programming is compelling – even if cancelling all streaming isn‘t realistic for cord-cutters aiming to save money.

Tally up ratings or minutes watched for your most-viewed shows. Do AMC series you invest hours into each week make quitting unwise right now? Consider the personal value too as your fandom guides the virtues of hanging on.

Bottom Line

What‘s the verdict – should you cancel AMC+?

  • If you casually watch an AMC show once a month, perhaps say goodbye.
  • But if you eagerly await new episodes every week, cancelling means major sacrifices.

Losing early premieres and access could disjoint viewers committed to not missing new content from favorite shows. Devotion deserves the price as a fan.

Yet we all must balance Entertainment budgets too amidst changing markets. An honest assessment of viewing time measured against latest costs will right-size your streaming plans.

Hopefully breaking down all the moving pieces simplifies your decision here. Now just cue up that next exclusive episode you can only watch in one place and enjoy the early streaming rewards of AMC+ loyalty.

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