3 Reasons Why You Should Use Garment Bags

While they are traditionally known for holding suits and formal clothing in place when not in use, garment bags have come a long way since their first use.

There are a range of materials to choose from that vary in thickness, flexibility and breathability, in addition to the selection of size options.

These are three reasons why you should use a garment bag, and how it can make your routine a little more straightforward.

What Are Garment Bags?

What Are Garment Bags

Firstly, it is worth considering what a garment bag actually is. They are flexible bags that hold bulkier clothing items such as jackets, gowns, and shirts. You can use a garment bag when you are traveling because it ensures that your clothing will stay in good condition and that it will not become creased in the process.

Garment bags are also great for storing items that aren’t in season, because the material can breathe without additional exposure to insects, moths, and even UV. Consider storing your clothes in garment bags for extra organization as well as storage options.

Nowadays, there are many breathable short garment bags to choose from, and it is certainly worth comparing your options.

Protect Your Clothes

Regardless of whether you choose to use a garment bag on the road or within your closet, they can provide protection for more delicate materials from moths, dust, sun exposure, and other forms of damage.

Shorter garment bags are ideal if you have long gowns, jackets, and dresses that you want to stop from trailing on the ground. They allow you to tuck it all in without causing extra creases or damage.

White dresses and ball gowns are more susceptible to collecting dirt and even staining, so a garment bag could be a saving grace when you are trying to store or transport your items.

Closet Organization

Closet Organization

Another reason why a garment bag can make your life a little easier is the closet organization that can be achieved. You can categorize certain items into occasions, outfits, and even different weather conditions and store them in different garment bags according to this.

This can be a game changer for someone who has a lot of clothes and wants an easier way of seeing what they have, and choosing something that would work for a particular occasion. You can also keep winter clothes safely stored elsewhere when you are not using them in order to make more space for the items you plan to wear this season.

The great thing about garment bags is that they put you in charge of your organization, and allow you to create a system that works. Try to experiment with different methods, and find something that you are likely to stick to.

When your clothing is organized, it is much easier to assemble outfits that express your personality and that are unique to you. This allows you to become your authentic self and explore your own style a little more comfortably.

Over time, this can also allow you to spend less money on more pieces of clothing because you will be able to see exactly what you have, and make the most out of each item.

Preserve Clothing

Additionally, garment bags are made so that they can keep your items looking crisp and fresh, regardless of how far you are traveling or how long they will be stored for. Compared to storing clothes inside a case, garment bags are much less likely to cause creases to delicate items.

This means that you can save a little time when you reach your destination, as you will not have to worry about pressing garments or leaving out formal items to air. As long as you store your clothing appropriately and secure it into a garment bag, your trip can be made more seamless when you are taking formal or delicate clothing with you.

In turn, this can make your clothes last a little longer, when compared to rolling garments into a case during traveling. Preserving the quality of your items allows you to enjoy your clothing for a little longer, which could prevent you from replacing particular pieces more frequently.


Garment bags are an ideal addition to your luggage when you are traveling, and for those who are trying to create a better organization system in their closet. Make the most out of your clothing, and explore different outfit combinations by adding more structure to your storage options.

Protecting delicate items on the road also helps save time and prevent you from worrying about pressing your clothing once you arrive at your destination.

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