Hello Friend, Let‘s Explore the Fast-Growing Electric UTV Marketplace Together

So you‘ve heard about electric cars and trucks but…what about electric UTVs? As your trusted guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know about this emerging category.

What Exactly Are Electric UTVs?

First, what is a UTV? UTV stands for "utility terrain vehicle". You likely know them as "side-by-sides". Unlike regular 2-person ATVs, UTVs feature:

  • Enclosed cabins for 2-6 passengers
  • Storage beds for hauling cargo
  • Upgraded suspensions for smooth trail riding

In recent years UTVs have surged in popularity for both:

  • Recreational use (trail riding, farming, hunting)
  • Commercial use (construction, resorts, agriculture)

Electric UTVs replace the typical gas-powered engine with a battery-powered electric drivetrain. This provides major benefits like:

  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Zero emissions
  • Strong instant torque

However current limitations exist like range anxiety and high costs. But improvements in battery tech will alleviate these over time.

Now let‘s examine why electric UTV adoption is starting to accelerate…

Current Electric UTV Sales & Growth Projections

Electric UTVs comprise under 5% of total annual UTV sales still, but are growing over twice as fast as the overall UTV market according to research firm [Emergen]:

YearTotal UTV SalesElectric UTV Sales% Electric
2020924,000 units14,000 units1.5%
20211.28 million units22,500 units1.8%
20221.47 million units34,200 units2.3%

Industry experts like [Steve Henderson of TUATARA] predict over 10% of UTV sales will be electric by 2025 as prices fall and technology improves.

Major UTV makers like Polaris and Kubota entering the EV space also lends credibility. Let‘s examine some of most promising electric UTV options coming to market next.

Here are the Top 10 Electric UTVs I Recommend for 2023 and Beyond…

1. Vanderhall Electric Brawley

Built purely for dune-shredding thrills…

2. Polaris Ranger EV

The only major manufacturer currently selling an electric UTV…

As you can see, electric UTVs are rapidly evolving from divisive science experiments to formidable off-road performers.

While some limitations around range and costs remain, options for both recreational and commercial use cases now exist. Plus continued battery improvements on the horizon will only expand capabilities over time.

Now I‘d like to switch gears and walk through key considerations as you evaluate electric UTVs further…

I hope this guide has shed insight into the world of electric UTVs and gotten you excited about their future. Please reach out with any other questions!

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