What Channel Is CBS Sports Network on DirecTV? Your 2024 Viewing Guide

Are you desperately searching through your DirecTV channel lineup trying to find the CBS Sports Network (CBSSN)? As a sports fan, having access to CBSSN‘s live events, analysis shows, and breaking news coverage is essential. But first, you need to know where to tune in.

This viewer‘s guide cuts straight through the clutter to deliver everything you need to know about accessing CBSSN on DirecTV today. Read on to explore this underrated network‘s background, programming, and how to start watching in minutes.

A Quick History of CBSSN

Before diving straight into the channel specifics, let‘s briefly explore CBSSN‘s origins.

CBSSN started life back in February 2002 as the College Sports Television (CSTV) network. As the name suggests, CSTV focused exclusively on collegiate athletics. This niche positioning continued following CBS‘s acquisition of CSTV in 2006.

Over the ensuing years, CBS continued investing in the rebranded CBS College Sports Network. But it made the strategic decision in 2011 to drop the "College" name to pave the way for an expanded programming mandate.

This ushered in CBS Sports Network‘s current era showcasing professional sports, global competitions, female athletics via partnerships with the WNBA and NWSL, and offbeat sports like poker, bull riding, and strongman contests.

The Channel Lineup: CBSSN on DirecTV

Now that you understand CBSSN‘s foundation, let‘s get down to brass tacks. How do you actually start watching CBS Sports Network if you subscribe to DirecTV?

I have fantastic news if you get DirecTV. CBSSN is included standard for all subscribers as part of the Entertainment Package on channel 221.

So simply grab your DirecTV remote and enter 221 to instantly access CBS Sports Network‘s live sports coverage, riveting documentaries, and informative studio shows.

DirecTV remote keypad for easy channel entry

And if you want to confirm before tuning in, use DirecTV‘s online channel lookup tool or check your monthly channel guide that arrived in your billing statement.

Now the power is yours to enjoy NCAA March Madness, PBR cowboy showdowns, or even the World‘s Strongest Man on-demand once you start watching CBSSN.

CBSSN Programming Spotlight

To help get acquainted with everything CBS Sports Network offers, let‘s explore some highlights from its programming schedule.

Live Sports

CBSSN provides tons of live sports coverage, especially for college basketball and football. You‘ll also find championship events from unconventional sports like bull riding, strongmen competitions plus soccer, golf, tennis, and more.

And CBS Sports Network uniquely offers extensive airtime for women‘s leagues, broadcasting over 150 live WNBA games since 2019 and 50+ live NWSL matches annually.

WNBA and NWSL logos

Commentary and Analysis

Alongside live sports, you’ll discover many commentary shows to enhance your viewership experience. Longtime radio personalities like Boomer Esiason and Jim Rome host programs diving into hot topics and game breakdowns. And the daily CBS Sports HQ Spotlight keeps you in the loop on emerging stories and highlights.

Unique Perspectives

CBS Sports Network also creates documentary specials providing perspectives you seldom find elsewhere. Examples include behind-the-scenes profiles on extreme athletes like professional climbers and BMX riders. There are also athlete year-in-review roundtables plus retrospectives on landmark events like the USFL that are can‘t miss viewing.

Extreme sports specials

How CBSSN Compares to Other Sports Networks

Given today‘s crowded sports media environment, you may wonder how CBS Sports Network stacks up against competitors like ESPN and Fox Sports 1. CBSSN has carved out a unique lane spotlighting college sports plus underappreciated leagues and unconventional competitions.

And its investment broadcasting women‘s sports provides welcome exposure for female athletes largely ignored on ESPN/FS1. A 2021 report found under 5% of ESPN/Fox Sports/Turner Sports airtime went towards women in sports compared to over 30% for CBSSN.

So while CBS Sports Network offers staples like college football, basketball, and golf, its diversity of offbeat and women-focused programming sets it apart from the "big three" sports media giants.

Accessing CBSSN if You Cut the Cord

If you are considering moving to streaming TV and cutting expensive cable/satellite bills, you may worry about losing access to CBS Sports Network.

Thankfully, several leading streaming providers offer CBSSN in addition to other popular sports networks:

  • FuboTV offers CBS Sports Network in its base package starting at $69.99/month
  • DirecTV Stream also includes CBSSN along with TNT/TBS for basketball plus MLB Network and more, starting at $69.99/month
  • Hulu Live delivers CBSSN alongside over 75+ channels for $69.99/month

So cord-cutters can access all of CBS Sports Network‘s live events and shows through most streaming TV replacements without an antenna required.

Streaming service logos

Ready to Dive Into CBSSN on DirecTV?

Hopefully this guide gave you all the background needed to start watching CBS Sports Network on DirecTV channel 221.

CBSSN delivers an underappreciated variety of live sports spanning NCAA basketball and football to motorsports, extreme competitions, soccer, female pro leagues, and beyond. It also produces compelling original programs taking you inside the lives of unique athletes seldom profiled elsewhere.

And accessing all these captivating sports stories is as simple as entering 221 on your DirecTV remote today.

So why wait around channel surfing aimlessly for the big game when CBS Sports Network serves up dynamic entertainment 24/7? Tune in now to experience can‘t miss live sports shows and events!

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