Fubo vs YouTube TV: Comparing Two Excellent Cable TV Replacements

If you‘re considering cutting the cord with traditional cable TV, compelling choices exist to replicate a robust live television viewing experience. Streaming services FuboTV and YouTube TV each offer diverse channel bundles packed with entertainment, news and sports. Both provide intuitive DVR capabilities and on-demand libraries too.

But with unique features and contrasting approaches, should you choose sports-centric Fubo over YouTube TV‘s wider entertainment lineup…or vice versa? I comprehensively compared plans, pricing, video quality, supported devices and more to determine the superior cable replacement for various viewer types.

Read on below for a detailed face-off guide between two excellent cable TV substitute options.

Purpose of This Comparative Guide

The streaming television market grows increasingly competitive by the month. Seemingly every tech company wants a piece of the growing over-the-top cable replacement pie.

From Google‘s YouTube TV to Dish Network‘s Sling TV to upstarts like Philo TV, consumers face no shortage of subscription options. Of course Hulu + Live TV continues gaining steam thanks to Hulu‘s existing on-demand streaming ecosystem. Other sports-first services like ESPN+ or NFL Sunday Ticket grab for share among sports die-hards.

Amid the chaotic influx of new services, FuboTV and YouTube TV stand out as two particularly compelling cable TV alternatives balancing both breadth of channels and functionality. Both seemingly check all the boxes:

✅ No contracts
✅ Intuitive cloud DVRs
✅ Apps across all major platforms
✅ Compelling channel bundles

But with variations in channel lineups, pricing and features – not to mention wildly different company backgrounds – confusion understandably emerges when comparing FuboTV versus YouTube TV.

To cut through the noise as two heavyweights battle for supremacy, I thoroughly reviewed pricing structures, video quality specifics, available channels, DVR functionality, accessibility and more between the pair. Continue reading for the definitive showdown guide between FuboTV and YouTube TV.

Introducing Sports-First Streamer: FuboTV

Since first emerging in early 2015 strictly as a soccer streaming service, FuboTV now provides a fully comprehensive cable TV replacement product across both web and mobile screens.

Fubo emphasizes sports via channels and add-ons showcasing:

  • 250+ local, regional and national sports networks
  • NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS and more
  • International soccer leagues and matches
  • Niche sports like cycling, rugby and cricket

But they balance the sports focus with plenty of entertainment and news channels through deals carrying:

  • ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox locals in most markets
  • Cable staples – HGTV, Food Network, MTV, FX, AMC
  • Turner networks TNT, TBS, TruTV
  • ViacomCBS offerings like CBS Sports Network, Comedy Central, BET

For Spanish-language programming, Fubo Latino Quarterly bundles over 50 channels.

Package pricing ranges depending on channel count:

  • Pro Quarterly – $69.99/month
  • Elite Quarterly – $84.99/month
  • Premiere Quarterly – $99.99/month

So while the higher costs do get expensive compared to competitors, you receive ample channel selection and functionality for the fees.

FuboTV provides one of the strongest cable replacement products catering to sports fans. But with entertainment and news offerings rounded out too, they offer well-balanced bundles for many streamers.

YouTube TV Overview – Merging YouTube with Live TV

In April 2017, YouTube TV launched as extension of Google‘s massively popular YouTube video platform. This huge existing catalog both propels and strengthens YouTube TV‘s on-demand offerings.

The single $64.99 per month YouTube TV package includes:

  • 85+ popular cable channels
  • Local ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC stations in most markets
  • Stalwarts like ESPN, HGTV, Food Network, TBS
  • Optional add-ons available

YouTube TV competes via simplicity and affordability. One straight-forward base bundle houses the most in-demand entertainment, news and basic sports channels for a reasonable $65 monthly fee.

Factor unlimited DVR and the full YouTube video library, and YouTube TV makes cord-cutting easy versus the bloated bundles of traditional cable.

Now with 5 million subscribers just five years from launch, YouTube TV‘s strategy continues gaining steam. While channel counts can‘t match Fubo overall, YouTube TV offers many cable favorites that fit the bill for vast entertainment audiences.

Comparing Channel Lineups

With background context covered, let‘s dig into head-to-head comparisons across critical streaming TV decision factors – starting with available channel selections.

I segmented popular channel genres to display what alignment looks like between Fubo and YouTube TV.

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EntertainmentYouTube TVFuboTV
Comedy Central
Discovery Channel
Food Network
SportsYouTube TVFuboTV
NFL Network
MLB Network

The above comparison snapshots showcase Fubo‘s wider reach across entertainment and more pronounced dominance providing sports content. While YouTube TV checks boxes with undisputedly popular channels, Fubo trades missing some Turner networks for deeper overall alignment with a wider span of viewership tastes.

Comparing Streaming Video Quality

Beyond channel availability, video resolution and streaming reliability also greatly impact viewing experience. Let‘s examine how FuboTV and YouTube TV compare delivering video feeds across devices:

YouTube TVFuboTV
Max Resolution1080p HD4K UHD
HDR Support

FuboTV has invested in 4K-related infrastructure – from cameras capturing sports events to encoding capabilities preparing signals for distribution. This shows through max resolution and advanced spec advantages above.

While 1080p HD still meets needs for most, sports fans and film buffs with 4K televisions can better experience detail on Fubo. Their streams better replicate stadium and cinema feels.

Comparing DVR Functionality

DVR capability allowing time-shifting of live broadcasts is equally important for modern television enjoyment as video resolution and channel bounties.

Here is how FuboTV and YouTube TV compare providing DVR feature sets:

YouTube TVFuboTV
Storage LimitUnlimited250 hours
Price for More StorageN/A+$16.99/month
Recordings Auto-DeleteAfter 9 monthsManually Deleted

YouTube TV makes server-storage an non-issue with unlimited lifetime for recordings ($16.99 to upgrade Fubo to 1000 hours). However Fubo gives users more control by not auto-deleting stored recordings after 9 months like YouTube TV does.

Reviewing Additional Features

Beyond the core necessities like channels and DVRs, additional features also contribute toward a quality cable replacement streaming experience:

On-Demand Libraries – With entire YouTube catalog granting endless video on-demand, big edge here to YouTube TV. But Fubo provides solid library too.

Supported Devices – Available across similar platforms – iOS, Android, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Web. Slight edge to YouTube TV.

Stream Concurrency – YouTube TV allows up to 3 simultaneous streams from one account. Fubo only permits 2 streams at once.

User Profiles – YouTube TV enables up to 6 user profiles for household customization. Two profiles available on FuboTV currently.

Alerts/Notifications – Customizable alerts offered by both for game start times, premieres, recordings and more.

Availability – YouTube TV only accessible in United States currently. Fubo expanding further into Canada and Europe.

Customer Support – Slight wait time advantage to YouTube TV for quicker responses and resolution. But pretty comparable.

Free Trial Length – 7 days offered from FuboTV versus 14 day trial period with YouTube TV.

Video Player Customizations – Edge here to Fubo for controls allowing adjustment of stats overlays and multiple view options.

Cost To Cancel – No commitments required by either. Simply cancel subscription online anytime with no penalties.

As this evaluation shows, YouTube TV rates very strong across experience-enhancing feature sets beyond just the core channel and DVR offerings.

Pros and Cons Comparison

With detailed side-by-side breakdowns covered across pricing, channels, video quality, DVR functionality and feature sets, I condensed findings into Pros vs Cons lists highlighting biggest perks and drawbacks of each service:

YouTube TV


  • Affordable pricing
  • Top entertainment/news channels
  • Unlimited DVR storage
  • Massive YouTube on-demand catalog
  • Intuitive interface


  • Lacks sports variety of Fubo

  • Missing some Discovery/A+E channels

  • Stream limited to 1080p

  • DVR deleted after 9 months



  • Emphasis on sports content
  • Some live entertainment in 4K
  • 250 hour DVR included
  • Fubo Extra bundle available


  • Missing key Turner channels

  • More expensive packages

  • Can‘t expand DVR infinitely

  • Stream limited to two devices

Which Service Reigns Supreme?

With Pros weighed against Cons after deep evaluation between FuboTV versus YouTube TV across critical measures, I give a slight edge in the showdown to YouTube TV as the best rounded cable TV replacement targeting general audiences.

YouTube TV checks boxes across 5 key criteria:

Pricing – $65 competitive rate
Top Channels – 10 most popular all present
DVR – Unlimited cloud storage
On-Demand – Entire YouTube library
Feature Sets – Well-rounded app/interface

Conversely, I suggest FuboTV as the top-choice for die-hard sports fans wanting to cut regular cable. Niche sport streamers need the 250+ regional/international sports networks and add-ons that only Fubo provides currently in the vMVPD space.

So in final summation – YouTube TV for entertainment audiences, FuboTV for sport fanatics. Both offer excellent cable TV replacements albeit tailored to different viewership priorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still evaluating FuboTV vs YouTube TV and have some lingering questions? Here I tackle some commonly asked queries:

Does YouTube TV offer NFL RedZone?

Yes! NFL RedZone is available via YouTube TV‘s Sports Plus add-on bundle for an extra $10.99 per month. A must for fantasy football fanatics on Sundays.

What college sports does FuboTV offer?

They provide 20+ regional college sports networks from major conferences – Big Ten Network, Pac 12 Network, ACC Network and SEC Network. Great for campus sports fans.

Can I get home Telemundo or Univision channels on YouTube TV?

Yes – YouTube TV carries both Telemundo and Univision local affiliates in most Hispanic markets across the United States for Spanish speakers.

How many simultaneous streams allow FuboTV vs YouTube TV?

YouTube TV permits 3 concurrent streams. FuboTV only allows for 2 simultaneous streams currently – an area they lag a bit.

Which service offers better accessibility for mobile streaming?

Both FuboTV and YouTube TV provide fully-functional apps for iOS and Android with similar capability. Mobile experience is pretty comparable.

What sports are missing from YouTube TV that FuboTV offers?

Niche sports like rugby, cycling, cricket and horse racing. Extra MLB, NBA, NHL coverage. Hockey fans take note.

Can I get Discovery Channel on YouTube TV?

No – one shortcoming is YouTube TV does not carry popular Discovery networks. Fubo does provide Discovery Channel along with annual Shark Week!

I hope this thoroughly detailed face-off between FuboTV vs YouTube TV clears up confusion helping you determine the best live TV streaming service appropriate for your interests!

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