Discover the PrestigeHD – The Most Expensive TV in the World

Have you ever wondered what the most expensive television in the world looks like? As you relax on your couch watching the latest show, there are ultra-wealthy buyers willing to pay over $2 million for a single television. But not just any TV – these are bespoke luxury creations featuring solid gold frames, flawless diamonds, rare gemstones and alligator skin crafted by UK designer Stuart Hughes.

In this guide, I‘ll transport you into the elite world of luxury electronics to uncover the opulent details and record-breaking background behind Stuart Hughes‘ $2.25 million PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition television. Along the way, we‘ll compare specs and materials with a marginally more affordable $1.5 million Supreme version Hughes offered to upscale buyers.

Understanding Stuart Hughes‘ World of Luxury Electronics

Before we reveal the most expensive television‘s specifics, it helps to understand the crafter behind these luxury creations. Stuart Hughes formed in Liverpool, UK in 2002 led by namesake founder Stuart Hughes and designer partner Jo-Emma Larvin.

Hughes carries a passion for fusing high-end materials often found in jewelry, watches and fashions – like precious metals, diamonds and exotic leathers – with functional electronics and accessories.

For instance, Stuart Hughes holds the world record for the most expensive gaming console ever sold – three 24-karat gold Nintendo Wii Supreme editions with diamond buttons priced over $450,000 each (Stuart Hughes, 2022).

That design pedigree translates to exorbitantly priced but completely customized products catering specifically to billionaire buyers not content with mass-produced tech.

"We create items that no one else can acquire. Our products push possibilities for seamlessly integrating luxury materials into cutting-edge technology," notes Hughes on the brand‘s exclusive appeal.

Let‘s uncover why their PrestigeHD Supreme television shattered pricing records for any television ever made.

Inside the $2.25 Million Supreme Rose Edition

In 2010, Stuart Hughes made headlines in luxury circles by unveiling their PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition television – crowned the most expensive TV ever made by Guinness World Records at $2.25 million (Guinness World Records, 2022).

But only three units were custom-built specifically on commission for Hughes‘ billionaire clients, keeping them exclusive as the world‘s most expensive television.

So what exactly did $2.25 million buy buyers?

On the surface, the PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition housed a 55-inch LCD flat screen manufactured by German TV company Metz. Picture quality stood on par with other high-end LCD televisions released in 2010.

But the real luxury lived in Stuart Hughes‘ lavish hand-crafted casing around that display – made entirely of precious metals and gems.

Let‘s break those eye-catching specs down:

  • Frame: Constructed from 18-karat rose gold – indicating 75% pure gold content. The frame‘s sculpted solid gold weighed an incredible 28 kilograms (61.73 lbs).
  • Diamonds: 72 flawless "F" colorless/clear quality 1-carat diamonds adorn the frame, totaling 14.4 grams scattered around the bezel.
  • Gemstones: Vibrant orange sunstones exhibiting aventurescence complement regal amethysts quartz within intricate frame etchings.
  • Panel Skin: Interior TV panels covered in hand-sewn alligator skin colored cream to milk chocolate brown.

As you can tell, the PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition television oozed ostentatious luxury from every angle. Its handcrafted details could rival any iconic jewelry or fashion house in terms of quality precious metals and dazzling gems.

But recognizing even the most moneyed buyers might find $2.25 million beyond reach, Hughes crafted a relatively more accessible alternative…

Previewing the $1.5 Million "Bargain" PrestigeHD Supreme

Along with their flagship Supreme Rose Edition in 2010, Stuart Hughes introduced a second television with elite pedigree and a lower price tag – the PrestigeHD Supreme priced at $1.5 million.

This too stood as a 55-inch limited edition LCD television custom-made only for Hughes‘ private ultra high net worth clients wanting the next most expensive TV on the planet.

How did Hughes carve $750,000 off the record-setting $2.25 million Rose version? Let‘s examine the Supreme‘s more cost-efficient specifications:

SpecificationSupreme Rose EditionSupreme Edition
Frame18K Rose Gold (75% pure gold) – 61.73 lbs22K Gold (91.67% pure gold) – 41.88 lbs
Diamonds72 x 1 carat (
Flawless)"F" clarity round diamonds – Total 14.4 grams
48 x 0.75 carat (Internally Flawless)"IF" clarity round diamonds – Total 7.2 grams
GemstonesSunstones, AmethystsAventurine quartz, Blue Topaz
Screen55-inch LCD HD Metz55-inch LCD HD Metz
Panel SkinAlligatorAlligator

As you glean from the table, while still incredibly luxurious, thePrestigeHD Supreme edition made slight mineral and gem reductions to accomplish a 33% lower price tag.

22-karat gold at over 91% purity replaced the previous 18K rose gold frame. Smaller 3/4 carat diamonds with minor imperfections noticeable only under intense magnification substituted for flawless 1-carat stones. And semi-precious quartz and topaz gemstones stood in for rarer sunstones and amethysts.

However, $1.5 million still conferred impressive bragging rights for the next most expensive television ever sold – just behind Hughes Design‘s $2.25 million crown jewel.

Now you might assume demand ran hot for these one-of-a-kind luxury creations even among the world‘s wealthiest television buyers. But their launch faced rather cool reception amid larger economic forces.

Muted Fanfare and Continued Fascination

According to media reports post-launch in 2010, the public reaction to Stuart Hughes’ record-setting PrestigeHD Supreme televisions registered barely a blip compared to today‘s viral news cycle standards.

The prevailing economic climate of lingering recovery from 2008‘s crushing global recession assured these displays of indulgence found limited spotlight among more pressing financial matters.

However, while traditional coverageFixation lingered squarely on stabilizing markets and repairing balance sheets, niche tech and culture blogs documented the Hughes Supreme television arrivals as fascinations rather than must-have electronic lust items.

More recently, over a decade later, these bespoke luxury TVs still hold intrigue in the occasional tech and business headline for their decadence according to residual media murmurs (Kooser, 2022).

Evaluating the success of such haute electronic couture proves challenging, though. As singular custom pieces made specifically on commission for three elite buyers, mass adoption hardly stood as Stuart Hughes’ aim.

Rather, their ambition to create the world’s most lavish television as objects of desire for those with endless means appears their primary success metric – no matter how small the billionaire consumer pool.

The intersection where technology melds with jewelry clearly captivates at the utmost echelons of wealth. And for a select few, $2.25 million represented a reasonable asking price to indulge passions where emotions overrides practicality.

So while 99.9999% of television shoppers will never lay eyes on a luxe PrestigeHD Supreme edition, their legend as both pioneering and most expensive TVs endures as stratospheric symbols of status.

I hope you enjoyed this insider‘s tour through the rarefied air of luxury electronics! Let me know if you have any other questions about these incredibly opulent Stuart Hughes televisions.


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