Hey there! Deciding Between Discord vs Slack? Read This Comparison First

So you likely already use either Discord or Slack apps for connecting with colleagues or gaming buddies. But have you ever considered one might work better for your needs? If not, don‘t worry – I‘m here to explore that today!

In this post, I‘ll compare Discord vs Slack features to help you determine the best platform fit. Over 2000+ words, we‘ll explore:

  • An overview of Discord and Slack purpose and users
  • Side-by-side table highlighting 10+ aspects like communication, integrations, pricing plans
  • Detailed feature analysis around voice chat, customizations, productivity
  • Ideal use cases and 5 must-know facts about each tool
  • Frequently asked questions answered about using the apps together and for personal chats

Let‘s start with the basics before diving into the details!

Here‘s the Bird‘s Eye View of Discord and Slack Apps

When it comes to modern chat apps, two big players emerge – Discord and Slack. But they actually serve pretty different needs:

Discord: Launched in 2015 for gamers to chat while playing together online. But now supports over 150 million monthly active users from all communities seeking seamless voice/video connections.

Slack: Created in 2013 as a business communication alternative to overwhelming email. It now fuels over 12+ million daily active users in the workplace through messages and productivity integrations.

So in a nutshell:

  • Discord focuses on real-time hangouts for groups interested in talking while doing activities together
  • Slack enables organized collaboration around work projects that happen to rely more on text-based conversations

But there are plenty of other differences when considering Discord vs Slack apps side-by-side…

Comparing Core Features: Discord vs Slack

Here’s an at-a-glance comparison of Discord and Slack capabilities across 10+ categories:

Main FocusGaming & friend hangoutsBusiness team productivity
Ideal User BasePublic communities & hobby circlesCompanies & remote workers
Pricing PlansFree, Nitro $9.99/month, Nitro Classic $4.99/monthFree, Standard $6.67/month, Plus $13/month, Enterprise Custom
Voice Chat SupportUnlimited server-based channels on free1-on-1 calls only for free users
Video Call Max Participants8 people in free plan; up to 50 streaming15 max across paid plans
Screen Sharing Built-In?Yes, even in free versionYes, all plans
Group Chat OptionsText channels, direct messagingChannels, DMs, threaded messaging
Third-Party IntegrationsCommunity-built custom bots & plugins2,400+ apps like Dropbox, Google Drive
Starting File Sharing Limit8 MB free plan; 100 MB paid plans1 GB per file all plans; 10 GB storage paid
Custom Emojis & GIFs?Millions of free community emojisSome custom emoji support
Mobile & Desktop AppsWindows, Mac, Linux, iOS, AndroidWindows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android

With this high-level view, we already see some divergence around ideal use cases, communication modes, and productivity capabilities.

But to dig deeper, let‘s explore some of Discord and Slack‘s unique strengths…

Where Discord Shines Over Slack

Discord beats out Slack in a few key communication areas:

Next-Level Voice Chat

By far, Discord‘s most popular feature is the seamless voice chat support. Even as a free user, you can create chat servers for groups and talk in real-time using crystal clear audio quality.

Compare this to Slack‘s free plan only allowing 1-on-1 calls. Even paid Slack plans limit voice chats to 15 people max simultaneously. For community hangouts, gaming sessions, virtual meetups, Discord blows other apps out of the water with robust free voice chat.

Across all platforms, Discord users spend over 600+ million minutes each day in voice chat channels!

Streaming to Large Crowds

Beyond chatting with small groups, Discord also enables streaming content out to larger crowds. The Go Live streaming allows you to share your screen, gaming feeds, or host shows with 50+ viewer participants.

Between intimate voice chats and public streaming capacity, Discord empowers creators and communities in ways traditional business chat apps can’t compete with.

Areas Where Slack Wins Over Discord

Now let‘s examine Slack‘s stand-out strengths in the workplace:

Rock-Solid Third-Party App Integrations

While Discord enables community bots for customizations, Slack takes integrations to the next level for business users.

With over 2,400+ apps available to integrate, Slack can connect your team‘s:

  • File sharing: Google Drive, Dropbox, Box
  • Productivity: Asana, Trello, GitHub
  • Analytics: Mixpanel, Salesforce

And hundreds more categories that apps cater to.

This means Slack updates can appear from project management tools, messaging can happen inside document collaboration software, and data insights get pulled right into your frequent conversations.

Structured Communication

Another selling factor for productivity-obsessed teams is Slack‘s structured communication flows. While Discord centers on free-flowing conversations in real-time moments, Slack offers:

Threaded Messaging: Reply directly to a specific message and keep context easy to follow

Custom Channels: Segment project teams, departments, topics and keep relevant info accessible

First-Party Video Calls: Hop on screen sharing-enabled video chats for up to 15 teammates

Together this enables organized, effective business communication aligned to company goals.

Best Situations to Use Discord Over Slack

Given the analysis so far, here are the prime use cases favoring Discord over Slack:

🚀 Casual Hangout Platform: For relaxed gaming, hobby, or friends servers

🚀 Seamless Community Builder: Unite niche communities supporting voices conversations

🚀 Multitasking Together: Check out podcasts, game streams, or music listening parties

🚀 Affordable & Accessible: Generate unlimited talk space free for all with limited budgets

The top reasons everyday users spend 300+ million hours weekly on Discord voice servers? Joining friends in real-time chat while being part of interactive experiences together.

Times When Slack Wins Over Discord

Alternatively, here are examples favoring Slack adoption over Discord:

👩‍💻 Enabling Hybrid Teams: Allow mix of remote and in-office staff to align effectively

👩‍💻 Structured Project Management: Track tasks across apps in one place with custom integrations

👩‍💻 Compliant Industries: Meet security requirements in finance, healthcare, etc

👩‍💻 Scaling Business Ops: Support company growth goals through searchable chat history and API options

Over 65% of Slack users say it‘s reduced emails, boosted productivity and connected remote staff for their organizations. By keeping mission-critical business needs in mind, Slack simply outperforms entertainment-focused apps like Discord across these fronts.

5 Must-Know Discord vs. Slack Facts

Beyond the details above, keep these key differences in mind while evaluating Discord and Slack:

1️⃣ Discord’s voice channels host over 5+ million conversations daily
2️⃣ The average Slack user sends over 200 text messages per week
3️⃣ Discord allows unlimited group voice chat; Slack caps free plans at 1-on-1
4️⃣ Slack offers threaded messaging; Discord centers on real-time talk
5️⃣ Discord suits public friends servers; Slack for private work teams

The Final Verdict: Discord vs Slack

The choice between Discord vs Slack comes down to your priorities:

🔊 If you want to talk to friends and communities in real-time during activities, choose Discord.

🔊 If you need to message colleagues and organize structured projects, go with Slack.

Neither platform is inherently "better" overall. It comes down to your goals and people needing connection.

Gamers, creators, hobbyist circles? Discord.

Remote work teams, business ops, compliance needs? Slack.

Look at your specific use case to determine if seamless voice chat or secure searchable chat history matter most.

Then take your communities or organization to the next level with the right platform picked!

Got Questions Before Deciding on Discord or Slack?

Here are answers to some common questions when evaluating Discord vs Slack:

Can I use Discord and Slack together?

Absolutely! Many folks rely on Slack for their 9-to-5 job, then hang out with friends discussing hobbies on Discord after work hours.

Is Discord only for gaming purposes?

While extremely popular in gaming circles, Discord also enables friend servers around specific niches like music, self-improvement, parenting, and much more. If people share an interest, they can bond over Discord voice channels.

Can Slack and Discord be used for personal chats?

Yes! You can direct message individual users on both platforms to facilitate private conversations securely. Although primarily business-focused, Slack works great for family communication too.

Which is more secure – Discord or Slack?

Both Discord and Slack invest in robust security measures like end-to-end encryption for data protection. They also enable two-factor authentication, role permissions, secure infrastructure and storage for peace of mind.

What about data ownership and privacy?

Slack offers enterprise-grade compliance ensuring customers retain data ownership rights. Discord’s privacy policy also states they will not sell user data; however some server owners may have data access.

Review each platform’s security and compliance specifics based on your risk comfort levels.

Phew, this turned into a marathon guide…but I hope all the details help provide clarity deciding between Discord vs Slack!

Let me know if any other questions come up. Just looking out for ya to choose the best chat platform fit. 😊 Happy connecting!

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