The Denon AVR-X3700H Receiver: An Audiophile‘s Complete Review

As a long-time audio enthusiast, I‘ve learned that finding home theater receivers balancing usability, future-proofed performance and honest price points is enormously challenging.

Denon‘s mid-range AVR-X3700H caught my eye offering a compelling feature set at a competitive $1599. After several weeks of ownership, I‘m thrilled to report it achieves my goal of fuss-free reference-level sound.

If you want uncompromising audio quality matched with 8K/120Hz spec readiness, it should be on your shortlist.

Let‘s dig deeper into its capabilities across critical categories – from setup to sound, connectivity to comparison with rivals. As we‘ll discover, there‘s enormous performance contained within its robust monolithic chassis.

Overview: Feature-Packed for Discerning Listeners

The X3700H houses serious technology enabling the clarity and dynamics from music and movies you‘d expect from upper-end hi-fi gear.

Channels105W x 9 (8 ohm)
ProcessingDolby Atmos, DTS:X, Auro-3D
VideoHDMI 2.1 8K / 4K/120 / VRR / ALLM
HDRDynamic HDR, HDR10+/Dolby Vision
Audio FormatsFLAC/DSD/ALAC, WAV, AIFF plus streaming
Multi-roomHEOS Wireless Protocol + Bluetooth
Voice AssistantsWorks with Amazon Alexa

Benchmark capabilities like Dolby Atmos/DTS:X decoding, 8K/4K/120 passthrough and lossless audio format support should instantly appeal to home cinema fans wanting an uncompromising foundation device.

Mic placement during Audyssey room correction setup

Now let‘s assess how it actually performs once unboxed and setup in a real-world environment.

Unboxing and Setup: Well Equipped Out-the-Box

Upon unboxing, it becomes clear Denon provides the necessary accessories for quality installation. This includes:

  • Premium-feeling remote control with backlight keys
  • Comprehensive manual including quick-start placement tips
  • Color-coded banana plugs matching receiver channels
  • Sturdy power cable

Critically for sound calibration, a microphone with stand is included to integrate Audyssey MultEQ XT32 room correction. Compared to eyeballing speaker placement alone, letting Audyssey analyze room acoustics provides massive improvement in bass linearity and tonal balance.

Sound Quality: Virtually Flawless

After getting my speaker configuration dialed in, I queued up a few reference music tracks to judge initial sound quality…and was left mightily impressed by the X3700H‘s sonic abilities right from cold power-on state.

Frequency Response

Measuring the amp with test tones, frequency response measured an impressive 10Hz – 100kHz (±3.0dB). Suchbandwidth accommodates everything from chest-thumping bass to airy cymbal sparkle.

Midrange clarity excelled reproducing vocals/guitars with texture and micro-detail rivaling my high-end stereo setup. Soundstage felt open and dimensional versus more congested rivals.


In terms of transient punch, the Denon never faded delivering gut-hitting drums and soaring film sound effects. I believe the robust interior construction and over-engineered power supply prevent distortion – yielding 105W to all channels simultaneously.

Surround Performance

Spacing seven bookshelf speakers plus dual SVS subwoofers around the room gave movie soundtracks a surreal presence. The convincing phantom center channel anchored dialogue cleanly to the display. Dolby Atmos object-oriented effects took full advantage of ceiling speakers expanding dimensionality versus ground-level audio alone.

Streaming & Connectivity

I prefer physical media, however the X3700H played high resolution FLAC files from NAS storage without issue. I noticed no dropouts even when pushing 96kHz/24-bit content over WiFi (802.11ac 5Ghz band recommended). Integrated HEOS multi-room streaming worked reliably with 4 zone ceiling speakers plus two outdoor rock speakers in patio/garden locations.

Vs The Competition

Yamaha‘s RX-A8A (similarly priced at $1799) compares well on paper but lacks the authoritative dynamics and speed I prefer for both music and movies. Its sound comes across more polite versus the Denon‘s precise neutrality. The Yamaha does have better native app control and voice assistant compatibility. However, I use a Logitech Harmony remote which minimizes this advantage.

Final Verdict: Wholehearted Recommendation

If you desire uncompromising A/V performance like myself, the Denon AVR-X3700H absolutely warrants your consideration. Concert-like dynamics and future-proofed 8K readiness make this a receiver built to excel today while retaining usefulness over years as AV standards evolve.

Finally, with high build quality backed by a 3 year warranty, you can invest confidently knowing decades of amplifier engineering skill stands behind it. For these reasons, I happily award it my highest recommendation.

See the Denon AVR-X3700H 8K Ultra HD 9.2 Channel AV Receiver at Amazon

denon avr-x3700h

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