How to Add Commands on Twitch in 6 Steps

Commands are an essential tool for engaging and moderating the chat of a popular Twitch channel. They allow streamers and moderators to automate responses, encourage viewer participation, warn or ban misbehaving users, and more.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn how to create customized commands for your Twitch channel that help you manage fast-moving chats and foster a positive community.

Overview of Twitch Commands

Twitch offers built-in commands for basic moderation, but many streamers use bots like Moobot to access more advanced custom commands.

There are two main types of commands:

Basic Commands: Change username colors, enable emote-only chat, and more. Usable by all viewers.

Mod Commands: Ban, timeout, or change user roles. Require moderator permissions.

According to statistics from StreamElements, the largest Twitch channels average over 2,000 chat messages per minute. Commands are thus vital for moderating chaotic chats at scale.

Key Benefits of Custom Twitch Commands

  • Automate repetitive moderation actions like warning or banning rule-breakers
  • Set up automatic welcome greetings for new followers
  • Run polls and games to engage your community
  • Promote channel rules in an eye-catching format
  • Add some fun and personality with unique commands

Creative uses for commands are endless. You’ll boost engagement while saving time and effort.

Step-by-Step Guide to Add Commands on Twitch

Let’s dive into the process of installing Moobot and creating your own custom commands:

Step 1: Connect Moobot to Your Twitch Account

  1. Visit and click Connect with Twitch
  2. Click Authorize to grant Moobot access to your Twitch account

Once connected, Moobot integrates directly with your Twitch chat.

Step 2: Enable Built-In Chat Commands

Moobot comes loaded with premade commands for common moderation tasks.

To activate them:

  1. Click the ! icon and select Built-in Commands
  2. Toggle commands on/off and click Grant
  3. Click Authorize in the pop-up window

Enabling these commands saves time without needing to create them yourself.

Step 3: Access Custom Commands Menu

For full control, you can program an unlimited number of custom commands:

  1. Click the ! icon
  2. Select Custom Commands

This menu lets you create commands from scratch.

Step 4: Create a Command

  1. Enter your desired command name
  2. Click Create

The name is what viewers will type to trigger the command. Keep it short and intuitive.

Step 5: Set the Chat Response

In the Message field, enter the exact response you want displayed when someone uses your command.

Some ideas:

  • Channel rules or schedule
  • Automatic welcome for new followers
  • Fun polls or games

Be creative!

Step 6: Try Your Command in Chat

Head to your Twitch chat to test out your new creation live. Just type the command name and watch your custom response appear.

Make sure to tweak the messaging until you‘re satisfied.

Tips for Adding Great Twitch Commands

  • Check for typos that cause commands to malfunction
  • Set a cooldown timer to limit command spam
  • Assign moderator roles so only authorized users can run powerful commands
  • Review common questions from your chat and turn answers into commands
  • Schedule automated polls, raffles, etc. to drive engagement


Adding customized Twitch commands with Moobot provides streamers unmatched control and convenience when managing their channels.

The key benefits include saving time on moderation, boosting community participation, and stamping out negativity.

By following this 6-step guide, you can install the Moobot tool, activate built-in commands, and craft your own unique commands tailored to your community.

So level up your Twitch channel and have fun getting creative with commands!

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