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The best selling book of all time is the Bible. The claims, myths, love, and confusion about this book is enough to make it fascinating. There are around 100 million copies made and produced every year, so demand and interest in the Bible is strong.

There are many things many may not know about the Christian Bible. In theory, the Bible is made up of 66 different books—39 books in the Old Testament and 27 books in the New Testament.

In terms of history of the world and religion, there is no book as powerful, influential, and misunderstood. These facts about the Bible will fascinate and some shock you.

The word Bible has an interesting origin that may surprise you

Bible origin

The original inspiration and word for the Bible may be surprising to many because of the history. Not many would associate this word with Greece but there is a link. The word “bible” itself is closest to Greek in comparison to any other language.

If we analyze the word “bible” itself it derives from the Greek word, “ta biblia.” This Greek word literally translates to the word “the scrolls” or “the books.” If we look further into history, the word “Bible’ has a much deeper meaning overall.

In particular, the word “Bible” may very well originate from the ancient city of Byblos. If we are to examine the city closer we also realize that the city of “Byblos” was an important part of the ancient world.

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Bible sales across the globe have made this top selling book of all time in history

Bible top selling book

It is indeed a fact that the Bible is by far the best-selling book of all time. This is quite an achievement considering we are discussing the best selling book in all of history. From more than source or industry standpoint, the Bible has an estimated sales amount of around 2.5 billion copies.

When you think of the world’s population then you realize how impressive it is that the Bible is that widespread. There have been surveys that show the Bible had an incredible amount of sales estimated from 1815 and 1975.

There are some recent estimates and guesses that put the sales of the Bible at more than 5 billion.

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The Bible indicates about geography and the world being round

Bible geography

Many may not realize the scientific accuracy of the Bible. The book itself may be seen as a spiritual guide, but there are many instances of the Bible being accurate about the natural world itself.

So it is without any shock that so many would not realize that the Bible brings up that the Earth is round. This fact is mentioned in Isaiah 40:21-22 of the Bible. If we investigate further we can find the exact reference.

The specific quote that mentions the earth being round is as follows, “He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth.” Clearly the importance of this reference makes many feel the importance of the Bible more and more in history.

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The Bible is claimed to have 40 or more different authors in total

Bible multiple authors

There are many books that have multiple authors, but at most 2-3 or perhaps 5 authors. However, the Bible is unique in that there are said to be at least or more than 40 different authors.

In history, the books of the Bible are usually giving credit to public figures and powerful people of the Jewish and Christian religions. One of the authors that is definitely known is Moses. Overall, it is pretty clear that Moses is the author of the first five books of the Bible.

In general,  most of the prophets in general are given credit and claim for the books named after them. For example, like the Book of Ruth or the Book of Ezra.

However, when you look at the Bible sections you will realize there are many sections in a chaotic order. The reality is a bit messier than this, of course. There is evidence that perhaps Moses was not living before certains parts of the Bible were written. Lastly, there is evidence of some authors not being listed in the Bible, so the amount of authors may be more than is thought.

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The First English version of the Bible was produced in the 1300s

English Bible by John Wycliffe

Looking back at history, the very first hand-written English Bible was recorded in the 1300s. Overall, these English Bible manuscripts were produced in the 1380s  by John Wycliffe.

Later on by 1500, the New Testament was translated. The delay in getting the Bible to be in English was because of Latin based history in other parts of Europe. The church had been governed for years by the Vatican in Rome, in present day Italy, so the Bible as well as church masses and services had to be in Latin.

Historically, the printed English translation of the Bible is credited later because of the problems and danger involved. The threat of punishment always loomed but the need for an English version became more and more important. The Miles Coverdale of the Bible in 1535 was based mostly on Latin.

The repercussions of this event and translation were quite heavy for the author. However, the English translation.

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The English version of the Bible led to murder and anger

English bible by William Tyndale

Following the printing of the English version of the New Testament of the Bible, there were a lot of problems. The translation of the Bible, especially the New Testament, to English by William Tyndale caused controversy and anger.

William Tyndale’s translations were condemned and caused a lot of anger in England. Initially, Tyndale, the author of the English Bible, was quickly banned and copies of this version were burned.

Eventually, the author of the English Bible was killed and executed. Church officials in England, in 1536, shamed and isolated the English author. Eventually, the civil authorities of England sentenced Tyndale. In the end, Tyndale was strangled to death and then later on burned at the stake. The reason for this public execution was his translation of the Bible to English.

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The Bible has inspired more art, music, and creativity than any other book

Bible creativity

The Bible has been a very inspirational book. There is no other book in history that has brought about and caused so many reactions, thoughts, creativity, and inspiration.

Some songs inspired by the Bible include songs by the Irish rock band, U2, called “40.” Current and popular Hip Hop artist Kanye West has a song inspired by the Bible called “I am God.” Folk pioneer Bob Dylan from the 1960s has a song called “Every Grain of Sand.” And author, J.K. Rowling was inspired to write “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.”

The version of the Bible that has had a lot of influence is the King James Version of the Bible. This version of the Bible is the English version of the Christian Bible, which has inspired many artists, writers, philosophers, and more.

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China is the world leader for production and printing of the Bible

Bible printing in china

Not many would realize that the world leader for the Bible is not Europe, but in Asia. In fact, it is China that leads the world in making Bibles every year.

Also, just recently it is China that has opened a Bible factory. This company that makes Bibles is located in Nanjing in China. Every year, this company is producing and outpacing any other country for Bible printing.

This Chinese company can produce one million Bibles a month. The increase in production means that overall Bible production can go up by a third worldwide.

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The World’s most stolen book is the Bible

stolen Bibles

The Bible has the distinction of being the world’s most “stolen book. This is a strange fact, but worthwhile to know.

Many Bibles, in particular the Gideon Bible, are put in hotels and motels all around the United States. Therefore, because so many of these Bibles are in hotels or even hospitals then the risk of theft is high. Many people are tempted to take it for themselves without paying either in hotels or hospitals.

CNN and the NY Times have had reports and coverage that in parts of the USA there has been a lot of shoplifting. Many may not realize that this book is still so popular among all generations. Many stolen Bibles are then immediately resold on the streets from various born again Christians around the USA.

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The world heaviest and biggest Bible was produced in 1930

The Bible has been produced and printed in a variety of ways. However, the most unique and memorable printing was also the biggest. This Bible produced in 1930 weighs 1094 pounds.

The Bible was produced in 1928-1930 by Louis Waynai of Los Angeles, California in the United States. The Bible in particular was designed and manufactured by a specialized piece of machinery. This thousand-pound Bible was slowly reproduced and made one letter at a time on a hand made and customized printing apparatus.

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