What Channel Is FS1 on Spectrum? Your 2024 Viewer Guide

Whether you‘re a baseball fanatic gearing up for spring training or a racing junkie already dreaming of Daytona, you rely on the Fox Sports family of channels to deliver the action.

But to tune into all your favorite live events and commentary on flagship network Fox Sports 1 (FS1), you first need to locate it in your channel lineup. I‘ll help you answer: what channel is FS1 on Spectrum?

Below I‘ve compiled everything you need to know about watching FS1 on Spectrum, from coast-to-coast channel positions to an inside look into FS1 programming. Follow along for the full scoop!

We’ll cover:

  • A Brief History: How FS1 Came to Be
  • FS1 Rating Highlights: Closing the Gap on ESPN
  • FS1 Channel Numbers Across Spectrum Markets
  • FS1 Programming: Sports, Talk and More
  • FS2: Smaller Sister Network Explained
  • FAQs: Your FS1 Questions Answered

Let‘s get started!

FS1 Origins: Fox Evolves From Upstart to Heavyweight

It‘s easy to see Fox Sports as a media titan today. But the path to sports glory started back in 1994 with a single surprise NFL deal.

By acquiring NFL broadcast rights from CBS, fledgling network Fox landed its first toehold to build a sports division. More shock acquiring moves followed:

  • 1994 – Fox grabs NHL rights
  • 1996 – Fox nets MLB contract
  • 2001 – Fox links up with NASCAR

Fast forward to 2013. After nearly 20 years housing sports across scattered networks, Fox consolidates their grip under one banner – the newly launched FS1.

"Why the sudden expansion?" you may ask. Great question!

With a growing sports portfolio split across entertainment networks, Fox lacked centralized programming and advertising opportunities. Meanwhile rival ESPN dominated cable viewership thanks to an entire ecosystem custom-built for sports fans.

Fox aimed to compete by launching FS1 – a dedicated 24/7 sports network.

Across the next decade, FS1 enjoyed impressive viewer gains across multiple benchmarks. But how do the ratings stack up with ESPN’s market stronghold in 2023 and beyond?

FS1 Ratings Continues Climbing

In 2022, FS1 set multiple viewership records including:

  • 150+ million viewers reached
  • Averaged 755,000 viewers per day
  • Notched its highest viewed college football season

January 2023 also kicked off strong with FS1‘s national championship game drawing nearly 10 million viewers.

"FS1 has firmly entrenched itself as a mainstream sports outlet after only 10 years," notes Andrew Bucholtz, sports media columnist at Awful Announcing. “Its audiences demonstrate enough critical mass to rival an old guard like ESPN.”

While FS1 still trails ESPN networks in daylong viewership averages, the gap continues to steadily narrow each year. Where could we see FS1 by 2025?

Jeremy Carey, Managing Director at Optimum Sports Management weighs in:

"Given current growth trajectories, I anticipate FS1 and ESPN to enter a genuine Primetime ratings dogfight by 2025 across key demographics."

In short, underdog no more! FS1 viewership continues climbing to mainstream prominence.

Now that you know FS1‘s ever-expanding audience reach, let‘s bridge from the boardroom to your living room. Where can Spectrum subscribers access this surging sports outlet?

Time for me to share that ever-important channel chart…

Locating FS1 on Spectrum: Channel Lineup By Market

I wanted to help cut through channel lineup noise and answer directly: What channel is FS1 on Spectrum?

So I‘ve compiled FS1‘s channel positions across 50+ Spectrum markets into this handy reference:

CityFS1 Channel PositionCityFS1 Channel Position
Albany, NY73Lexington, KY67
Amarillo, TX55Long Beach, CA40
Austin, TX97Los Angeles, CA95
Bakersfield, CA76Louisville, KY71
Birmingham, AL94Memphis, TN46
Boston, MA92Miami, FL51
Buffalo, NY82Milwaukee, WI75
Charleston, SC81Montgomery, AL77
Charlotte, NC67Nashville, TN46
Chattanooga, TN81New Orleans, LA29
Chicago, IL50New York, NY84
Cincinnati, OH55Norfolk, VA28
Cleveland, OH75Omaha, NE73
Colorado Springs, CO91Orlando, FL46
Columbia, SC81Philadelphia, PA84
Columbus, GA95Phoenix, AZ51
Columbus, OH73Pittsburgh, PA58
Corpus Christi, TX49Portland, OR35
Dallas, TX65Raleigh, NC59
Dayton, OH55Richmond, VA84
Denver, CO91Sacramento, CA76
Des Moines, IA68Salt Lake City, UT51
Detroit, MI97San Antonio, TX97
El Paso, TX97San Diego, CA93
Fresno, CA76San Francisco, CA40
Fort Wayne, IN68San Jose, CA54
Greensboro, NC59Savannah, GA84
Greenville, SC81Seattle, WA60
Harrisburg, PA84Spokane, WA51
Hartford, CT70Springfield, MA84
Honolulu, HI43St. Louis, MO58
Houston, TX49Syracuse, NY70
Indianapolis, IN62Tallahassee, FL84
Jackson, MS95Tampa, FL46
Jacksonville, FL46Tucson, AZ51
Kansas City, MO75Tulsa, OK55
Knoxville, TN81Washington, DC84
Las Vegas, NV51West Palm Beach, FL46

Now you can pinpoint FS1 regardless of your Spectrum market for 24/7 access to Fox‘s sports dominance.

From this vantage point, let’s zoom in on FS1‘s programming across major sports, talk shows and beyond.

FS1 Programming Showcase

What type of live action and commentary can you expect from an average hour of FS1? Here I‘ll spotlight key programming pillars that define FS1‘s offerings.

Live Games Across Top Leagues

FS1 serves as the cable TV home for marquee matchups out of powerhouse organizations like MLB, NASCAR, college football conferences and more.

FS1 also splits rights with over-the-air Fox network. While Fox showcases mainly regional interest games to local markets, FS1 presents national primetime showcases available for every viewer.

Leagues anchoring FS1 include:

  • MLB: provider for 40+ regular season games, MLB postseason
  • NASCAR: 25+ live Cup races a year
  • College Football: spotlight conference clashes (Big 10, Big 12)
  • Soccer: home for MLS matches, US Men‘s National Team
  • WWE: flagship station for wrestling tentpoles Raw and Smackdown

Beyond these pillars, FS1 offers ringside seating for various other US and global sports associations. Whether you crave wrestling drama, high-octane motorsports, or heated gridiron showdowns, FS1 delivers a front row view.

Lively Talk Shows Stir Passions

Alongside live events coverage, FS1 Talk programming glues together the network across morning, noon and primetime. Opinionated hosts debate controversial takes on the latest sports headlines to keep viewers engaged 24/7.

FS1‘s signature talk shows include:

  • Skip and Shannon: Undisputed: Former NFL star Shannon Sharpe joins polarizing pundit Skip Bayless in debating the hottest daily takes
  • The Herd with Colin Cowherd: Radio veteran Colin Cowherd brings his fiery opinions to television, interviewing celebrities and sounding off on all topics
  • NASCAR Race Hub: Breaking down the latest NASCAR headlines and driver battles on and off the track
  • WWE Backstage: Hosts dissect the chaotic world of wrestling along with special guest interviews

So whether you seek pre-game breakdowns, post-match reactions or next morning follow-up, FS1 Talk offers rapid-fire conversation from all viewpoints.

FS1 Ratings Success Showcases Broad Appeal

FS1 enjoyed over 150 million viewers reached in 2022 across its diverse programming portfolio. This viewership milestone proves it offers something to entice all types of sports enthusiasts.

College football and auto racing lead the ratings charge by aggregate audience totals. But FS1 touts well-rounded appeal across demographics including:

  • 33% growth for W18-34 WWE audience
  • Posted highest MLB League Championship viewership since 2017

Bottom line: FS1 programming and audience diversity continues expanding. There‘s more than enough dynamism on screen to captivate casual fans and diehards of any sport.

FS2: Smaller Sibling Network

While FS1 operates as Fox‘s sports crown jewel, companion channel FS2 brings additional support as an alternative outlet.

Launched the very same day as FS1 in 2013, FS2 showcases niche competitions and handles FS1 scheduling overflows. You can find FS2 on Spectrum channel 401, alongside its sibling in the high 400s sports network range.

FS2 acts as a solid supplement for major sporting events when FS1 maxes out its schedule bandwidth. During March Madness or MLB postseasons, early round games often get pushed to FS2 as main FS1 focuses primetime slots.

Outside acting as FS1’s release valve, FS2 also offers dedicated homes to diverse sports like:

  • Australian Rules Football
  • Electrifying robot battles
  • Major League Rugby
  • Rugby World Cup Sevens
  • Professional bowling

Think of FS2 as FS1’s quirky sibling – smaller in scale but still packing niche thrills that cater to all tastes.

FAQs: Common FS1 Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Fox Sports 1:

What is Fox Sports 1 or FS1?

Fox Sports 1 or FS1 serves as Fox Corporation‘s dedicated 24/7 sports network. First launched in 2013, FS1 broadcasts live games and in-depth commentary across every major sport including MLB, college football, NASCAR, soccer and more.

How do I get FS1 on Spectrum?

FS1 is included with all Spectrum TV packages that contain cable sports networks (usually starting at Select TV packages). Check this guide to see exactly where FS1 resides on your local Spectrum channel lineup.

What‘s the difference between FS1 and FS2?

FS1 stands as Fox‘s flagship national sports network while FS2 operates as an alternative outlet, focused more on niche sports. Outside overflows, FS2 shows competitions like Australian Rules Football, rugby, and motorsports.

Has FS1 closed the gap with ESPN in ratings?

While ESPN leads FS1 in average all-day ratings, FS1 continues narrowing the margin every year. 2022 was FS1‘s highest viewed year ever, and specific programming like WWE and college football now regularly best ESPN‘s numbers in key demographics. Industry experts predict an impending FS1 ratings surge.

Who owns and operates FS1?

Fox Sports 1 is owned by Fox Corporation, which split from Disney in 2019. Alongside FS1, Fox Corp. oversees news networks like Fox News and Fox Business plus broadcast network Fox. Sinclair Broadcast Group previously owned Fox‘s regional sports networks (now rebranded as Bally Sports).

So there you have it! You‘re now fully equipped to access FS1 on Spectrum: from channel positions to programming picks to everything beyond.

Get ready to catch exhilarating live sports, rapid-fire highlights and heated discussions 24 hours a day on Fox Sports 1. Let the games begin!

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