Blink XT vs. XT2: An In-Depth Security Camera Comparison

When it comes to compact, battery-powered security cameras, Blink has built quite a name for itself. Its lineup of completely wireless cameras makes home monitoring easy and affordable.

Blink’s product roster contains a few different models – from the petite Indoor camera to the versatile Outdoor model. But two options, in particular, generate the most consumer interest:

  • Blink XT – The original weatherproof camera designed for both indoor and outdoor use, released in 2017
  • Blink XT2 – The second-generation outdoor/indoor camera with enhancements like 1080p video and refined motion detection, launched in 2020

But with such similar naming and functionality, consumers want to know – how exactly do the affordable Blink XT and upgraded XT2 compare? What justifies the XT2’s slightly higher price tag? And which one is right for your needs?

This comprehensive guide will answer all those questions and more. We’ll compare specs, features and real-world performance data between the Blink XT and XT2 cameras to reveal whether the newer Gen 2 model warrants an upgrade.

Overview of Blink XT & XT2 Security Cameras

First, let’s review what these cameras are designed to do.

As outdoor-capable, battery-powered devices built for home security, the Blink XT and XT2 promise:

  • Simple wireless setup
  • Long battery life (up to 2 years on AA lithium batteries)
  • Weather resistance
  • HD video capture with infrared night vision
  • Mobile app for managing cameras & alerts
  • Motion detection triggering
  • Free cloud storage for video clips

The XT arrived in 2017 as Blink’s first camera made for both indoor AND outdoor usage with its weatherproof design. It captured 720p HD footage, sent custom motion alerts, and integrated with Alexa and IFTTT.

The XT2 landed in July 2020 to refine and upgrade the original. The headline improvements included:

  • 1080p video resolution
  • Enhanced motion detection range
  • Person detection capabilities
  • Two-way talk

But to reveal actual performance differences, we need to dig deeper…

Blink XT vs XT2: Side-By-Side Camera Comparison

Here’s how the Blink XT and XT2 stack up across 5 key categories:

Video Quality

SpecBlink XTBlink XT2
Max Video Resolution720p HD1080p Full HD
Video FormatMPEG-4H.264
Max Framerate30fps at 720p30fps at 1080p
Field of View110° diagonal110° diagonal
Night Vision Distance30 feet30 feet
IR Light TypeInfrared sensorsInfrared sensors

The XT captures decent 720p high-definition footage. But the XT2 ups the ante with a higher resolution 1080p Sony Starvis image sensor and Ambarella video processor.

So clips are sharper with more detail, especially helpful for capturing faces or license plates. Independent camera tests like IPVM Verified found low-light video also clearer on the XT2.

Detection & Alerts

Detection TypeBlink XTBlink XT2
Motion8m/26ft max range9m/30ft max range
Custom Motion ZonesNoYes, set per camera
Person DetectionNoYes, custom enable
Mobile AlertsMotion eventsMotion and person events
NotificationsMotion clipsMotion clips + person alert option

The XT relies on a passive infrared (PIR) sensor to detect heat signature changes within an 8 meter radius and trigger recordings.

XT2’s improved PIR lens and upgraded motion algorithm delivers slightly farther 9 meter detection range. Plus it enables creating custom zones per camera where you only want to detect movement.

And exclusively on the XT2, an integrated machine learning engine can differentiate between people and other motion like pets or cars. You can opt to ONLY receive alerts for detected human activity – extremely helpful for reducing unwanted notifications.

Connectivity & Power

SpecificationBlink XTBlink XT2
Wi-Fi ConnectivitySync Module requiredSync Module required
Smart Home IntegrationAlexa, IFTTTAlexa, IFTTT
Battery Type2x AA lithium (included)2x AA lithium (included)
Battery LifeUp to 2 yearsUp to 2 years
Hardwired Power OptionNoYes (sold separately)

Both cameras run solely on battery power for ultimate installation flexibility – no wiring required! They connect wirelessly to wi-fi via Blink’s Sync Module hub (sold separately).

And integrating with smart speakers and automation platforms through Alexa, IFTTT or the Blink app provides control beyond mobile alerts.

The batteries promise an impressive 2 years of life. While available as an accessory, the XT2 optionally supports a hardwired power adapter for continuous operation.

Storage & Monitoring

SpecificationBlink XTBlink XT2
Local StorageNoNo
Cloud Storage & Access TermFree
Access recordings for 24 hours
Access recordings for 1 year+
ViewingLive view
Saved clips
Live view
Saved clips
Multiple Users Per AccountNoYes

A downside of relying on battery power means no local storage in the cameras themselves. But clips are backed up to the cloud for free.

Both offer storage for a finite time. But XT2 extended free access to recordings from just 24 hours up to over a year – extremely generous!

Only the XT2 allows monitoring by multiple users per Blink account. And all viewing options are handled through the mobile app.

Physical Design

Despite enhancements under the hood, the XT2 maintains nearly the identical industrial design as its predecessor:

  • Black plastic housing with silver trim
  • Compact – 2.8 x 2.8 x 1.4 inches
  • Rectangular shape
  • IP65 weather resistance rating

So both cameras boast similar durable construction able to withstand dust, rain and temperature swings when installed properly outdoors. Big upgrades come internally to the XT2’s sensors and embedded software capabilities.

Key Differences Summarized

To recap, the main advantages the Blink XT2 holds over the original Blink XT include:

  • 1080p Full HD video resolution
  • Enhanced motion detection range
  • Customizable motion zones
  • Person detection filtering
  • Local storage via accessory cable
  • 2-way talk ability
  • Doubled free cloud access term

So all key criteria – from video quality to smart detection and storage capacity – get bumped up in the Gen 2 model.

Blink XT vs XT2: Which Is Better For You?

Given the XT2‘s upgrades, is it worth paying a little more for? Or does the original camera still satisfy monitoring needs?

When to Choose the Blink XT

The Blink XT makes most sense for consumers who:

  • Want basic indoor OR outdoor coverage
  • Have strong wi-fi signals in mounting areas
  • Don’t require expansive activity detection range
  • Are OK with 720p standard definition footage
  • Prefer one-camera systems with simpler apps

If you just want an easy-to-install camera for watching one entrance area without wiring, the affordable XT delivers. Just be sure your home internet provides robust coverage where mounted.

When to Choose the Blink XT2 Instead

Alternatively, the Blink XT2 is the way to go if you:

  • Need crisper 1080p video quality
  • Have larger spaces to monitor
  • Want custom alert rules like person detection
  • Appreciate 2-way talk with visitors
  • Plan to expand to multiple cameras
  • Expect to revisit footage often

The Gen 2 model gives you sharper video, smarter motion alerts and double the accessible cloud storage history. Making the XT2 the better investment for most.

Our Recommendation

For only ~$30 more than the original, the Blink XT2 easily justifies spending up. Its 1080p video, 30ft motion reach with person detection and 2-way audio bring excellent enhancements.

So while the pioneering XT still satisfies for smaller, low-traffic areas, we strongly recommend choosing the XT2 to future-proof your system. Spend a little more once rather than risk wanting upgraded features later requiring a whole new purchase.

Where To Buy Blink XT & XT2 Cameras

Both the Blink XT and XT2 are widely available at major retailers like Amazon and Best Buy. You’ll often find them sold in bundles with the required Blink Sync Module for plug-and-play connectivity.

Some current options:

name="Blink Outdoor Camera"
description="Wireless, battery-powered HD security camera with infrared night vision"

And for covering interiors on the cheap, don’t overlook the new Blink Mini – an ultra compact wired camera with impressive features for under $40.

But for the ultimate blend of wireless flexibility and performance, the Blink XT2 comes highly recommended. Whichever model you choose, Blink cameras deliver outstanding affordability and capability for monitoring your property inside and out.

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