How to Block Someone on the Vast Discord Platform

With over 150 million monthly active users as of 2021, Discord has exploded into one of the largest communication hubs among friends and communities. The free platform lets people chat by text, voice, and video around gaming, shared interests, work, and more.

But with that enormous scale comes the occasional problematic user. You may at some point wish to block someone on Discord to stop their disruptive behavior or simply gain personal distance. This definitive guide covers how to block on desktop and mobile step-by-step.

Discord's meteoric monthly active user rise

Why You Might Want to Block Another Discord Member

With a network the size of Discord‘s, clashes are inevitable. Here are some common reasons you may need to block someone:

  • Harassment: Unfortunately, some members bully, spam, or send unwanted explicit messages
  • Arguments: Heated debates can boil over online and warrant cooling off
  • Annoyance: Repeated @pings or messages from the same person grate over time
  • Personal Preference: You simply may wish to avoid contact for a period without issue

Blocking someone cuts ties completely across the platforms you share by limiting all communication from their end. Before doing so, consider if a constructive discussion may resolve any misunderstanding.

What Happens When You Block a Discord User

When you block someone on Discord, you impose restrictions in what they can do involving your account:

  • They cannot direct message or ping you further
  • Any messages they post in shared servers are hidden from your view
  • They cannot join any servers under your invitation or ownership authority
  • They cannot view your full profile details beyond name and image

However, they will still see your profile picture and username when scrolling through joint servers. Blocking serves to control your own experience rather than punish the other party.

With that background covered, let‘s get into the simple blocking steps…

Blocking Someone on Desktop Discord

Cutting contact with another user via the desktop Discord application takes just seconds:

Access the Friends List Tab

First, launch Discord on your Windows or Mac machine. Once loaded, sign into your account. By default, the Friends list tab should appear showing all current connections.

Discord desktop app friends list

If not already there, click the Discord logo circled above followed by Friends in the top tab bar. This opens your social hub.

Open Their Dedicated Profile View

From here, you can block both existing friends and non-friends who message you.

To start, click the specific user‘s name to access their profile window. Options:

  • Friends – Click directly in the Friends panel
  • Non-Friends – Click their name in the messages list below

Select Block to Stop All Contact

In the top right corner of the open profile is the important Block button. Click this red option to instantly prevent that person from interacting with you further.

They disappear from Friends while blocked. You can reverse this later by repeating the steps to unblock them.

Block user button on Discord desktop

What the Blocked User Sees

From the blocked person‘s side, it looks like you deleted them as a friend. They can still view mutual servers but not message you. Server admins and owners cannot be blocked.

With the desktop details covered, let‘s shift to blocking users on mobile…

Blocking Members on the Discord Mobile App

The Discord apps for iOS and Android make managing your blocking preferences just as straightforward on the go:

Access the Mobile Friends List

On your phone or tablet, tap the Discord app icon to launch the platform. Once loaded in, sign into your account as usual.

At the bottom toolbar, tap the icon showing a waving hand silhouette. This opens your Friends list.

Discord friends list icon on mobile

Open the Profile of the Person to Block

Scroll to locate and tap the name of the user you intend to block. This reveals their dedicated profile view.

If not already friends, tap their profile image from any mutual server channel instead.

Either way, you can now block them.

Choose Block to Sever Ties

From their profile, tap the vertical menu in the top right corner. This displays an action list – choose Block at the top.

The user vanishes from your friends and cannot message you moving forward. Repeat to later unblock them.

Choosing block user on Discord mobile

Blocking Non-Friend Members in Channels

To block a non-friend you haven‘t directly messaged, navigate to any shared server.

Long press their profile image in the channel feeds and tap Block from the popup to stop communications from that person.

With the steps explained, let‘s recap the key takeaways…

Concise Blocking Steps to Remember

On Discord desktop:

  • Open the Friends list
  • Click the user‘s name to see their profile
  • Choose Block in the top right corner

On Discord mobile:

  • Tap the Friends icon at the bottom
  • Open the user‘s profile from friends or channels
  • Tap the … menu and select Block

Severing ties prevents further contact across Discord:

  • They cannot directly message or ping you
  • Their messages in joint servers are now hidden
  • They cannot join any servers you own or invite them to
  • Your full profile is hidden from their view

With millions of daily chat exchanges on a platform this vast, unwanted encounters inevitably occur. Utilize profile blocking judiciously when individuals violate community guidelines or your personal comfort.

Discord connects friends, workplaces, and interest groups seamlessly most of the time. But this guide empowers you to manage the rare difficult cases. Now get back to chatting safely!

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