10 Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat

It is so hard to resist those big puppy dog eyes staring up at you when you have a tasty snack and Fido wants in. However, not every threat is good for your dog, and in fact, a vast majority of human foods are massively inappropriate for your pups stomach.

Can my dog eat chicken nuggets? Hell no, really your dog shouldn’t be eating anything that is not meant for them. They certainly shouldn’t be eating nearly human meals on a regular basis.

While your dog can eat fruit and veg, and they can have a treat here and there, you should always be wary. However, there are some foods that are a total no-go-zone.

Monitoring your Doggies Diet – Danger Food

Monitoring your Doggies Diet

So, what are these foods that Fido needs to keep a wide berth from?

Let’s look at the top 10!

1. Avocado

We might like it, but it’s not good for dogs. This contains something called persin, it is fine for most of us, but in dogs it can cause diarrhea and vomiting.

If you happen to grow your own avocados, then you need to keep the dogs away from your plants. This substance is not only in the fruit itself but in the leaves, seeds, and bark of the avocado plant as well.

2. Xylitol

Xylitol is a substance often found in candies, gum, baked goods, and toothpaste. It can also be found in sweetened foods, as diet foods are often sweetened using this. It can therefore cause blood sugar in your dog to drop.

This can cause liver failure. Early symptoms include lethargy, coordination issues, and vomiting.

3. Alcohol


You might feel great when you drink, but Fido doesn’t. It does have the same effect though, it will affect their liver and brain, however, even the slightest bit of booze can cause serious illness, causing breathing issues, coordination issues, diarrhea, vomiting, a coma, or even death!

4. Garlic & Onions

These foods might go great in your home cooked meals, but for Fido they are toxic. They can kill off your dog’s red blood cells which causes anemia, even just powered onion.

Eating a lot on one occasion can poison your dog.

5. Caffeine

Unlike us Fido does not need a morning cuppa to get through the day. This means tea, coffee, and any other caffeinated beverage. Caffeine can be fatal in your pets, so keep anything even slightly caffeinated away from them.

All the more reason not to share your morning coffee!

6. Grapes/ Raisins

These do not make for a good treat. They can cause kidney failure in your dog, and even a small amount can do this. Repetitive vomiting is a symptom of this, and within just a day of eating them, your dog will be depressed and lethargic.

7. Dairy


If you want to give your dog an ice cream on a hot day, give them doggy ice cream, don’t share yours. Dogs can’t have milk and other dairy products.

Milk and milk based produce can cause diarrhea and digestive issues for your dogs, and can trigger an allergic reaction which makes them itchy.

It’s not worth it.

8. Nuts (Macadamia Nuts) 

Just a few roasted macadamia nuts can make Fido ill. He will get muscle shakes, a high temperature, weakness in his rear legs, and start vomiting. If they eat chocolate with them, it will only get worse, and can actually be fatal.

9. Chocolate 

We all know chocolate is a no-go for dogs, however, the actual issue here is theobromine, which is in every chocolate, but does make the most dangerous form dark chocolate and baking chocolate.

It can cause your dog to vomit from their mouth and their rear (if you get our meaning). However, it can also cause tremors, seizures, heart problems, and even death.

Chocolate may be tasty, but it is not worth this!

10. Bones & Fat Trimmings

Bones & Fat Trimmings

You might think it is fine for Fido to have a bone, much as a leg from beef once you’ve eaten all the meat, or to give him some fat trimmings as a treat.

However, fat trimmed from meat can cause pancreatitis in your dog, be it cooked or uncooked.

A dog can also choke on the bone, they can splinter and block or cut your dog’s digestive system which is not only painful, but can cause fatal issues, and will cost you an arm and a leg in veterinary bills too.

Just give Fido their toy bone.

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