What Channel Is CMT on DirecTV? (2024 Update)


Finding your favorite TV channels should be simple with today‘s advanced cable and satellite technology. For country music fans, locating CMT in their DirecTV lineup allows convenient access to music videos, reality shows, and hit series. This guide shares everything you need to know to tune into CMT on channel 327 through your DirecTV subscription.

We‘ll explore the history of CMT, its current programming and ownership, and details on CMT‘s sister stations, MTV and Comedy Central. Whether you‘re looking for the latest country videos or syndicated shows like Yellowstone, read on to master your DirecTV channel surfin‘.

What Channel Is CMT on DirecTV?

Here‘s a quick reference table with the DirecTV channel locations for CMT and its sister stations:

Channel NameDirecTV Channel Number
Comedy Central249

So feel free to flip between music, comedy, and reality shows on channels 327, 331, and 249 on your DirecTV lineup.

History of CMT

CMT has come a long way from its inception back in 1983. Industry reports show CMT founder Glenn D. Daniels launched the channel on March 5, 1983 in Hendersonville, Tennessee. The first video aired was Faron Young‘s 1971 country classic "It‘s Four in the Morning."

Within its first decade, CMT grew into a major cable force devoted to country music videos nearly 24 hours a day. By 2000, Viacom acquired the network as part of its CBS purchase. MTV Entertainment Group now oversees CMT as it entertains over 180,000 weekly viewers.

CMT blended music programming with reality shows like Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and later seasons of the TV drama Nashville. Combined with marathons of hit series like Yellowstone and The Golden Girls, CMT offers wide appeal in today‘s 200+ channel universe.

What You Can Watch on CMT

While CMT no longer solely airs country videos around the clock, music still plays a pivotal role in their programming. Alongside nostalgic sitcoms and hot new drama series, you can look forward to these viewing options on CMT:

Original Series

CMT has moved into more original programming over the years like Still the King, Nashville, and behind-the-scenes look at NFL cheerleaders, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team. While some originals have ended, you may still find reruns popping up.

Music Video Blocks

What country music channel would be complete without videos? Tune into CMT every weekday morning from 3-8am EST for country music videos and countdowns. You can also catch specialty music blocks focused on specific artists and themes.

In April 2023, CMT is airing "CMT Giants Kenny Chesney: No Shoes Nation" and "Naomi Judd: A River of Time Celebration" concert special along with artist-themed music video takeovers.

Popular Acquired Series

Between 8am-1am on weekdays, CMT airs hit acquired series like Yellowstone, The Golden Girls, Reba, and The King of Queens. So kick back and laugh along with classic sitcoms or get wrapped up in can‘t-miss dramas.

CMT‘s Sister Station – MTV

MTV needs no introduction after fueling pop culture since the 1980s with its music video pioneers like Madonna and Michael Jackson. While you may be used to MTV for music, today you‘ll find more reality shows and documentaries.

Series keeping viewers tuning in include retrospective The Challenge: Untold History along with classics like Catfish and Teen Mom. Want to catch up on past seasons of favorite MTV shows? Check listings for binge-worthy marathons.

Don‘t Forget Comedy Central

When you need a laugh, Comedy Central delivers. Known for boundary stretcher South Park, you‘ll also find syndicated sitcoms like Futurama and The Office in the mix. Late night options The Daily Show and Lights Out with David Spade showcase Comedy Central‘s trademark humor.

So whether you‘re craving clan drama in Yellowstone or cartman antics on South Park, CMT and sister channels MTV and Comedy Central have you covered. Add their DirecTV channel numbers – 327, 331 and 249 – to your favorites list. Happy channel surfing!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I watch CMT?
A: On DirecTV, just tune to channel 327. You can also view CMT through streaming providers like Hulu Live, SlingTV and YouTube TV.

What DirecTV channel is Yellowstone on?
A: While the new episodes of Yellowstone air on the Paramount Network, you can catch rerun marathons on CMT (channel 327).

Is CMT available on Netflix or Hulu standard service?
A: No, CMT is not included with the basic Netflix or Hulu on-demand services. You would need to subscribe to Hulu‘s live TV add-on for access.

I hope this gives you all the details needed to easily access CMT on channel 327 through your DirecTV subscription! Let me know if any other questions come up.

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