Dogs During Fireworks Season Facts

Is this not the image you want at your home during New Year’s or 4th of July fireworks events? Your dog sitting happily, calmly by your chairside, and everyone enjoying the spectacular display lighting up the clear night sky?

For some pet owners, this may be the case, but there is an endless list of dogs and dog owners who dread a fireworks display and who can blame them. Not knowing why those bangs are as deafening as they are, why the sky looks like the next world war, and the owner seems as stressed as the dog.

There is a solution and the great thing about this ingredient is that it isn’t filled to the top with harsh and harmful chemicals or preservatives that allow it to stand on the shelf for months on end without spoiling.

This naturally grown and harvested plant known as CBD or Cannabidiol is taking the world by storm and the nation is reaping the benefits of its health properties.

Is CBD right for your pet?

If you enjoy seeing your dog with a new zest for life, a sense of energy that will leave you exhausted at the end of the morning runs or hikes, and his fur looking like a young pup then CBD is for you.

The components of the Cannabidiol plant are broken down into two main categories, CBD and THC. As we know the Cannabis Sativa plant has aided and healed individuals and animals for centuries and the more we discover the more we learn how to implement it into our lives, our diets, and our pets are along for the ride.

CBD reacts with the Cannabinoid receptors in the body (dogs have more than humans) and thus its compatibility allows its fast absorption into the system and you enjoy the benefits within a few weeks.

Success stories such as these make it worth looking into, if you have tried everything else then what have you got to lose?

Your pet deserves to live a fuller, longer life, and aging gracefully into his golden years is not only heart-warming but you get to spend as much time with them as possible. After all, they are the only ones that love us no matter what mood we’re in.

The other side of the story is the element known as THC for short or Tetrahydrocannabinol and this ingredient is not what you want in your products.

Although the extraction processes are becoming increasingly refined and effective there are still traces of THC present in CBD products, and so it is important to ensure that a THC content of only 0.3% and less is stated on the packaging to be safe for consumption.

THC gives recreational users the feeling of being ‘high,’ with effects such as hallucinations and a psychoactive experience and thus unfit for individuals hoping to use the Cannabis Sativa plant for health purposes.


Cooking with CBD.

The wonder of a versatile ingredient is that it seemingly goes with everything and the more you try out new recipes the more creative you will find yourself becoming, you can try those new cookie cutters you have had your eye on.

If being in the kitchen is not for you then browsing the large variety of products is perfect to fit your lifestyle, there are CBD infused gummies to pop into your handbag or doggy bag while out for a stroll, or the compact oil dropper bottle for a quick dose under your dog’s tongue.

There is something for everyone and every breed, the products can be tailored and personalized to suit your pup’s ailments and health needs.

To find a product that works for you, check out pethempcompany where you can not only browse what’s available on the market but chat to industry professionals for guidance and advice on how best to start your CBD adventure. Your pet will thank you for it and you can give your dog a pain and stress-free life.

Implementing an organic and all-natural ingredient to a meal plan, which is free from pesticides and chemicals is a step in the right direction for a healthier lifestyle and we can reap the benefits of the CBD plant that is grown naturally.

The positives of this flower have only just begun to be discovered more in-depth and we can only expect great results from the Cannabis Sativa plant.

Care with CBD.

Now that you have found a product that works within your budget and lifestyle you need to be aware before giving it to your dog of how much to administer, depending on the breed as well as the weight, size, and height of your pet that these can vary.

Too little and your dog won’t enjoy the full- if any- beneficial effects that CBD has to offer, too much and they could have a negative reaction or become ill so checking the dosage chart before you begin is essential.

To learn more about this ingredient that is taking the world by storm and becoming increasingly popular take a moment to read this article that explains the pros and cons of CBD, how best to choose and use it, and the positives that make it so sought after.

We have long tried chemically filled prescriptions, it is time to get back to nature and use wholesome organic products that are good for our pets.

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