Top 20 Beautiful Birds With Red Breast (With Pictures)

Have you ever wondered about which birds have red breasts? The list is not as long as you may think, but today we’re going to focus on 20 unique and pretty kinds that will leave you breathless. Keep reading to find out all there is to know about these cute little creatures.

Some Examples of Birds With Red Breasts

Have you seen a bird in the wild with a bright red breast and wondered what it was? Or are you just curious to know about some interesting birds that have red breasts? Here are a few we’re going to cover:

  • House finch
  • Purple finch
  • Painted bunting
  • Summer tanager
  • Hepatic tanager
  • Northern cardinal
  • Elegant trogon

And many more! You’ll certainly enjoy our upcoming list of birdies. Keep reading to understand how to recognise them and discover what they feed on. We will explore many areas!

Top 20 Birds With Red Breasts

1. House Finch

House FinchHouse Finch
Image Source:@guywith3cameras

This species is one of those rare kinds that can easily blend into any given surrounding. Its striking color combination is very attractive. The House finch is native to western North America and has been introduced to the eastern half of the continent and Hawaii. These little birds can communicate through various songs.

2. Purple Finch

Purple FinchPurple Finch
Image Source:@nilaytphotography

A purple finch is in fact not very purple, but more pinky-red on the head and breast – a lovely little fellow. Purple finches are primarily seed-eaters, but they will also eat insects, fruits and berries.

3. Painted Bunting

Painted BuntingPainted Bunting
Image Source:@diomedea_exulans_li

Have you ever seen a painted bunting before? It is a cute little birdie that is incredibly exciting to spot. You will find it all over North America. This medium-sized species will eat seeds and stands out clearly because of its color pattern. A good tip to attract these stunning birds to your yard is to offer millet seed in a feeder with perches.

4. Summer Tanager

Summer TanagerSummer Tanager
Image Source:@takanagaphotogallery

Summer tanagers have distinctive and obvious redbreasts…as well as the remainder of their plumage! These species are medium-sized, chunky songbirds with large heads and can grow up to 17cm. You can tell males and females apart: male Summer tanagers are always entirely red while females have bright yellow and green patterns.

5. Hepatic Tanager

Hepatic TanagerHepatic Tanager
Image Source:@rickfridell

You will easily spot and remember this bird because of its grey/blue beak. Hepatic Tanagers occur in much of South and Central America and just about reach the southwestern United States, although they can be most easily sighted around New Mexico and Arizona.

6. Northern Cardinal

Northern CardinalNorthern Cardinal
Image Source:@gogsfurls

The Northern cardinal looks so cute with its ball-like appearance – this is the main feature that will allow you to spot them with ease. This species can be found in southeastern Canada, and through the eastern United States from Maine, through Minnesota, to Texas. They can grow up to 23cm. You can tell males and females apart: males are red while females have a pale brown coloration.

7. Pyrrhuloxia Bird

Pyrrhuloxia BirdPyrrhuloxia Bird
Image Source:@birds.nature

How unique is this red and white color combo? Pyrrhuloxia birds are medium-sized North American songbirds found in the American southwest and northern Mexico. They can grow up to 21 cm. Males will have a grey hue to them with a red face while females are more buff and not as red. You can offer them  seeds to attract them to your backyard.

8. White-Winged Crossbill

White-Winged CrossbillWhite-Winged Crossbill
Image Source:@biodiversityvancouverisland

This White-winged crossbill is a common type of crossbill that can be spoted in forests. You can tell the genders apart by their color: males have a pink/red hue with black wings while females have a yellow hue. You will spot them in smaller flocks. They are characteristically loud and cheerful.

9. Elegant Trogon

Elegant TrogonElegant Trogon
Image Source:@portlandaudubon

This bird is a truly elegant example of a species with a red breast. You will mostly find this bird in Arizona and New Mexico. The word trogon is Greek for “nibbling” and refers to the fact that these birds excavate holes in trees to make their nests. They can grow up to 30cm.

10. Scarlet Honeycreeper

Drepanis coccineaDrepanis coccinea
Image Source:@birder_justin

This species is very distinctive due to its long, orange, pointy beak. Have you ever seen it out in the wild before? This extravagant bird is found in Hawaii. It will usually grow up to 15cm.

11. ‘Apapane

 ‘Apapane ‘Apapane
Image Source:@photorat21

The color combination gives this species a magnificent look. ‘Apapane love to sing and are often quite active even during flight. The common name is Hawaiian. You will find them feeding on nectar most often.

12. Pine Grosbeak

Pine GrosbeakPine Grosbeak
Image Source:@kjell.g.klaksvik

The Pine grosbeak is a fairly chunky little bird.  They can be mostly found in coniferous woods across Alaska, the western mountains of the United States, and Canada. This species prefers areas with colder temperatures. You can tell males from females through their feather colors. The bill is also pale ivory on adult males and greenish-yellow on females.

13. Red-Breasted Sapsucker

Red-Breasted SapsuckerRed-Breasted Sapsucker
Image Source:@wildlifeandnature_dtb

The Red-breasted sapsucker sports an obvious dark-red head and breast. It also has a dark brown beak and speckled wings. You will find it mostly in North America. Because it favors a relatively temperate climate at all times of year, this is the least migratory species of sapsucker. They love to eat fruit.

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14. Red Crossbill

Red CrossbillRed Crossbill
Image Source:@mm.naturfotos

Although the red coloration on this species is much pales than some other examples on our list, we hope you’ll agree it is worthy of a place. It is a smaller species compared to others on our list. You can spot both males and females with ease. Adult males are brick red overall, with darker wings and tails. Females are mostly yellowish and a little smaller.

15. Vermilion Flycatcher

Vermilion FlycatcherVermilion Flycatcher
Image Source:@crax_fotografia

Cute and easy to spot, this flycatcher with its red and black color combo give it a striking look. You can find this bird in North America. Fun fact: there is a 2016 report which estimated that, in the United States, the Vermillion flycatcher breeding population numbered 560,000 individuals. Oftentimes you will spot them in bushy forests and shrubby areas.

16. Scarlet Tanager

Scarlet TanagerScarlet Tanager
Image Source:@donald.luo

The scarlet tanager is a medium-sized American songbird. It is cute and very loud when you hear it singing which can be surprising considering its small size. You will spot this quirky beauty in South America. It loves to feed on flies in particular. Males and females sing to attract one another in a passionate approach to courtship.

17. Crimson-Collared Grosbeak

Crimson-Collared GrosbeakCrimson-Collared Grosbeak
Image Source:@valeryjhc

Magnificent and truly elegant, this little black and red birdie will catch your eye if you spot it. The Crimson-collared grosbeak can be found all over Mexico. They love to eat fruit and hang out in shrubs or trees. Adult males have a black hood while females have a splash of green to them.

18. Painted Whitestart

Painted WhitestartPainted Whitestart
Image Source:@wingspanbirds

This small species is noticeable due to its miniature size and round form. Painted whitestarts can be found in parts of Central America. They can reach 13 cm in length. You can hear them miles away since they are so loud, often found in places with a lot of shade.

19. Eared Quetzal

Eared QuetzalEared Quetzal
Image Source:@pauraque_photos

The iridescent pop of green gives this species a beautiful look. It is not completely red and has a unique shape. Eared questzals can be found in Sierra Madre Occidental in Mexico. They prefer colder mountainous areas. They also like to eat a lot of insects and fruit.

20. Scarlet Ibis

Scarlet IbisScarlet Ibis

Scarlet ibis are so pretty, a truly striking and magnificent species. It can reach 30 kg and will grow up to 75 cm, and their lifespan is up to 20 years. The legs are long with partially webbed feet. The juveniles are a dull, grayish brown.

Do You Like Birds?

Which bird was your absolute favorite? Let us know! All of these are pretty in their own way. Some are wild endangered species, while some can be seen easily and commonly, depending on the area you live in.

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