Fawcett Plumb: The Multi-Talented 19th Century Innovator Who Transformed His Town

Before we dive into the eventful life of Mr. Plumb, let me give you the highlights. Fawcett Plumb made contributions in law, business, politics, inventions, and community development during the late 1800s. He covered a lot of ground! Though he wore many hats, his sense of innovating practical solutions shines through. As we‘ll see, Plumb leveraged this skill not only to patent new devices but also to found enduring Streator institutions. Read on to discover how personal tragedies tempered but failed to halt Plumb’s professional ambitions. We’ll also explore the origins of a serene lakeside park that commemorates this prolific pioneer.

Farm Upbringing Sets Stage for Higher Education and Law Career

Plumb grew up learning the rigors of agriculture firsthand on his family’s Ohio homestead…While the arduous work instilled lifelong grit, it also stirred ambitions beyond life as a farmer…This drive led Plumb to enroll at Oberlin College in 1857 followed by law school studies in New York where he gained enough expertise to secure a practitioner license in 1867 at just 33 years old.

Brief Stint as Partner Precedes Shift to Business Ventures

Eager to employ his new credentials, Plumb promptly partnered with two other lawyers to launch a firm in Pontiac, Illinois. However, he soon grew restless behind the desk. When word came of promising real estate and development opportunities 90 miles south in Streator, Plumb wasted no time pursuing more entrepreneurial outlets fertile for his energies…

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