What Channel Is Fox News on DirecTV in 2024? Your Guide to Finding Fox Channels

Are you a DirecTV subscriber interested in watching Fox News programming in the new year? As the top-rated cable news network known for its conservative commentary and outspoken anchors, Fox News captures the attention of millions of devoted viewers daily.

This definitive guide has everything you need to know about accessing Fox News live channels and shows on DirecTV in 2024. You‘ll learn:

  • The Fox News channel numbers on DirecTV‘s lineup
  • How to watch popular Fox News shows and hosts
  • Full details on additional Fox channels like Fox Business and Fox Weather
  • What‘s happening with some localized Fox affiliate stations
  • How to stream Fox News without DirecTV or cable

Let‘s get you tuned into Fox News on DirecTV with this comprehensive channel and availability overview.

Quick Guide to Fox Channels on DirecTV

Here is a handy reference for the national Fox networks on DirecTV:

Fox News360 (SD/HD)
Fox Business359 (SD/HD)
Fox Weather363 (SD/HD)

Note: Fox News International is not currently available on DirecTV channel lineup.

Now let‘s explore more about accessing and watching Fox‘s popular news and commentary programming on these channels.

Fox News Offers Prime Left-Leaning Bashing and Pro-Trump Support

Since launching in 1996 under Nixon political operative Roger Ailes and Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch, Fox News established itself as a conservative counterweight to the perceived liberal bias of outlets like CNN and major news networks.

In 2022, Fox News dominated cable news ratings for the 20th consecutive year. Its primetime hosts like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity attract millions nightly, offering pro-Trump rhetoric and attacks on progressive policies like immigration and climate change action.

Fox News essentially preaches to the right-wing choir – a choir that votes reliably and tunes in faithfully. That viewer loyalty leads advertisers and DirecTV itself to continue carrying Fox News despite fierce criticism over the years that Fox spreads misinformation and outrage.

Now under the helm of founder Murdoch‘s son Lachlan after a recent leadership change, Fox News seems positioned to continue its commercially successful model of partisan newscasting.

And that likely suits its audience just fine. DirecTV customers expecting more of Fox News‘ fear-based appeals to emotions over fact-based reporting will still find it on channel 360 in 2024 and beyond.

Access Fox‘s Conservative All-Stars Like Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham

Fox News concentrates its highest-rated commentators and shows in the evenings and mornings. Familiar faces like Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham dominate primetime hours on weeknights. Fox & Friends rules the mornings with its chatty right-wing banter.

  • Tucker Carlson Tonight (8 to 9 pm ET) – 3.7 million nightly viewers tune in to hear Carlson‘s anti-establishment rants
  • The Ingraham Angle (10 to 11 pm ET) – Laura Ingraham mixes populist scare tactics with attacks on Biden administration
  • Hannity (9 pm to 10 pm ET) – Sean Hannity gives monologues supporting ex-president Trump‘s agenda
  • The Five (5 to 6 pm ET) – Roundtable ensemble led by Greg Gutfeld drives watercooler and social media chatter
  • Fox & Friends (6 am to 9 am ET) – Reliable morning show constantly backs Republican talking points

Doocy, Earhardt, and Kilmeade keep Fox & Friends breezy and lively despite leaning hard right on issues like religion, guns, abortion. The hosts‘ chumminess with former President Trump has fueled Fox & Friends‘ top ratings.

These Fox News headliners and more ensure DirecTV viewers get plenty of colorful conservative wisdom from beloved commentators.

Dive Deep on Business With Fox Business Network

Beyond partisan politics and outrage peddling, Fox Corporation also owns the Fox Business Network found on DirecTV channel 359.

Since debuting in 2007, Fox Business offers specialized programming less driven by ideology and more focused on global markets, investing, personal finance, and capitalism.

Still featuring a right-leaning perspective, Fox Business draws an audience of affluent Americans interested in financial news. The Covid-era economic volatility and current high inflation only amplify viewer hunger for money advice.

Must-see shows include:

  • Mornings with Maria (Weekdays 6 am to 9m) – One of the original anchors since Fox Business launched
  • Making Money with Charles Payne (Weekdays 2 to 3 pm ET) – Daily guide to investing strategies
  • Varney & Co (Weekdays 9:30 am to 12 pm ET) – Stuart Varney and Ashley Webster offer unfiltered Wall Street analysis
  • Cavuto: Coast to Coast (Weekdays 12 to 1 pm ET) – Neil Cavuto‘s lively guest interviews on hot topics

So beyond partisan takes, DirecTV subscribers can get purely financial guidance from Fox Business guests and experts.

Monitor Weather Anytime With Fox Weather

In April 2021, Fox Corporation introduced Fox Weather – a free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) channel exclusive to weather reporting. Fox Weather offers constant national and localized weather news, available to access on DirecTV channel 363.

Fox Weather programming runs 24/7 without any political opining. Talented meteorologists like Jason Frazer track developing storms, dangerous heat, winter outlooks, and more. Features like 3D radar mapping provide in-depth forecast visuals.

Since 90% of Americans are impacted by weather events annually, Fox Weather fills an important niche. And early ratings seem promising – Fox projects the channel could attract over 20 million viewers by 2025.

For DirecTV customers, Fox Weather stands out as the only weather-dedicated channel compared to The Weather Channel and WeatherNation. Keep it locked on 363 whenever you need reliable temperature, rain, snow, or solar flare updates.

Why Some Local Fox Channels Stay Dark on DirecTV

Now for some unfortunate news – Fox local affiliate channels in various smaller markets have gone dark for DirecTV subscribers recently. What gives?

These blackouts result from an ongoing contract dispute between DirecTV parent company AT&T and local station owner Nexstar Media Group. Basically, the two media giants cannot agree on financial terms for DirecTV to continue carrying 164 Nexstar-owned network affiliates in 120 markets across the United States.

Recent blackouts have plagued viewers in cities like Scranton, PA and Denver, CO temporarily losing Fox local channels. Without a compromise before Nexstar‘s contract expires, more Fox locals in cities like Richmond, VA and Flint, MI could go dark permanently on DirecTV.

Of course, you can still access national Fox News programming on channel 360 without issue. But missing local affiliates blocks regional sports, news, and network shows.

Luckily alternates like streaming platforms provide one way to regain access as the corporate staredown continues…

Don‘t Have DirecTV? Stream Fox News Without Cable

If satellite service isn‘t your thing but you still need that Fox News fix, don‘t worry. Live Fox News streaming is included on several cable alternative services.

Top options to watch Fox News without cable or DirecTV:

  • DirecTV Stream (starts at $69.99/month) – Stream Fox online from AT&T‘s DirecTV division
  • Hulu + Live TV (from $69.99/month) – Get over 75 channels including Fox News and Fox Business Network live
  • YouTube TV ($64.99/month) – YouTube‘s cable-like package carries Fox News alongside other top channels
  • Sling TV (starts at $35/month) – Fox News on Sling Blue, while Fox Business comes on Sling Blue + Orange bundle
  • FuboTV (from $69.99/month) – Another solid cable replacement with Fox News in the lineup

Many streaming providers offer free trial periods, allowing you to test the Fox News live feed. So ditch your DirecTV dish, cut costs, and still keep watching Fox and more without cable.

The Last Word on Fox News and DirecTV

Hopefully now you have all the essential details for accessing Fox News programming on DirecTV and beyond in 2024.

Despite controversy over bias and misinformation, Fox News Channel undoubtedly leads cable news ratings thanks to supporter loyalty. Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and other incendiary hosts drive discussion and ratings juggernaut.

Plus complementary offerings like Fox Business and Fox Weather provide financial advice and weather tracking. With CEO Lachlan Murdoch guiding Fox News into the streaming era, Fox will continue crafting content for its reliable right-wing viewership.

So if hard-right commentary from famous faces is your thing, you can always find it live on DirecTV. And if satellite ever fails, Fox News streams await on DIRECTV Stream, Hulu, YouTube TV and more.

Stay well-informed from all angles in 2024 with this detailed Fox channel viewer‘s guide!

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