The 2023 BMW i4 Gran Coupe: An Electrifying New Chapter

BMW is charging ahead into the era of electric vehicles with their newest model – the 2023 i4 Gran Coupe. As their first dedicated electric offering in the popular 4-series range, it promises unparalleled performance and cutting edge technology. With three distinct variants available, the versatile i4 Gran Coupe aims to conquer both the hearts and minds of EV enthusiasts.

Gran Coupe Brings Storied History Into the Electric Age

The i4 leverages 50 years of BMW innovation into their most eco-conscious package yet. As early as the 1972 Olympics, BMW experimented with electrified models starting with the 1602e. Now, the i4 Gran Coupe represents the pinnacle of their EV development backed by the full resources of the legendary German marque.

Integrating electric propulsion elements into a familiar and beloved chassis pays dividends. Reviewers consistently praise the marriage of BMW‘s lauded driving dynamics with emission-free motoring. For the first time, the company managed to imbue an EV with the same spark their petrol models exude in spades. The public agrees with skyrocketing demand necessitating increased production over initial targets.

ModelBattery (kWh)Range (mi)Output (hp)0-60 mph (s)Top SpeedMSRP
i4 eDrive3570.22612815.8118 mph$52,395
i4 eDrive4080.73013355.7118 mph$55,900
i4 M5080.72715363.7130 mph$67,300

Table showing key specification differences between i4 Gran Coupe variants

Finding the Sweet Spot with the eDrive40

Goldilocks would feel right at home perched in the cockpit of the i4 eDrive40. The mid-level variant strikes an ideal balance of efficiency and thrill. 301 miles of EPA rated range lets you confidently roam between charging opportunities. A 0-60 mph sprint of 5.5 seconds satisfies most performance demands without sacrificing cabin or cargo space to bulky batteries.

The rear-biased weight distribution creates incredibly agile handling belying its hefty 4,665 lb curb weight. Piloting the eDrive40 along a winding back road dispels antiquated notions that green cars are boring. Precise steering feedback and a lowered center of gravity impart driving joy without relying on excessive speed. This sublime chassis tuning reserves the best of BMW for enlightened enthusiasts not locked into diesel or petrol.

When running low on juice, the 83.9 kWh battery packs enough electrons to restore 80% charge in around 31 minutes on a 200 kW DC fast charging station. AC Level 2 chargers stretch full charging times to approximately 8 hours. While not as lightning quick as the 800V systems used by Porsche and Hyundai, the charging capabilities keep inconvenience to a minimum.

Unbridled Performance in the All-Electric M50

While the eDrive40 skews towards practicality, the M50 variant unapologetically prioritizes pace over efficiency. A planet saving side effect of its mission happens to be sharp looks capable of winning over the most ardent climate change deniers.

The beautifully crafted bodywork cloaks a lethally effective powertrain. Twin electric motors generate a stout 536 hp with positively violent 586 lb-ft of torque. An impossibly short 3.7 seconds later bystanders are grasping for references as the M50 rockets to 60 mph. That‘s supercar territory occupied by the likes of the Lamborghini Huracán STO. Sophisticated launch control and all-wheel drive traction heighten the experience even further.

Outright acceleration only tells part of the story. The entire chassis plays a role in facilitating physics-defying antics. Beefier brakes with blue calipers provide fade-free stopping power. Lower suspension and sticky low-profile tires take a scalpel to corners. Performance attributes considered excessive in traditional sedans feel right at home in BMW‘s new high-voltage hot rod.

Cabin Packed With Tech; Light On Cargo

Occupants ensconced within the lavishly appointed cabin want for little in terms of luxury or technology. Panoramic sunroofs and multi-contour massaging seats cosset all five passengers. Natural speech recognition means conversing with the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant always remains an option to navigating the twin-screen iDrive 8 infotainment display.

  • 14.9-inch central touch display with haptic feedback
  • 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster
  • Head-up display with 70% larger projection surface
  • 552-watt, 16-speaker Harman Kardon surround sound system
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Integration
  • Navigation with cloud-based route calculation
  • Wireless phone charging pad below floating center console

The extensive suite of technology does come at the expense of cargo capacity. Between the battery pack and rear motor, trunk space slimmed down significantly over the regular 4-series Gran Coupe. Packaging improvements for 2023 model years ekes out an additional 0.3 cubic feet but the 10.0 cu-ft total still trails competitors. Then again, priorities shift when your EV drives like a proper BMW.

Engineering Excellence Paired With Electric Efficiency

Early demand for the i4 continues to take BMW by surprise after years of sluggish EV sales. The rousing reception stems not just from eco-factors but also the preservation of the qualities that define the brand. Their reputation for expertly tuned suspension, steering feel, and power delivery successfully translated into an electric platform.

BMW always faced skepticism around omitting engine noise and exhaust aroma from the experience yet preserved the essence of driving excitement. Tesla may have claimed early dominance of luxury electric vehicles but the i4‘s familiar flavor offers a more palatable option for discerning drivers. The high-tech powerplant at its heart augurs a bright electrified future for the brand so long synonymous with the internal combustion engine.

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