GMC Hummer EV or VW Scout EV Truck? Let‘s Compare These Electric Truck Contenders

Hey there! So you‘re intrigued by electric trucks but aren‘t sure whether to go for the crazy 1,000 HP Hummer EV or hold out for Volkswagen‘s upcoming Scout EV Truck. I feel you – as someone obsessed with high-tech vehicles, picking the right EV truck for your needs is a tough call.

That‘s why I‘m going to give you an epic rundown comparing what we know about the GMC Hummer EV versus VW‘s Scout EV across over 10 categories. My goal is to help you feel confident deciding between these two compelling electric truck options.

An Electric Revolution in Trucks

First, a quick history lesson – electrifying trucks has exploded from niche curiosity to one of the hottest vehicle trends almost overnight. As battery costs plummeted, automakers realized electrics‘ instant torque and smooth power delivery worked magic for workhorse pickups needing grunt off the line.

EV trucks check other big boxes too – the battery stuffed underfloor means better weight distribution and a low center of gravity for confident handling. Advanced driver assist systems and huge touch screens improve safety and make daily driving relaxing.

And the kicker…going battery-powered uncages performance. An electric motor‘s crazy torque lets truck designers offer sports car acceleration while Laughing off terrain that leaves gas-powered rigs whimpering and broken.

So score one for science because EV trucks rock. But which to choose…Hummer or Scout? Let‘s unpack it piece-by-piece:

Legend Reborn: Hummer‘s Electric Revolution

The OG military-grade Humvee spawned a notoriously thirsty yet iconic civilian Hummer lineup in the 1990s. After discontinuing the brand in 2010 it lay dormant…until GMC shocked the world by announcing a revival as the 2022 GMC Hummer EV pickup.

This was no half-measure resurrection. GM leveraged its electrification expertise to engineer a supertruck beyond any factory off-roader offered before. Three motors generate an asphthonishing 1,000 horsepower and 11,500 pound-feet of torque. A massive 205 kWh battery stores enough lightning for 350 miles of range.

After jawpicking itself off the floor, critics realized this Hummer brought eco-cred alongside its epic muscle. Up to 381 miles per charge makes this beast as happy bombing dunes on Saturday as silently commuting you to work Monday.

Make no mistake the Hummer EV drives a moonshot revolution marrying extreme capability with electric efficiency in a package homaging brand heritage. Now about that Scout rival…

Heritage Rebooted: VW Wakes a Legacy EV Truck

When Volkswagen announced acquiring 50-year-old Scout as an electric sub-brand in 2022, most people said "huh?". But context explains why waking this heritage American SUV/truck maker aligns perfectly with VW‘s electric ambitions.

See, Scout built its reputation decades ago as affordable adventure trucks with strong off-road chops. Sound familiar? Fast forward and VW wants the Scout name to infuse its electric models with rugged spirit while avoiding direct competition with existing VW models.

Scout‘s first launches will be an electric SUV in 2024, followed by the Scout EV pickup in 2026. Both will start around $40-50,000, be built in America, and target 300+ miles of range.

That nugget about locally constructed EVs hints at VW‘s master plan. Building Scout trucks in Tennessee makes them eligible for US federal EV tax credits that encourage sales. Then Scout becomes VW‘s Trojan horse cracking the electric truck market wide open using heritage branding and attainable pricing.

So the Hummer EV pioneers a luxury electric supertruck future while Scout democratizes battery-powered trucks for the mainstream. With context understood, let‘s compare these influential electric pioneers…

I‘ve compiled a detailed specs comparison across over 10 categories crucial to truck buyers. For context I‘ve included figures from the sell-out Rivian R1T, the electric truck closest to production today at Hummer/Scout‘s elevated capability level.

![Hummer EV versus Scout EV versus Rivian R1T Specs Comparison Table]

Let‘s break down key measurement differences and what they mean for real world performance:

Range & Charging: Hummer EV crushes with 350+ miles despite inefficient aerodynamics, but lengthy charge times could frustrate. Scout‘s 300 mile target keeps road trips flowing with quicker charging.

Power & Acceleration: Are you kidding me?? The Hummer EV‘s 3 motors smoke tires to 60 mph over 2 seconds faster than Scout/Rivian‘s still-zippy efforts. Massively better rock crawling torque too – this spec defines the Hummer EV as an ultra-luxury über off-roader.

Towing & Payload: Advantage Rivian. VW clearly optimizes Scout for off-road playtime rather than workhorse duties based on projected tow rating. Hummer respectable at 7500+ vehicle pounds.

Climbing, Fording & Protection: Have I mentioned the Hummer EV is an off-road beast? Significantly better approach/departure allow attacking steep obstacles. Nearly 2 feet extra wading depth crosses rivers competitors can‘t. And thick underbody armor means driving over boulders won‘t flatten your battery. Epic capability separates the Hummer EV from anything else here.

Practicality: Hummer EV trades utility for theatrical presence with worst bed dimensions despite longest wheelbase. Scout mating smaller footprint to 5 foot bed smartly splits difference for urban play and weekend DIY jobs.

Price: Hummer EV MSRP over $100,000 confirms its exclusive over-the-top positioning, with several $30K+ options packages possible too. Scout EV fulfills its mainstream ambitions with sub $60K targeted starting price that still seems fair given specs.

Hummer EV vs Scout EV: Which Should You Buy?

By now I hope you‘ve got a feel for Hummer EV and Scout EV differences based on available intel. Let‘s build on that with an expert‘s peek at other essential buying considerations.

Off-Road Performance: Let‘s just end debate the Hummer EV rules off-road, full stop. Items like 13"+ ground clearance, 4 wheel steering allowing diagonal movement, and dual rear wheel steering maximizing articulation make this the most extreme rock crawler ever from the factory. Combine that with enough power to ascend vertical walls and you grasp its unlimited capability. Scout EV looks to slot between Rivian and gas-powered pickups as a confident weekender rather than king of the remote wilds.

Daily Drivability: Here‘s an underrated area where Scout EV looks strong. Appropriately sized proportions plus intelligent storage and a modern interior favor suburbia and urban environments over the mammoth Hummer EV‘s theatrical presence. Think school runs and parking garages rather than open dunes. Also expect flexible DC fast charging for Scout making road trips breezy.

Luxury & Exclusivity: No contest – Hummer EV again. Think a leather-lined private jet on wheels, dripping with screens, innovation and bespoke detailing. Options like 18 camera views allow seeing your truck‘s underbelly, while removable roof panels keep the elements close. Consider Scout EV more of a gadget-laden family hauler, albeit with some unique branding touches.

Future Collector Value: No 2011 Ford Raptor commands six-figure prices at auction these days. But rare future collectability lives in the Hummer EV‘s DNA as GM‘s technological statement rivaling 1960s hero MoonShot vehicles. Plus scarcity from short production plus stratospheric early demand cementing its shooting star status. Scout EVs will be appreciated as time capsules too, albeit likely more working class heroes than auction headliners.

Environmental Impact: Full-lifecycle EV analyses rightly consider manufacturing impacts too, an area where Scout‘s efficiency could shine given VW‘s enormous scale advantage in supply chains and battery production. Large battery EVs like the 12,000 lb Hummer tax resources more heavily at both ends of their life. Though if you possession an EV truck long-term their lower operating emissions pay back the initial carbon debt many times over.

Let‘s Wrap This Truck Analysis Adventure!

Phew…still with me? Sorry for the epic electric truck overloaded data dump! But comparing the revolutionary GMC Hummer EV and heritage-inspired Scout EV Truck required digging deep across many categories to understand their unique appeal.

Here‘s the cliff notes:

  • The all-electric Hummer EV redefines extreme off-road capability. It delivers a moonshot driving experience and ultra-luxury appointments no competitor can touch today for its select clientele.
  • Scout EV Truck revives an American SUV/truck heritage for VW‘s electric future. It aims for volume sales by blending retro flavor, advanced technology and strong capability into an affordable electric truck targeting mainstream buyers.

For a civilian seeking ultimate brag-worthy go-anywhere dominance, nothing equal‘s GMC‘s all-electric supertruck bravado. But families and weekend warriors valuing great-all-around flexible use plus smaller eco footprint get a perfect match with Scout.

Hopefully breaking down key metrics and priorities for each model helps you feel better informed to pick your preferred electric truck contender. Any other questions Hit reply – I‘m always thrilled to chat high powered EVs!

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