Hello There! Let‘s Find the Cheapest Tesla Option for You

I know you‘ve been thinking about getting a Tesla but aren‘t sure where to start given all the models and pricing options. Well, you‘ve come to the right place! As an EV expert who has researched pricing in depth, let me guide you through the most affordable Tesla choices available in 2023.

Overview of Current Tesla Lineup

First, a quick overview of the Tesla lineup and base pricing as of March 2023:

ModelCategoryBase MSRP
Model 3Sedan$42,990
Model SPremium Sedan$104,990
Model XSUV$120,990
Model YCrossover SUV$65,990

As you can see, the Model 3 currently has the lowest starting MSRP for a new Tesla at $42,990. But there are often additional costs to consider on top of MSRP which I‘ll cover shortly.

Used Tesla Pricing

Now if buying new is outside your budget, let‘s look at the going rates for used Teslas:

ModelYearMileageAverage Asking Price
Model 32019 – 2021Under 50k miles$43,000
Model 32019 – 202150k – 100k miles$39,000
Model S2015 – 2017Under 60k miles$37,800
Model X2015 – 2017Under 60k miles$41,300

As you can see, 3-4 year old used Model 3‘s with moderate mileage tend to run about $39,000 – $43,000. However, early generation used Model S and Model X can potentially be found for under $30,000. But beware – these older models often need mechanical repairs and may have battery issues.

Factoring In Other Ownership Costs

When trying to determine the most affordable Tesla option, looking beyond just MSRP or purchase price is important. Let‘s compare total cost of ownership estimates over a 5 year period:

Cost FactorTesla Model 3Toyota Camry
Total Cost$40,290$58,000

While insurance costs can be higher for Teslas, reduced maintenance needs and far lower "fuel" costs via cheaper electricity ultimately lead to thousands in savings compared to a typical gas car over the ownership period.

So when weighing affordability, looking beyond just purchase price to include lifetime costs is key!

Now let‘s look at some steps to finding the best Tesla deal…

How to Find the Most Affordable Tesla Option

Here is my 5-step guide to locating the cheapest Tesla choice to meet your needs and budget:

  1. Determine your must-have range: Be realistic about your daily driving needs so you don‘t overspend on extra battery capacity you won‘t use.

  2. Check incentives in your area: Tax credits and local electric vehicle incentives can save you thousands!

  3. Get quotes for loan terms/insurance: Their impact on total cost can be significant.

  4. Assess used car condition diligently: Pay close attention to battery health and remaining range, not just mileage.

  5. Crunch total ownership numbers: Fuel and maintenance savings help offset higher purchase prices.

I hope this gives you a much better sense of available Tesla options and the true cost factors at play. Let me know if any other questions come up! I‘m always happy to help guide you through the EV research process to find your perfect Tesla match.

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