Echo Show vs Google Nest Hub: An In-Depth Feature and Capability Comparison

The smart home device market has seen massive growth in recent years. Two of the most popular entries in this category are the Amazon Echo Show and the Google Nest Hub, both extremely capable smart displays packing helpful features.

But when it comes to determining which is the better choice, there are several factors to weigh. This definitive guide will analyze all the key differences, pros and cons, and usage considerations to help you confidently choose the optimal device for your connected home needs.

Display Quality and Size Options

The visual display is arguably one of the most important aspects of a smart screen device. Both the Echo Show and Nest Hub offer crisp HD touchscreens, but there are some key variations:

  • Echo Show – Available in 8" and 15.6" variants. The larger 15.6" model has a slight edge with more screen real estate.
  • Nest Hub – Base 7" screen, 10" display on Nest Hub Max. The size range is narrower than the Echo Show.

According to TechHive‘s smart display testing, the Echo Show maintained brighter, more vivid colors compared to the Nest Hub. However, the Nest Hub‘s Ambient EQ feature automatically adapts the screen‘s brightness and temperature based on the room – a more comfortable viewing experience.

Winner: Tie – both have excellent displays, Echo Show has larger variant while Nest Hub better optimizes screen settings.

Audio Performance

Audio quality is vital for listening to music, watching shows, or voice calls. Here is how the speakers compare per Digital Trends testing:

  • Echo Show 8 & 15 – Dual front-firing speaker drivers produce room-filling, dynamic sound.
  • Nest Hub Max – Robust audio with two tweeters and one woofer. Non-Max model has one full-range speaker.

While the Nest Hub and Echo Show speakers are comparable, the Echo Show‘s stereo separation provides a better listening experience according to consumer testing.

Winner: Echo Show – better positioned dual speakers create more immersive sound.

Smart Home Device Integration

Both devices work well to control other connected home gadgets like lights, locks, switches and more. But ecosystem matters here:

  • Echo Show – Seamlessly integrates with Amazon-sourced products. Manage via Alexa app.
  • Nest Hub – Designed specifically for Google/Nest products. Managed through Google Home app.

So your existing brand ecosystem preference and devices should inform choice here. Both represent their respective ecosystems very well.

Winner: Tie – Great smart home controllers depending on your ecosystem brand preference.

Voice Assistant Showdown: Alexa vs Google Assistant

The device‘s integrated voice assistant is core to the user experience. Here‘s how two leading options compare:

  • Alexa – Very capable, understands varied phrasing of requests, controls smart devices easily. More entertainment/music focused skillset.
  • Google Assistant – Extremely fast response times. More advanced ad-hoc query handling backed by Search knowledge graph.

Both assistants integrate similarly with their respective smart home ecosystems. While subjective, Google Assistant appears to have an edge in information request handling while Alexa is stronger on home entertainment control.

Winner: Tie – Preference will depend on if you prioritize information lookups or home entertainment control.

Making Video Calls: Platform Support

Need to make video calls with your smart display? There are some substantial differences in terms of platform support and call handling:

  • Echo Show – Video calling through Amazon tablets/devices along with Skype integration.
  • Nest Hub Max – Google Duo video calling only. 7" Nest Hub lacks camera for calls.

So while both can handle video calls, the Echo Show is much more versatile working across Amazon‘s communications platforms and Skype. Note the standard Nest Hub does not even support video.

Winner: Echo Show – Far broader video calling capability across more platforms.

Built-in Camera: Quality and Privacy

The latest Echo Show and Nest Hub Max models contain built-in cameras for video calls and camera features. But there are camera and privacy-related discrepancies:

  • Echo Show – Higher resolution 13MP sensor compared to Nest Hub Max‘s 6.5MP. Includes shutter and mic mute.
  • Nest Hub Max – No manual shutter. Lacks mic mute button physical switch.

With a higher resolution image sensor and physical controls for microphone and camera control, the Echo Show provides greater privacy peace of mind.

Winner: Echo Show – Significantly better camera and privacy provisions.

Music and Entertainment Streaming Support

When it comes to streaming your favorite music and video services, both platforms have you covered:

  • Echo Show – Streaming service support includes Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Apple Music
  • Nest Hub – Streams YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, Pandora, Google Photos library

There is strong support for major entertainment providers across both devices. Worth calling out YouTube support is only natively available on the Google Nest Hub though.

Winner: Tie – Very similar entertainment streaming app support.

Design Aesthetic Appeal

These devices need to look good on your kitchen counter or living room cabinet. So how do their design and build styles compare?

  • Echo Show – Slim, elegant profile and user interface. New model looks like photo frame.
  • Nest Hub – Softer, curved textured design blends into any decor. Multiple color options.

The Echo Show has a more striking, modern look according to most interior design publications. But the Nest Hub‘s softer profile and fabric coating provides warm, welcoming feel that buyers also enjoy.

Winner: Tie – Both have very appealing looks that suit different aesthetic preferences.

Tracking Additional Capabilities

Beyond the core features above, there are some other considerations that could sway your buying decision:

  • Energy Savings – Both devices offer low power modes to conserve energy when idle. Can also control other connected thermostats/devices to optimize household energy efficiency.
  • Software Updates – Amazon and Google both regularly update device software with new features, applications and improvements. Results in a better long term user experience.
  • Language Support – An advantage for the Nest Hub – supports over 30 languages compared to just 7 on the Echo Show. Great for multi-lingual homes.
  • Parental Controls – Tailored kids modes on both platforms: Amazon Kids+ and Google Family Link. Allow guardians to manage content and set usage limits.
  • Accessibility – Echo Show and Nest Hub have screen readers, closed captioning, and other vision/hearing/mobility focused features to enable those with disabilities.

After this comprehensive feature and capability comparison, how do these two flagship smart display devices stack up? Here is a quick summary of the key pros for each:

Echo Show Advantages

  • Larger display option (15.6”)
  • Superior stereo speakers
  • Skype + Amazon device video calling
  • Higher resolution camera
  • Excellent physical privacy controls
  • Modern, striking profile

Nest Hub Advantages

  • Auto-adjusts display to room dynamics
  • Native YouTube support
  • Slightly better ad-hoc voice query handling
  • Softer, blendable visual design
  • Wider multi-language support

Both Amazon and Google devices represent the best fully-featured smart displays for their respective brand ecosystems. Those invested in Alexa, Echo products and Amazon services may find the display, speakers, and video chat capabilities of the Echo Show to be a better fit.

However, buyers who want best-in-class Google Assistant integration, use a lot of YouTube, value design subtlety, or need foreign language support will be very well served by the latest Google Nest Hub Max.

So in determining between these two stellar options, carefully analyze your smart home ecosystem, preferred entertainment sources, and usage priorities. Use the comprehensive notes above to decide on the right match!

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