Boom Supersonic Closes in on New York to London in Just 3.5 Hours

For time-pressed executives and luxury travelers, the appeal of condensing hours off long haul flights has driven intense interest in supersonic air transport. A handful of startups now race to resurrect faster-than-sound mobility first realized by Concorde 50 years ago. Boom Supersonic has surged ahead with over $270 million in funding, fueling dreams that routine 150-seat airliner journeys connecting New York and London could take as little as 3 and a half hours before this decade ends.

But what will it take technologically to cut today‘s 8-hour slog to a 170 minute hop – and make it economically viable to boot? Boom‘s flagship Overture jet boasts an impressive suite of design optimizations and sustainability efforts they insist can pull off affordable supersonic travel.

We dig deeper into the key innovations powering this imminent American-built Concorde successor – and evaluate its chances of success.

Refining Supersonic Flight‘s Formula – And Making It Profitable

When Concorde first connected New York and London in under 4 hours, it left observers awestruck but airlines reeling from its technical complexity. "Supersonic flight‘s work of art was a business disaster," laments aviation analyst Graeme Wallace. Loud, inefficient engines met ballooning maintenance bills.

Concorde Economics: Unsustainable for Its Era

Roundtrip Ticket Price (2022 dollars)$20,000+
Seats128 maximum
Range4,500 miles
Noise level105 decibels

Data compiled from British Airways, Air France, and International Council on Clean Transportation.

Overture by contrast seats 65 to 80 passengers in virtually silent comfort for around $5,000 roundtrip, CEO Blake Scholl insists. Boom predicts supersonic technology now sufficiently evolved such airlines could even turn a profit.

Overture‘s Leap – Cutting Costs Through Clever Design

MetricOverture% Improvement
Ticket Price$5,000*75% cut
Seats65 to 8049% more
Range4,250 milesNo change
Noise Level65 decibels*40 dB quieter

Projected fare and noise estimates by Boom Supersonic based on design goals.

So how does Overture pull off what its precursor could not?

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