Finding Fox on DirecTV: The Essential 2023 Channel Guide

Are you trying to locate your favorite Fox stations and programming on your DirecTV satellite service? As one of America‘s most popular broadcast networks for over 30 years, Fox offers hit shows, big events, 24/7 news coverage and more.

But with hundreds of channels available across various DirecTV packages, finding what you want can get confusing. This comprehensive guide will explain exactly where to tune for Fox, Fox Sports, Fox News, Fox Business and more based on your subscription plan.

You‘ll get details on:

  • Fox channel positions by city/region
  • Required TV packages for each station
  • Live sports and must-see shows on Fox networks
  • On Demand and streaming options
  • FAQs and tips for accessing Fox on DirecTV

So read on to get the inside scoop on getting your Fox fix through your satellite provider!

A Broadcast Pioneer: The History of Fox

Before jumping into the DirecTV channel listings, let‘s briefly explore the origins and rise of the Fox network. Understanding its background gives context for why Fox shows and programming remain so popular today.

The Fox Broadcasting Company launched on October 9, 1986 as the fourth major broadcast TV network in the United States. It was masterminded by media mogul Rupert Murdoch to take on long-entrenched brands like NBC, CBS and ABC.

In Fox‘s early days, shows like the raunchy sitcom Married…with Children, sketch comedy hit The Tracey Ullman Show and teenager drama 21 Jump Street established its youthful, irreverent voice.

But it was the 1990s that cemented Fox as a pillar of American television. Iconic series like The Simpsons, Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, The X-Files and many more became pop culture phenomena. Fox had brought its flashy, unpredictable attitude to primetime.

Today, Fox continues trailblazing across genres with envelope-pushing animated comedies (Family Guy, Bob‘s Burgers), live musical events (Rent: Live, Grease Live!), acclaimed dramas (9-1-1, The Resident), and more. Fox shows capture wide audiences while retaining the network‘s vibrant DNA.

Fox has also broadcast four of the five most-watched programs in U.S. TV history:

  1. 2015 Super Bowl XLIX (114.4 million viewers)
  2. 2017 Super Bowl LI (113.7 million viewers)
  3. 2010 Super Bowl XLV (111 million viewers)
  4. 2022 Super Bowl LVI (99.2 million viewers)

And thanks to right-leaning Fox News and Fox Business channels, Fox dominates cable news ratings week after week.

Simply put, Fox has been an American TV staple for over three decades. Now let‘s jump into finding all things Fox on your DirecTV package!

Fox Channel Position on DirecTV

First, the most important detail – where to find the main Fox channel in your DirecTV lineup. This over-the-air station airs Fox‘s primetime shows, Sunday animation block, live events and more.

Luckily locating Fox is simple, as it‘s included even on DirecTV‘s entry-level Entertainment plan. This means virtually every subscriber has access.

Here are a few key details on finding your local Fox affiliate station:

  • Fox is typically broadcast between channels 2 and 20 on DirecTV, with lower positions in most regions
  • Channel numbers vary based on your city, satellite package and other factors
  • But in any case, Fox should be within the first 50 channels max

For exact channel positions in major metro areas, use the handy reference guide later in this article. But first, let‘s break down accessing popular Fox stations and programming beyond the main channel.

Watching Fox News on DirecTV

When it comes to 24/7 TV news, Fox News Channel is the most-watched basic cable station for over 220 consecutive months. That makes it a vital channel for many subscribers – so how do you access it?

The good news is Fox News is available on all DirecTV packages, including entry-level choices. Here‘s what to know:

  • Fox News is on channel 360 across all DirecTV satellite lineups
  • No matter your politics, Fox News delivers personalities like Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham plus global headlines and talk shows
  • The channel is even watchable with DirecTV STREAM‘s cheapest packages starting at $70/month

So staying up on current events and insider commentary from Fox NewsChannel‘s perspective is easy with your DirecTV subscription.

Now let‘s move on to essential channels for the sports fan – Fox‘s suite of national and regional sports networks.

Accessing Fox Sports Stations on DirecTV

Within its deep sports portfolio, Fox broadcasts marquee events like NFL games, MLB‘s World Series, NASCAR races and more. Luckily, many of Fox‘s sports properties are readily available to DirecTV users.

Here‘s a reference guide to finding key Fox Sports channels:

Fox Sports 1

  • Channel 219
  • Airs college football/basketball, MLB, NASCAR, WWE Smackdown and others
  • Included with ENTERTAINMENT tier and above

Fox Sports 2

  • Channel 618
  • Home to UFC fights, niche sports
  • Requires CHOICE package minimum

Fox Soccer Plus

  • Channel 621
  • Carries Bundesliga, Scottish soccer, NWSL, rugby and more
  • Only accessible as premium add-on

Regional Sports Networks

Fox operates nearly 20 regional sports networks (RSNs) with local pro/college coverage. Here are some examples:

FS Arizona686Arizona
FS Detroit663Michigan
FS Florida / Sun654Florida
FS Midwest671Midwest
FS Ohio660Ohio
FS Oklahoma676Oklahoma
FS South646Southeast U.S.

RSN availability varies, but most major Fox Sports channels are readily available even to entry-level DirecTV subscribers. But you may need to upgrade for niche properties like Fox Soccer Plus or uncommon RSNs.

Now let‘s move onto a great feature for accessing Fox programming on demand.

Fox On Demand on DirecTV

In today‘s world of DVRs and streaming, access to on demand programming is critical. This allows choosing what you want to watch and when from a huge content library – basically like Netflix for regular TV!

Luckily Fox On Demand is integrated into DirecTV lineups with current shows and classics available instantly:

  • Stream recent episodes of Fox hits and rewatch favorites of the past
  • Includes acclaimed dramas, long-running animated comedies, award-winning performers and more
  • Content library expands and changes constantly

And best of all, Fox On Demand is available free to all DirecTV subscribers – just log into anytime!

For even more dynamic streaming access down the road, Fox and Tubi announced plans for Fox programming to hit the free Tubi service beginning in 2023.

Next let‘s zero in on Fox channel positions for specific cities and regions on DirecTV…

Local Fox Channel Numbers on DirecTV

Below is a handy reference guide to Fox channel positions across major metro areas in the DirecTV channel lineup.

Simply locate your city and you‘ll know exactly what number to punch up for the local Fox station in your area.

CityStateFox Channel
El PasoTX14
Ft. WorthTX4
Kansas CityMO4
Las VegasNV5
Los AngelesCA11
New OrleansLA8
New York CityNY5
Oklahoma CityOK25
Saint LouisMO2
Saint PaulMN9
Salt Lake CityUT13
San AntonioTX29
San DiegoCA69
San FranciscoCA2
San JoseCA2
Washington D.C.DC5

So whenever a big Fox premiere, your favorite animated comedy or an NFL on Fox matchup is coming up, you can instantly tune to the right place in your local channel order!

Next let‘s wrap it all up with some FAQs on finding Fox programming through your DirecTV satellite service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to common questions about accessing Fox stations and shows using your DirecTV subscription:

What channel is Fox on for DirecTV?

  • The Fox channel is typically between 2-20, depending on your metro area – see the channel guide above.

What package do I need to get Fox?

  • Fox is included on DirecTV‘s basic ENTERTAINMENT plan and above tiers.

Is Fox News on DirecTV? Which channel?

  • Yes, Fox News is on channel 360 with all DirecTV channel packages

Can I watch Fox Sports with DirecTV?

  • Fox Sports 1 requires ENTERTAINMENT but FS2 needs CHOICE. Regional networks vary by geography.

Any way to stream Fox shows on demand?

  • Yes! Fox On Demand lets all DirecTV subscribers watch Fox episodes new and old.

What are the most popular current shows on Fox?

  • Top hits include 911, Family Guy, The Masked Singer, LEGO Masters, The Simpsons and WWE Smackdown.

What are some classic Fox shows to revisit?

  • Beloved classics on Fox On Demand include Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, House MD, Glee, The O.C. and many more!

I hope this guide gives you clarity on exactly which channels, shows and features you can access through Fox and DirecTV. Let me know if any other questions come up!

And there you have it – a detailed roadmap to finding any Fox property on DirecTV, whether it‘s primetime shows, late-night animation, commentary from Fox News or hard-hitting sports.

With channel references, package details, streaming options and FAQs, you have everything needed to gain access. So start watching your favorite Fox personalities, laugh along with irreverent cartoons and get your live event fix ASAP using this guide!

Let me know if any other questions come up in accessing Fox programming through your DirecTV satellite service.

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