How to Build LEGO Sonic – A Step-by-Step Guide

Sonic the Hedgehog has been delighting fans for over 30 years with his signature speed, spunky attitude, and iconic red shoes. As one of gaming‘s most beloved characters, it‘s no wonder LEGO enthusiasts have found creative ways to capture Sonic‘s spirit using the iconic interlocking bricks.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll walk you through how to build your very own LEGO Sonic model, just like the custom creation designed by talented LEGO builder BRICK 101.

LEGO Sonic

LEGO Sonic built brick-by-brick using pieces you may already own (Image credit: Toro_The_Bull – Arturelia/

Below you‘ll find step-by-step instructions, a complete piece list, and expert tips to simplify your build. We‘ll also provide additional guidance on sourcing spare parts, finding inspiration, and customizing your LEGO Sonic even further.

So grab your bricks and let‘s do this faster than the speed of sound!

Pieces Required

While you can substitute different LEGO elements based on what you already own, here is the full inventory of parts BRICK 101 used to construct his YouTube tutorial‘s LEGO Sonic:

Sonic‘s Legs

  • 2 red 1×1 plates
  • 2 red 1×2 plates
  • 2 red 1×1 slope bricks
  • 2 white 1×1 circle plates
  • 1 pair blue LEGO legs
  • 2 white rubber bands (optional)

Sonic‘s Torso and Head

  • 1 blue LEGO torso
  • 2 tan LEGO arms
  • 2 white LEGO hands
  • 1 white 1×1 brick with studs on 4 sides
  • 3 white 1×2 plates
  • 2 blue 1×2 plates
  • 1 tan 1×2 plate
  • 3 blue 1×3 plates
  • 2 tan 1×1 tiles
  • 1 tan 1×2 tile with 1 stud
  • 1 blue 1×2 tile with 1 stud
  • 1 black 1×1 circle plate
  • 1 blue 1×2 upward slope brick
  • 8 blue 1×1 slope bricks
  • 4 blue 1×3 slope bricks
  • 3 blue 1×1 plates

As you can see, no specialty pieces are required. This guide uses common bricks that even novice LEGO fans are likely to own.

Now that you know what to look for, let‘s go over some tips and tricks before starting the building process.

Tips and Tricks

Follow these pointers from BRICK 101‘s tutorial to make constructing your LEGO Sonic a breeze:

Use Rubber Bands for Sonic‘s Iconic Red Shoes

While optional, wrapping white LEGO rubber bands around the red slope bricks creates an authentic look for Sonic‘s flashy footwear. For best results, use the smallest rubber bands you can find and wrap them tightly around the shoes.

Any Blue Torso Will Do

Don‘t stress about the design on the torso piece. From a distance, the white fur on Sonic‘s chest will conceal patterns on the torso. Solid blue or blue with a subtle design works equally well.

Create Floating Gold Rings

What‘s Sonic without his trusty gold rings? Use spare yellow, gold, or white circular LEGO pieces combined with clear bricks to make it appear as if the rings are floating in mid-air. Get creative with the placement and number of rings in your display.

Sort Pieces First

Organizing pieces ahead of time by color, size and type will prevent frustration. Sort sloped bricks together, plates together, etc. Having an orderly workspace leads to a smooth, seamless building process.

Customize Sonic Further

BRICK 101 demonstrates how to build Chaos Emeralds and Super Sonic using leftover pieces. Consider embellishing your scene by adding these special details. Or come up with your own add-ons!

Make Shadow Instead

Simply swap the blue for black and red pieces to construct Shadow rather than Sonic. Use the exact same steps, just with this alternative color scheme.

Now that your workspace is prepped and you‘re armed with insider techniques, let‘s build LEGO Sonic brick-by-brick!

Constructing LEGO Sonic Step-By-Step

Follow the 13 stages below to create a LEGO Sonic just like BRICK 101:

Step 1: Build the Legs

Attach two red 1×1 plates together. Push them in tightly and press firmly so they grip each other. Repeat with the other red 1×1 plate so you have two sets clasped together.

Next, take two red 1×2 plates. On the smooth underside, firmly press the connected 1×1 plates from the last step. Make sure they hold together snugly.

Finally, take two red 1×1 slope bricks. On the slanted, smooth portion, fix the 1×2 plates with 1×1 plates already inserted. You‘ve made Sonic‘s basic legs!

Now decide if you want to use rubber bands for Sonic‘s iconic red sneakers. Wrap white bands around the top portion of the slope bricks. Make them as tight as possible without compromising structure.

Set the legs aside for later. You‘ll attach them to the torso after it‘s constructed.

Step 2: Make the White Fur Chest

Begin Sonic‘s upper body by securing 1 white 1×1 brick with studs on all sides to a white 1×2 plate. Make sure the brick is centered.

Next, push two more white 1×2 plates onto the exposed portion of the initial 1×2 plate so that it extends outward.

Finally, place one more white 1×2 plate widthwise across the two plates from the previous step. Press down firmly so all pieces connect stably at 90 degree angles.

You‘ll use this "white fur" chest component to attach later torso pieces to.

Step 3: Start Torso Assembly

Take one blue 1×2 plate and fix it securely to the top of the white fur chest you just built.

Now place one tan 1×2 plate underneath, connecting it to exposed bottom studs of the white layer. Press together tightly.

You‘ve started the core that the rest of the torso will be built around!

Step 4: Add Shoulders and Arms

Grab two blue 1×3 plates. Attach each plate vertically to the sides of the white layer, leaving the tan layer at the bottom exposed in the center. Make sure they‘re straight and aligned neatly.

Next, take two tan 1×1 tile pieces. Affix one to the bottom of each blue 1×3 plate at the shoulder area.

Insert a tan LEGO arm into the anti-studs or empty bottoms of each tile piece. Position the arms so they subtly curve downward.

Step 5: Create the Head and Spines

Now construct the backend of Sonic‘s head by placing a blue 1×2 upward slope brick on top of the existing blue 1×2 plate. Keep it centered for symmetry.

On either side of this slope brick, fix two blue 1×1 slope bricks, angled slightly outward as the beginning of Sonic‘s iconic head spines.

Below the protruding blue slope bricks, attach two more blue 1×1 slopes facing inward. Keep an even gap between pieces.

On the very edge of the shoulder area, stick two final blue 1×1 slope bricks pointing straight up. These will form the tips of the frontmost head spines.

Step 6: Add Hands and Head Details

Push two small white LEGO hand pieces into the open ends of the tan arms you attached earlier.

Then, place a single black 1×1 circle plate in the center at the very top to simulate Sonic‘s nose.

On either side of the nose, angle two blue 1×3 slope bricks downward to create his mouth line. Leave a gap between these pieces and the nose.

Your Sonic head structure is looking great!

Step 7: Fill Out Torso

Underneath the lowest inward-facing blue slope bricks from Step 5, fix three blue 1×1 plates in a row spanning the gap.

Beneath those, add three more blue 1×1 plates. Align them precisely with minimal gaps between bricks.

These plates will bulk up Sonic‘s torso and provide stability.

Step 8: Complete Torso Backside

On the rear tan 1×2 plate still exposed, place one tan 1×1 tile piece in the center.

To the right of that tile, attach one blue 1×2 tile piece with centralized stud. Angle it very slightly.

Finish Sonic‘s upper backside by putting one more tan 1×2 tile piece with 1 centered stud to the left area.

These distinct tiles mimic Sonic‘s spine details.

Step 9: Attach Blue Torso

Now for a crucial stage – connecting the legs to the torso!

Take one solid blue LEGO minifigure torso piece. Center it over the white layer you initially built at the very bottom. Push it on securely so the torso seamlessly merges with the rest of Sonic‘s body.

Step 10: Lock On Legs

Remember those red LEGO legs from before? Take the pair and push them onto the bottom of the blue minifigure torso protruding from the bottom.

Angle the legs slightly outward as they extend toward the slope brick feet to emulate Sonic‘s speedy running posture.

Make sure the structures are pressed together firmly so the legs don‘t fall off.

Step 11: Display Options

You did it – Sonic is built! Now it‘s time to decide how to showcase your custom creation using the included display base:

The easiest route is to simply set your LEGO Sonic on two white 1×1 circle plates positioned on their smooth backsides. This provides a secure resting spot for the slope brick feet.

You can also angle the circle plates using spare bricks to make it appear as if Sonic is jumping. Get creative with different action-oriented display options! The only limit is your imagination.

No matter what pose you prefer, enjoy your brick-built Sonic and be sure to proudly display him among fellow LEGO builds!

Step 12: Create Floating Gold Rings (Optional)

To complete the iconic Sonic scene, consider adding sparkling gold rings for him to collect. This process requires a bit more precision and patience but is well worth the effort.

Start by gathering various circular gold/yellow LEGO pieces. Flat round 1×1 plates, dishes, slopes or cones all work excellently to mimic the ring shape.

Additionally, stock up on an array of clear LEGO bricks with stipulations to act as invisible supports. 1×1 round plates, bricks, and plates of varying heights recommended.

Play around with stacking combinations of clear supports and topping them with the gold ring pieces. Experiment with staggerring different heights and ring sizes to make the display more dynamic.

Be sure to affix securely so your creations don‘t topple over. Maintaining "balance" here is key for the floating illusion.

Continue generating dazzling rings until you‘re satisfied with the scene. Place them around LEGO Sonic at different angles and levels for a fun, interactive addition.

Step 13: Take It Further (Optional)

If you enjoyed constructing Sonic and still have leftover LEGO bricks, consider taking your build even further by adding these special details:

Create Chaos Emeralds
Gather green, red, yellow, blue and clear pieces to build the powerful gems. Combining slopes, cones and diamonds works perfectly to capture the distinct shapes.

Make Super Sonic
For a glowing yellow Super Sonic variation, swap blue bricks for yellow or gold. Add clear pieces and subtle orange accents near the eyes for extra radiance.

Try Building Shadow
Use black instead of blue along with red stripes and green eye details to produce Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic‘s popular rival.

The only limit to customizing your LEGO Sonic scene is your creativity. Let your imagination run wild!

And there you have it – complete guidance to construct a stellar LEGO Sonic just like BRICK 101‘s original design. Now watch the video and recreate the iconic hedgehog yourself using pieces you likely already own.

Side view of completed LEGO Sonic model

Admire your custom LEGO Sonic creation from all angles – front, side and back (Image credit: Toro_The_Bull – Arturelia/

Expert LEGO Building Tips

Beyond constructing LEGO Sonic, applying these universal LEGO skills will lead to success with any custom build:

Thoroughly Sort Pieces
Well-organized parts mean frustration-free finding the bricks you require quickly. Sort by color, size, type and specialty parts.

Study Instruction Guides
Understand how pieces fit together on existing sets before attempting new formations. LEGO directions contain valuable building knowledge.

Photograph Steps
Snap photos of progress periodically in case you need to backtrack. Documenting each stage cements proper brick placements in your mind as well.

Work From Largest to Smallest
Attach bigger foundational bricks first, then embellish with tinier accents and detail work. This anchors the structure so additions don‘t compromise stability.

Utilize Vertical Building
Stack pieces straight up before expanding outward. This lessens chances of components detaching or sagging under their own weight during construction.

Remember Removability
Unlike gluing other modeling materials, LEGOs reconnect indefinitely. Don‘t fret if you configure something incorrectly – just pull apart and reconfigure!

Take Inspiration From Others
Can‘t envision your own designs? Browse LEGO forums, Instagram feeds, and YouTube tutorials brimming with artistic ideas. Recreate or remix what sparks your interest!

Make Mistakes
Experimentation breeds innovation. Let go of perfectionism – if one method fails, simply rework it. Embrace the creative process rather than the end result.

Most Importantly, Have Fun!
LEGOs are first and foremost a toy. Relax, play, and enjoy making your plastic brick dreams into a reality brick-by-brick!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still hungry for more LEGO knowledge? See below:

How do you build custom LEGO sets?

Study photos, videos, or instruction guides for inspiration. Then sketch your own designs before constructing. Thoroughly sort brick inventory first for easier access to required elements. Finally, build your creation by emulating techniques used in official LEGO sets. Start with bigger pieces as the base before decorating with smaller accents.

Where do you find custom LEGO instructions?

YouTube, Reddit, and niche LEGO blogs/forums contain a treasure trove of custom LEGO instructions. Search for your desired model such as "LEGO Sonic instructions" and curate from the selection. BrickLink and Rebrickable also host thousands of fan-submitted guides.

Where can you buy specific LEGO pieces?

LEGO‘s Pick a Brick webstore contains hundreds of individual bricks for sale. Alternatively, sites like BrickLink and BrickOwl connect you with independent sellers offering both new and used LEGO parts. For specialty elements, AliExpress or Wish also carry affordable clones.

How do you make LEGO gold rings?

Use circular gold, yellow or white LEGO plates, tiles, dishes or slopes to mimic the distinct ring shape. Stack and support these pieces with clear bricks like plates, tiles, and round bricks to make the rings appear suspended and floating. Varying heights and angles helps make the illusion more life-like.

We hope you‘ve enjoyed this all-encompassing guide to building your very own LEGO Sonic! If this has sparked even more inspiration for LEGO crafting, feel free to browse History Computer for even more DIY inspiration as well as nostalgic tech news coverage. Game on!

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