What Channel Is FX on DirecTV? (2023 Update)

Looking to find FX on DirecTV along with sister stations FXX and FXM? Want to better understand FX’s acclaimed original programming and channel history? Read on for a detailed breakdown of the FX cable universe specially tailored for DirecTV viewers in 2023.

FX first launched in 1994 under 20th Century Fox as an experimental channel. After surviving early growing pains tied to bizarre programming choices, FX successfully rebranded itself in the late 1990s as a home for Fox reruns and acquired content. The 2000s saw FX come into its own with groundbreaking original dramas like The Shield, Rescue Me and Nip/Tuck. Now under Disney leadership, FX Original hits such as American Horror Story, Atlanta and What We Do In The Shadows attract critical acclaim and loyal fandoms.

Beyond prestige originals, FX offers a robust selection of reruns, sports and major studio films. FX also oversees comedy-centered sister network FXX and movie hub FXM under the FX Networks umbrella.

Here’s your essential guide to locating FX channels on DirecTV and understanding the acclaimed FX programming universe in 2023 and beyond.

FX, FXX and FXM Channel Placements on DirecTV

FX lives on channel 248 in DirecTV’s Entertainment programming package. Sister networks FXX and FXM are also included in this package on channels 259 and 258, respectively.

NetworkDirecTV Channel

Bookmark this handy channel lineup to quickly access FX’s daring dramas, FXX comedy animation domination, and FXM’s 24/7 movies on DirecTV.

A Brief History of FX Networks

The FX brand traces its roots back to 1994 under 20th Century Fox leadership. They sought an experimental platform for envelope-pushing content. Early efforts failed to resonate, leading to a 1997 rebrand around syndicated Fox reruns and acquired content.

FX found breakout success in the early 2000s by embracing ambitious original dramas. The Shield (2002) centered on a corrupt cop antihero in LA, ushering the era of “Peak TV” complex characters. Rescue Me (2004) tackled grief and trauma with Denis Leary. Nip/Tuck (2003) explored plastic surgery culture.

FX Ratings Surge Under Disney Ownership

Since Disney acquired 21st Century Fox assets including FX in 2019, the network has seen continued ratings success. Original hits like American Horror Story (12 seasons) and Donald Glover‘s Atlanta (2016-) push creative boundaries and attract Emmy love. Disney has strategically used FX prestige to bolster its streaming offerings, premiering shows on Hulu shortly after FX debuts.

FX Original Series: Pushing Boundaries

FX has crafted a beloved brand around originals that subvert expectations and reshape genres. Current standout FX original dramas include:

  • The Old Man – Jeff Bridges as a CIA fugitive
  • American Horror Story – Ryan Murphy’s twisted 11 season anthology phenomenon
  • The Patient – Serial killer therapist drama from Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg (The Americans)

FX is also home to several of TV’s most acclaimed and attention-getting comedies:

  • What We Do In The Shadows – Vampire mockumentary preparing season 5 in 2023
  • Fargo – Anthology from Noah Hawley based on iconic Coen Brothers film
  • Dave – Lil Dicky comedy/drama hybrid renewed for season 3

This blend of avant-garde comedies and slow-burn dramas forms FX’s unique, must-see programming aesthetic.

Awards Magnet FX Original Series

FX original productions consistently garner award recognition:

  • Pose (2018-2021) – Groundbreaking NYC ballroom culture drama starring MJ Rodriguez. Won a Peabody, AFI and multiple Emmys including Best Actor for Rodriguez in 2021.
  • The Americans (2013-2018) – Espionage drama starring Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys as Russian spies hiding among 1980s American suburbia. Won 4 Emmys including Best Drama Series.

Syndicated Sitcoms and Studio Films on FX

In addition to fearless originals, FX offers high-profile acquired content:

Syndicated sitcoms: FX airs reruns of comedies like Family Guy and Mom to complement bold originals. Syndicated content rotates.

Major studio films: FX has long showcased blockbuster movies from Disney, Universal and Warner Bros months after their theatrical and streaming releases. Genres span comedy, drama, action and more.

For example, current and upcoming FX movies include West Side Story (2021), Free Guy (2021), No Time to Die (2021) and Oscar contender The Whale starring Brendan Fraser. FX offers an excellent mainstream movie lineup alongside dynamic original series.

FX Sister Stations: FXX and FXM

In addition to FX, sister stations FXX and FXM play distinct roles under the FX Networks umbrella on DirecTV:

FXX: Launched in 2013 as a hub for FX comedy originals and reruns. Currently airs acclaimed original sitcoms like It‘s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (since 2021), Archer (since 2017) and Dave. FXX is also home to full series runs of hit animated comedies including The Simpsons, Bob‘s Burgers and Family Guy.

FXM: Debuted in 1994 as Fox Movie Channel. Rebranded as FXM in 2013 as an uncut premium movie network. Showcases blockbuster films, award contenders and cult classics from the 20th Century Fox library, including Avatar, Hidden Figures, Fight Club and Mrs. Doubtfire. Minimal original programming beyond behind-the-scenes specials.

So while FX offers edgy original series, acquired sitcoms and contemporary studio films, FXX focuses specifically on comedy including animation domination while FXM broadcasts movies around the clock.

I hope this detailed guide gives you new appreciation for FX’s boundary-pushing original programming and helps you easily find FX, FXX and FXM on your DirecTV channel lineup! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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