Daredevil Lawn Mower vs Husqvarna Robotic Mower: Which Wins for Your Yard?

Robotic mowers promise to free you from one of the most tedious yard chores – pushing a heavy, noisy, gas-guzzling mower around the lawn. But with two very different options on the market, the Daredevil and Husqvarna robot mowers, how do homeowners know which is the best choice?

I‘ve taken an in-depth look at both robotic mowers to provide the ultimate comparison guide. Read on to discover the key differences, pros and cons, and whether the rugged Daredevil or self-driving Husqvarna is most likely to be the MVP of your yard.

Daredevil vs Husqvarna: At-a-Glance Comparison

Let‘s start with a high-level overview of how these two robotic mowers stack up:

DaredevilHusqvarna Automower 430XH
Width21.5 inches9.45 inches
Weight286 lbs32.4 lbs
Power SourceGas engine + batteryBattery
Automated?No, remote controlledYes

As you can see, these mowers take very different approaches when it comes to design, operation, and intended usage. The key traits that set them apart?

The Daredevil is gas-powered, much larger/heavier, and manually controlled via remote control. This makes it better suited for rugged terrain and hard-to-reach areas.

The Husqvarna runs solely on a rechargeable battery and navigates your lawn independently. It‘s ideal for medium to large yards where routine, automatic grass cutting is preferred.

Next, let‘s go deeper into how each robotic mower gets the job done.

Daredevil Lawn Mower: A Beefy, Manual Option

Looking like it just drove off the set of a monster truck rally, the Daredevil is one burly mower. The tank-like tracked design, beefy steel chassis, and gas engine indicate it means business when it comes to heavy duty yard work.

Here are its key features and capabilities:

  • Powerful 21HP Kohler engine – provides ample cutting power even for thick, tall grass
  • Electric track motors – independently control the two tracks for precise steering
  • Onboard generator – keeps the battery charged while mowing
  • Electric deck lift – easily raises/lowers mower deck via remote control
  • RC remote operation – steer, start/stop the mower manually like a large remote control car
  • Rugged build – sturdy construction for off-road mowing and steep hills
  • Optional snow plow – plow blade attaches at front for winter use

In a nutshell, the Daredevil is part-mower, part-mini-tank. The combo of gas engine and electric track motors gives it the power and torque to muscle through grass and uneven terrain that would leave lesser mowers spinning their wheels.

It‘s the closest thing you‘ll find to a ride-on mower in terms of raw mowing performance, while still being nimble enough to maneuver into tight spaces. And the remote operation transforms grass cutting into an engaging, video game-like experience.

Husqvarna Automower: A Brainy Bot

Whereas the Daredevil relies on manual control and horsepower, the Husqvarna Automower takes a high-tech approach. Like an autonomous robot vacuum, this mower navigates itself around your yard using programmed patterns and sensors to avoid obstacles.

The Husqvarna comes packed with automated smarts:

  • AI-powered navigation – lawn mapping and sensor data enables efficient, systematic mowing
  • Obstacle detection – ultrasonic sensors identify objects to steer clear of
  • Theft protection – GPS tracking allows monitoring location
  • Scheduled operation – mowing times can be customized via app
  • Automatic charging – returns itself to base station when battery is low

It also uses an unusual cutting system designed specifically for frequent, light-duty trimming of grass:

  • Mulching 3-blade disc – spins at high speed to finely cut grass for even dispersal
  • Low-profile design – easily avoids sticks, toys, sprinklers, and other objects
  • Virtually silent operation – much quieter than gas mowers

Rather than chopping grass into long pieces or collecting clippings, the Husqvarna cuts frequently and mulches by cutting grass blades into tiny pieces. This constant "haircut" approach means you get a perfectly manicured lawn without bagging clippings or leaving messy windrows.

The downside? With just a 9 inch cutting width, smaller yards may require longer mowing durations. And the automated operation necessitates keeping yards free of debris, holes, and other obstacles.

Daredevil vs Husqvarna: Which Should You Choose?

Now for the million dollar question: which one of these futuristic mowers is right for your yard?

Best for Large, Rugged Terrain: Daredevil

With its aggressive tracted tires and heavy-duty build, the Daredevil excels when the mowing gets tough:

  • Hills and slopes
    *Dense, overgrown areas
  • Long grass and weeds
  • Poor traction areas like sand or mud
  • Tight spots between trees/obstacles
  • Emergency storm debris clearing

Manual control also allows precise maneuvering around landscaping features whereas the Husqvarna requires setting up buried perimeter wires.

The Daredevil does require effort and skill on the part of the operator. So it‘s not as fully automated as the Husqvarna. But thrill-seeking DIYers will enjoy mastering the unique challenge of RC mower piloting.

For large properties with varied terrain that requires selective mowing, the hardy Daredevil is the best match.

Best for Flat, Routine Mowing: Husqvarna

Homeowners who want to take mowing off their to-do list will appreciate the self-steering, self-charging convenience of the Husqvarna Automower.

As long as your lawn area meets the size specs below, this autonomous mower can reliably handle routine grass cutting chores:

  • Up to 0.8 acres
  • Mostly flat/minimal hills
  • Low-growing grass, free of dense shrubbery
  • Free of debris, holes, and other obstructions
  • Minimal hardscaping to interfere with navigation

Set the weekly mowing schedule and let the intelligent Automower take over from there! Its frequent trimming keeps grass perfectly neat while you relax.

For consistently manicured lawn perfection without the hassle, Husqvarna‘s automated solution can‘t be beat.

Recent Tech Updates for Robotic Mowers

Robotic mower tech continues advancing rapidly. Both Daredevil and Husqvarna have added impressive new capabilities:


  • Enhanced navigation algorithms improve mapping accuracy and obstacle avoidance
  • Refined battery optimization extends mowing duration per charge
  • Custom mowing patterns allow programming personalized yard routes


  • Radar-based sensors provide vastly improved object detection compared to old ultrasonic models

These upgrades make robotic mowing even more reliable and hassle-free. And there are exciting innovations still to come.

What‘s Next for Robotic Mower Tech?

Here‘s a preview of some of the key robotic mowing enhancements on the horizon over the next 18 months:

Artificial Intelligence – More advanced AI will enable mowers like the Daredevil and Husqvarna to self-optimize navigation and grass cutting efficiency.

Hybrid Power Systems – Gas/electric combo systems may increase potential mowing range and runtime while reducing emissions.

Enhanced Safety Features – Improved object detection plus new features like automatic pet/child avoidance will minimize risks.

GPS Geo-Fencing – Robotic mowers will leverage GPS tracking to contain themselves within set property boundaries.

Weatherproofing – Upgrades like waterproof casings will allow mowing to continue in light rain/snow.

Smart Home Connectivity – Options to monitor and control robotic mowers via home assistants like Alexa may arrive.

While robotic mowers are impressive already, they continue getting smarter, safer, more powerful and more autonomous. Exciting possibilities lie ahead!

Bottom Line


Best for – Large, hilly, rugged yards; Tackling tall grass & tough terrainGood for – Flexible control around landscaping; Fun, engaging mowing


Best for – Flat, routine mowing up to 0.8 acresGood for – Perfectly manicured lawn; Fully automated convenience

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Daredevil require charging?

The onboard generator charges the battery when mowing, but you can also manually recharge if needed.

What cutting system does the Husqvarna use?

It uses a fast spinning trimmer-style blade to finely mulch and cut grass instead of bagging clippings.

How often will the Husqvarna mow my lawn?

It is designed to mow small sections daily or every other day to maintain an ideal grass height.

Can the Daredevil handle steep hills?

Yes, its heavy-duty tracked tires provide excellent traction and stability on slopes up to 20 degrees.

Do these mowers require seasonal maintenance?

Basic maintenance like blade and belt replacement is recommended yearly. The Husqvarna‘s base station may require occasional cleaning.

No matter your yard‘s unique needs, choosing between Daredevil‘s brawn or Husqvarna‘s robotic brains boils down to whether raw mowing muscle or hands-free convenience takes priority. Hopefully this detailed face-off has provided clarity to help you pick the perfect robot mower match for home turf domination!

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