How To Block Twitch Ads: An Expert Guide

Over 20 million people visit Twitch daily to watch live gaming – but video ads can ruin the experience. As a passionate gamer, I‘m sure you‘ve faced this annoying issue of constant disruptive ads while watching your favorite streams.

Don‘t worry – in this comprehensive guide, I‘ll explain different methods to effectively block Twitch ads so you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming. I‘ll also discuss ways to support the streamers you follow.

Why Does Twitch Have So Many Ads?

Before learning how to stop Twitch ads, it helps to understand why they bombard your screen in the first place.

As the world‘s leading live streaming platform for gamers, Twitch attracts over 20 million visitors per day. Gaming content dominates users‘ watch time – with over 5 billion hours watched in 2020 alone!

  • Over 75% of Twitch users fall into the highly coveted 18-49 age demographic
  • Average user spends 95 minutes per day watching Twitch
  • Peak concurrent viewership has exceeded 10 million

With this massive, engaged user base, Twitch has become a goldmine for advertisers in the gaming industry – video game companies, hardware brands, event organizers and more.

To support its infrastructure and payouts to streamers, Twitch generates revenue primarily from 3 sources:

  • Advertisements
  • Subscriptions
  • Bit Cheers

Of these, video ads make up for over 50% of Twitch‘s revenue. So there‘s no escaping them!

Based on your watch history and browsing habits, Twitch serves you highly targeted ads in various formats:

Pre-roll Ads: Short video ads that play before a stream starts

Mid-roll Ads: Video or display ads shown in the middle of a stream

Display Ads: Banner & text ads around the video player and sidebar

Understandably, constant ad interruptions dampen the viewing experience and disrupt your immersion. Luckily there are a few effective techniques to block Twitch ads.

Method #1: Install an Ad Blocking Browser Extension

The most popular approach is using an ad blocking browser extension. They work by preventing ads from even loading on web pages.

I recommend using one of these top ad blockers:

uBlock Origin

  • Lightweight open-source ad blocker
  • Available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari etc.
  • Highly customizable to filter different ad types
  • Completely blocks video, banner & pop-up ads


  • Simple ad blocker ideal for beginners
  • Easy automated installation through browser web stores
  • Fewer customization options compared to uBlock
    *Blocks most common ad types


  • Uses advanced heuristics to remove more elusive ad types
  • Provides malware protection
  • Can block ads in mobile apps using local VPN
  • Works across Windows, Mac, iOS & Android apps

Based on capability to block Twitch ads specifically, I recommend uBlock Origin as the best option. And best of all – it‘s 100% free and open source software.

Let me show you how to install and set up uBlock Origin on Chrome desktop browser step-by-step:

  1. Open Google Chrome browser on your desktop
  2. Visit the uBlock Origin page on Chrome Web Store [link]
  3. Click on "+ Add to Chrome" blue button
  4. Click "Add Extension" on the confirmation popup

That‘s it! uBlock Origin is now ready to block ads on Twitch.

To verify, open in the same Chrome browser window. uBlock will automatically block all pre-roll, mid-roll and display ads from loading on stream pages without any further configuration.

You can click on the uBlock Origin icon in the toolbar to open the dashboard and view stats on how many ads its blocked overall and per site.

I suggest adding uBlock Origin to all your desktop browsers like Firefox, Edge, Brave etc. It takes under a minute to install on each. Well worth the one-time effort for an ad-free Twitch experience!

Method #2: Mask Your IP & Location With a VPN

Another great approach to prevent Twitch ads is using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)…

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