Your Complete Guide to Blocking Users on Twitch

Hey there! As your resident Twitch expert, I‘m here to help you stop disruptive viewers in their tracks. Blocking tricky users is an essential skill every streamer needs in their moderation toolkit.

Fortunately, banning obnoxious chatters takes just a few easy clicks. Together, we‘ll tackle blocking via desktop, mobile, and chat commands. I‘ll also share insider tricks I‘ve picked up from partner-level broadcasters.

Ready to take control of your channel? Let‘s get started!

Why Should I Block Annoying Users Anyway?

Blocking strips away a user‘s ability to interact with your channel completely. Once blocked, troublemakers can‘t:

  • View your streams or VODs 🔒
  • Send chat messages 💬
  • Whisper you 🗣️
  • Follow your channel ❌

It‘s like instantly disappearing from that person‘s Twitch world. Here are some reasons you may need to block someone:

  • Stopping harassment – Ban bullies spreading nastiness
  • Axing spammers – Boot bots flooding your chat
  • Managing mod workload – Minor offenders often return, so blocking saves mods energy
  • Maintaining happy vibes – Blocking is like taking out the trash so your community stays positive

I‘ll explain more moderator tools like bans and follower-only chat later too. But removing the worst apples is essential for healthy, growing Twitch channels.

Now, let‘s tackle blocking step-by-step for desktop, mobile, and ModView!

Blocking Twitch Users on Desktop

When you‘re live from the computer, use chat commands to squash annoying chatters. Here‘s how:

Step 1: Type /block in Your Chat

Click inside your chat box and type /block. This brings up the block prompt.

Block prompt displayed after typing /block in Twitch chat

Step 2: Enter the User‘s Username

Next, enter the pesky viewer‘s exact username into the popup. Make sure to spell it correctly!

Entering a username into the Twitch blocking prompt

Step 3: Press Enter to Submit

Lastly, press Enter to send the block command. If entered correctly, that user is now scrubbed from your channel.

It‘s super quick and easy! 👋 No one wants to deal with chucking furniture on moving day, and blocking annoying viewers is the digital equivalent, my friend.

Blocking on Mobile

What if trouble hits while you‘re on lunch break? Block viewers from your phone too:

Step 1: Search for Their Profile

From the Twitch app home screen tap the 🔎 search icon. Type in the pesky viewer‘s username to open their profile.

Searching a username on the Twitch mobile app

Step 2: Tap the Menu Dots

From their profile tap the three-dot menu in the top right corner. This opens more options.

Opening a user's options from their Twitch profile

Step 3: Select Block

The final step is tapping "Block [username]". Confirm your choice and they‘re banned off your channel! 🚫

Blocking a user via the Twitch mobile app

Moderator Quick-Blocking with ModView

Channel moderators gain extra blocking abilities with ModView. The best part? You can block someone even if they‘ve blocked you first!

Let‘s break down mod blocking:

Step 1: Open Mod Dashboard

Visit and choose your channel. This shows all your special mod tools.

The Twitch ModView dashboard screen

Step 2: Type /block Command

Just like on desktop, type /block to bring up the prompt.

Opening block prompt via ModView on Twitch

Step 3: Enter Username & Submit

Type in the nagging user‘s username and press Enter to officially block them.

Blocking a user with ModView on Twitch

For super pesky troublemakers, channel mods can permanently ban users instead of just blocking with the /ban command. But blocking suffices for most issues.

Banning completely prohibits chat access until a moderator manually unbans. Think of bans as a nuclear option for only the worst offenses. Stick with blocking for minor to moderate problems.

Now let‘s compare the key differences between blocking methods at a quick glance:

FeatureDesktop ChatMobile AppModView
Available to All Users
Fast from Live Channels
Can Unblock Self
See & Unblock Blocked List
Requires Moderator
Block If You‘re Blocked

Cultivating Happier Communities

Blocking gives you control over the atmosphere of your channel. Removing the most toxic viewers makes room for friendly regulars to connect instead.

I asked a few expert broadcasters for their community management tips:

"Be proactive about nixxing negative people right away instead of letting them bring down the mood for a long time." ~ Mark T., 8+ year Twitch Affiliate

"Don‘t be afraid to liberally block users at the first sign of harassment or cruelty. You deserve to feel safe streaming!" ~ Leanne B., Partnered Variety Streamer

In other words, quickly blocking rude chatters allows positivity to flourish among real fans.

Light moderation encourages engagement while harsh environments push viewers away. Make your channel feel welcoming so people keep coming back.

Woman smiling while streaming a Twitch Just Chatting session

Answers to Your Twitch Blocking Questions

Here are answers to community questions I often get asked about blocking and managing users:

Can someone know if I‘ve blocked them?

Unfortunately, yes. While they won‘t get a notification, blocked users will see the Follow button disabled on your page, realizing they‘ve lost access. Clever troublemakers could figure it out.

What happens if I block someone who banned me first?

You cannot block someone who has already banned you from their channel‘s chat. However, moderators can still block any user with ModView tools.

How do I unblock a user I blocked?

Navigate to Settings > Security and Privacy > Blocked Users. Click "Unblock" next to any names you want to remove restrictions from.

Can I hide my Blocked Users list?

No, Twitch does not allow hiding your blocked list yet. Anyone accessing your account settings could potentially view it.

I hope breaking down Twitch‘s blocking tools helps you confidently remove abrasive viewers damaging your community. Now you can focus on engaging with fans who uplift you!

Let me know if you have any other streaming questions. I‘m always happy to help walk through Twitch‘s features.

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